Founded in 2002, AccuConference offers users a wide variety of hosted conference calling services including Audio, Video, and Web...
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Founded in 2002, AccuConference offers users a wide variety of hosted conference calling services including Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing. With their solutions users are able to complete a number of different tasks such as speaking to hundreds of employees/clients over the phone, delivering a PowerPoint presentation online, setting up custom 800 number for their business, and much more. In doing so, the provider offers both conference call services, which include Toll-Free Conference Calling, Operator Services, International Conferencing, and Transcription Services; and web conferencing services, which includes video conferencing. Both modes of service come with their own set of features. Conference Calling includes recording and playback, live call screen, pre-conference/green room, lecture mode, Q&A controls, web conferencing (share PowerPoint, host polls, text-chat with participants), star commands, International out-dial, and blast dial/web out-dial. Separate from this, Web Conferencing features include conference control, PowerPoint presentation, document sharing, application sharing, web page viewing, and multi-party video. In addition to these services, AccuConference also offers Event Planning services from 7.9¢/minute. Pricing varies between services. For example, Operator services are available from 12¢/minute and Web Conferencing from 7.9¢/minute. In regards to support, AccuConference offers users various support resources such as Outlook Plugin, Rate Calculator, eBooks, White Papers, Press Releases, Email Conference Brochure, Conference Call Tips and Etiquette Guides, a Gloassary, and FAQs categorizes by services, use, and general. Additionally, users are able to receive  support via live chat, customer portal, and phone.


AccuConference Pricing and Services



Attended: 20¢/min/person

Answered: 20¢/min/person


  • Pre-Conference/Green Room
  • Online Registration Page
  • Call Customization (hold music, scripting, private label)
  • Operator Introduction and Closing
  • Moderated Question and Answer Session
  • Detailed Participant Reports
  • Unique Conference Codes
  • Roll Call/Attendance
  • International Access Available

Answered Only Features:

  • Participant Information Collected
  • Participant Screening
  • Outdial – Domestic or International


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  • Use with desktops, mobile devices, or tablets connected to any network. (3G, 4G, WiFi)
  • Reservationless video conferences means you can use it as much or as little as you need.
  • Meet with one or more people to minimize costs.
  • Secure solutions hosted on a private cloud.
  • Integrate existing video room systems using arkadinVideo HD room.
  • All products supported by professional operators trained with your video conference program.
  • Use any device, vendor, or network, including your existing equipment.
  • Integrate existing tools.
  • Share, chat, and see with a high quality video conference.
  • Maintained by arkadin specialists.


  • AccuConference Dashboard
    AccuConference Dashboard

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