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Founded by David Morken in 1999 as a home office start-up, Bandwidth has since grown into a massive platform...
Raleigh, NC
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Thomas R.'s review for Bandwidth

If you are looking for multi-country support with wide range of services on a stable platform, look for Voxbone. Contact them and let them assist you in catering to your company's needs.

Using their DID services to get connected with every country to fulfil our company's needs. Setting up of the call services is done quickly and effectively


Pros: With excellent coverage in multiple countries. One of the things we like is the stability of their services and their excellent response time when there are any issues with their servers. The quality of the calls are exceptional as well. Through their API and documentations, we were able to integrate Voxbone with ease to our systems. Their services are much quicker and more reliable than some of the other VOIP providers that we experienced.
Cons: Have not experienced any real issues when utilizing this product as we are still in the midst of evaluating it. In essence, they provide great coverage and excellent support to ensure minimal downtime for the clients. But would be great if they can consider expanding to the south east asia countries.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Elodie P.'s review for Bandwidth

Be sure to contact Voxbone themselves and have them cater something that fits your company needs and request for a free try-out first before committing. You will be well taken care of. Make full use of their documentation and API references to fully integrate their product into your own system.

We utilize Voxbone to provide our own support to international clients, so having almost zero downtime, coupled with readily available DID in our countries of interest on Voxbone is very beneficial to us. Due to our nature of work, making calls to clients can happen anytime of the day. Through Voxbone, we are able to communicate to our clients quickly and readily

Pros: With its readily available DID in a wide variety of countries, our team is able to make use of the service to contact our customers with ease. Their call quality are of a high standard without much latency, which is a delight to us. They have a very strong level of service support that was able to assist us during the implementation phase.
Cons: No complains so far. With their wide coverage in the multiple countries, we are able to communicate to our clients from anywhere in the world easily. Perhaps the UI/UX portion of Voxbone could be better improved.
Would Recommend: Yes
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With Voxbone, you can achieve your clients wherever they are on the planet. That is on the grounds that the arrangement has a worldwide reach, as it covers in excess of 9,000 zone codes crosswise over 60 nations in the four continents.

We need a minimal cost, simple approach to provide telephone utility to clients. Self-administration, API, and delegation make it less demanding to scale.


Pros: Makes calls easier and simple, having the capacity to oversee clients on our database so much simpler than previous systems.The system is scalable, versatile and can support high loads. Their API is robust, the documentation detailed, they offer coverage where competitors can't. Portability where competitors can't.
Cons: Their web API for listing, buying and configuring virtual numbers/DIDs is a minefield and hard to use. The user-interface is not an intuitive one.
Would Recommend: Yes
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It is very easy and cheap to setup in a tight pinch for a critical situation. They are greatly informative about outages and network updates regarding certain locations when you have the account. The support team has been spectacular in responding to issue we have with numbers that we assign to customers for platform use. All the times I have had the support team has gotten back to me within 30-45 minutes and gets the issue resolved.

We are resolving some quality issue with our customers and having the ability to quickly setup a new number is really handy.


Pros: The flexibility of managing the numbers and how quickly the changes can be made. It helps our business a lot. It really helps myself provide support to the customers and return great service to our customers that use our platform using your numbers. I really had a great conversation with Beth Lucas our new account representative, and she went into great details about the company and the future progression of their network. That was a very promising meeting that we had a few weeks ago.
Cons: Only one minor complaint, is that there is not a default channel assignment in the portal. I ran into the issue of having the new number not working because I was required to put in a channel amount, but was not prompted as a requirement. So only thing that would need to be fixed in the portal.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Michael E.'s review for Bandwidth

If you are looking for coverage and service, Voxbone delivers.

Our customers required International Toll Free and DID's in Europe and Mexico.


Pros: Service is outstanding, products continue to improve.
Cons: The number of account managers we have been through in a short period of time. Things have stabilized, so again happy with support.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Manuel P.'s review for Bandwidth

If quality matters to you go with Voxbone. If not, you're probably ok with cheaper alternatives (but then don't complain about service outages and call quality issues)

The ability to quickly provision local mobile and landline DIDs for most countries.


Pros: Very high quality and reliable service. We're yet to experience an outage incident or a relevant voice MOS degradation. Broad DID coverage for mobile and landline in most countries. Versatile and scalable SIP Trunking. The API allows us to automate most provision tasks, ans it's coverage is growing fast.
Cons: API still doesn't cover everything, but it's getting there. Price is not the cheapest, but price/quality ratio is top notch.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Andre C.'s review for Bandwidth

Voxbone has a range of different solutions which can be tailored to your needs. Contact them and discuss your goals and objectives, rest assured they will help you out as they have excellent support for their customers.

We have a wide range of international customers and clients, and communicate with them on a daily basis. Voxbone has provided us with the ability to effectively communicate with them through call centres and such.


Pros: Voxbone is an excellent communications service provider and easily assists us with conferencing and contact centres to send and receive phone calls, text, messages and faxes between our clients. This allows us to improve connections between us and our clients as we can contact customers internationally without DIDs, through their self-service portal. It saves us a lot of time and it's a great solution for global communication.
Cons: The international communication is excellent, although they should expand into more countries. When buying DIDs, Voxbone doesn't allow you to select them individually, but other alternatives would give you that option and flexibility.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I would recommend Bandwidth as a solution for any small to medium telecommunications enterprise. I do not see us using any other platform anytime in the near future. Bandwidth tends to listen to its users and we appreciate that. Its probably the level of support you get when problems arise that is most beneficial. I have no complaints, as Bandwidth seems to be making constant improvements all the time.

Writing emails takes up too much time. Having Bandwidths automated porting system reduces lengthy emails and keeps me from having to wait on hold on the phone. The customer is probably the most important part. I know that when I put in a trouble ticket for an issue, it will be worked on regardless of if I am in the office or not. Bandwidths ability to work with the losing carrier to solve porting related issues with the losing carrier has proven invaluable.

Via G2 Crowd with permission from Bandwidth

Pros: I like being able to make corrections to port orders and having instant feedback (for most carriers in most cases). The automated notifications make it easy to know what the status is in real time. This is probably the most streamlined/user friendly porting portal I have used. I also like the advanced search features when ordering new numbers for customers. I like being able to now order CSRs just by making notes in the porting order.
Cons: I wish we could look at more than 500 DIDs for a customer. We look for certain kinds of numbers that would make for good BTNs and sometimes these numbers seem cherry picked on the first 500 results. It would be nice to be able to see the next 500 DIDs if possible. I wish porting dashboard showed a little more detail at a glance. It would be nice if there were more Porting tracking features explicit for LNP personnel to use. Automatic reminders for when an order hasnt been touched in awhile. Porting statistic breakdowns. I'd like my porting order statistics to be separate from other order types. If I am tracking porting, Id prefer not to have New DID orders lumped in when searching for orders.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Support Team is very helpful and the Dashboard Tool is very easy to use.

Bandwidth often assists us in obtaining CSR's for customer's when we are unable to get them. They also make ports go very well.

Via G2 Crowd with permission from Bandwidth

Pros: When I call in the employees are very friendly and always do their best to help.
Cons: We recently had a problem when supplementing a port, the request date would change to first available instead of the date we requested. This caused our customer's to have some outages and made us have to scramble to "snap back" the numbers.
Would Recommend: Yes
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If you want to choose a right direction in setting your business, choose Bandwidth they truly help out with solutions

Availability of US numbers, guidance, business development to ways we would never imagine back in 2005.

Via G2 Crowd with permission from Bandwidth

Pros: Simplicity, transparency and quick support, our relationship with Bandwidth goes back to 2005, when our business has just started, since then we were building a company that has an outstanding customer support around the globe and mainly in US thanks to, Bandwidth solutions!.
Cons: There is nothing to dislike about Bandwidth, everything is top notch. We have been using their services for a long time and never we had any issues with them.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Founded by David Morken in 1999 as a home office start-up, Bandwidth has since grown into a massive platform utilized by businesses, and even other service providers. By offering API services, organizations can utilize Bandwidth's platform to add communication channels to their applications or websites, including calling, texting and 911 support.

Bandwidth powers some of the largest communication names, including Skype, RingCentral, UberConference and even number assignment of Google Voice. In 2017 Bandwidth had an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, and continues to operate as a Publicly Traded organization. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bandwidth's headquarters is located on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University.

Bandwidth Pricing and Services

  • Inbound calling
  • Outbound calling
  • Toll-free Support
  • Domestic and International Long Distance
  • Expanded Local Calling
  • E-911 Support
  • White Page Listing
  • 24x7 Network Operation Centers
  • Multiple Pricing Models
  • Inbound Caller ID and Location
  • 4-1-1 and Operator Services

Editor's Bottom Line of Bandwidth


Bandwidth's SIP Trunking services provide a greater level of control and flexibility not found in most providers on the market. Since Bandwidth owns their own nationwide, all-IP network, they can provide users with enhanced management and administrative control. Of course, one of the main selling point of Bandwidth's SIP Trunking service is the inherit cost savings that come from utilizing a SIP Trunking service of standard or analogue telephone connections. Overall, SIP Trunks are not only less expensive than analog circuits, but they also maintain the same level of service quality we have come to expect from standard telephony solutions.

Unlike most vendors, Bandwidth does not share their pricing on their website and instead requests that prospects directly contact a sales agent to learn more about the multiple pricing models available. This also brings the added benefit of truly custom-tailored solutions and platforms. Bandwidth's service of course includes all the necessary features for a complete SIP solution, including toll-free number support, both domestic and international long-distance calling, and even E-911 support.  To ensure nothing goes wrong, or that when things do go wrong users can receive the help they need, Bandwidth provides 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

Your organization can also have piece of mind with Bandwidth's platform, knowing that the provider powers some impressive customers and solutions, including aspects of Skype, RingCentral, UberConference and even Google Voice. Overall, Bandwidth's SIP Trunking solution offers a seamless integration with an existing IP PBX, to carry over existing functionality while expanding the solution at the same time. In fact, Bandwidth offers interoperability with the vast majority of IP PBX available around the world.

  • Bandwith Dashboard
    Bandwith Dashboard
  • Bandwith Number Importing
    Bandwith Number Importing

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