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VanillaSoft offers users a variety of management phone solutions. In doing this, the provider offers users three distinct plans,...
Plano, Texas
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Provider Overview

VanillaSoft offers users a variety of management phone solutions. In doing this, the provider offers users three distinct plans, Lite, Lite Plus, and Pro. Each of these offerings comes equipped with different features; however, standard features include: call script, automatic next-best-lead solution, real-time management dashboard, customized and pre-defined web reporting, email templates, project database, manage contacts, custom fields, and more. Aside from features, pricing is also varied depending on the plan selected. Lite is $25.00 per month, per user, Lite Plus is $40.00 per month, per user. Pro pricing is subject to individual/custom quote.  In regards to support, the provider offers extensive options including email support, a support portal, and live support. In addition to this, there are also a number of resources available such as product info.


VanillaSoft Pricing and Services


Free Trial

30 days

Free Version 


Base Platform

  • $80/month per user
  • Lead Management
  • Queue-based Lead Routing
  • Logical Branch Scripting
  • Real-time Activity Dashboard
  • Customized Web Reporting
  • Customized Email Templates and Drip
  • Mass Email – Additional $$
  • Appointment Setting Module
  • Web Lead Integration
  • Team-based and Mult-level Selling


  • $30/month per user
  • Two modes of dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Progressive Dialing


  • $30/month per user
  • Record All Calls
  • Listen Remotely
  • Quality Control
  • Replay for Training
  • Store for Compliance


  • $33/month per user
  • VS Connect Softphone
  • Unlimited Dialing to US & Canada
  • Texting (SMS) $$
  • Virtual PBX
  • Pre-recorded Voice Drop
  • Monitor Live Calls
  • Whisper & Barge
  • ACD Queues
  • Screen Pops
  • DID Numbers

Smart Caller ID

  • $2 per area code / month (with 21 or more area codes), otherwise $4 per area code/per month with a minimum of 6 area codes.
  • Local identity in all your calling markets
  • Increase contact rates by 30%
  • Increase list penetration
  • More contacts = more sales


  • Lead Scoring
    Lead Scoring
  • Data Querying
    Data Querying
  • ACD Queues
    ACD Queues
  • Custom Fields
    Custom Fields
  • Appointments
  • SMS Messaging
    SMS Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Lead Routing
    Lead Routing

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