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The award-winning MyFax service is designed for any kind of business, large or small, and the service can be...
Ottawa, Canada
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Worst company to deal with. After 6 years, they changed my fax number and gave it to someone else. After they first claimed I did not have that number, I sent them proof and their attitude was sorry, non refundable. STAY AWAY

Would Recommend: No
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You know when someone really pisses you off and you wish you could get the world to feel your anger and back you up. Well this is one of those times. Trust me, smart fax would love to get your business. They are smart enough to have great marketing and their software does the job. But if you want to cancel your account, good luck. When you do, and you think your account is cancelled. check again. If they tell you your account is cancelled, check you cc statement in a month or 2. Extremely maddening. And when you talk to them they will try to explain how righteous they are in billing you for a year or however long it takes to realize they are still billing you. And under a different name (J2) surprise surprise. How shady is that. They are not accepted by the BBB and the BB has a red alert up for them. I've never seen that on the BBB. If your not going do it for my review, do yourself a favor, use a different fax company. Keep your money and your sanity. Good luck

Pros: Acceptable Software.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Great service that is very reliable and easy to use. Faxes are way easier when you can send it as an emial, it just more organized than just sending a fax and hope it goes through. myfax confirms sent and delivered faxes which is awesome and less of a headache. Thanks myfax

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

The award-winning MyFax service is designed for any kind of business, large or small, and the service can be tailored to suit your needs. Their reliability and security make them ideal for businesses where compliance with regulations is a necessity, including finance, insurance, healthcare, and real estate. Their software allows you to track faxes as they come or go from your organization, in real time. Subscribers can send and receive faxes over email, using the iOS app, or online. MyFax's parent company, J2, also owns the VoIP provider eVoice and the online storage provider KeepItSafe, among other companies.


MyFax Pricing and Services


Available Services/Products

  • Toll free or local number
  • Best Value: Send 100, receive 200 faxes/mo, $10/mo or $110/year
  • Most Popular: Send 200, receive 200 faxes/mo, $20/mo
  • Fax More: Send 400, receive 400 faxes/mo, $40/mo


  • 30-day trial includes up to 200 inbound and 100 outbound faxes. Additional faxes during this trial period are $0.10 each. No contracts or termination fees


  • US-based phone or email support 24/7

Lowest Price Plan

  • Best Value, $9.17/mo for 100 inbound/200 outbound faxes with annual contract.


  • 99.5% guaranteed uptime
  • Subscribers include FedEx, Sprint, USA Today, Red Cross, Allstate, Century21
  • 2009 TMCNet Internet Telephony Magazine Product of the Year
  • 2010 Best Fax award from Lifehacker
  • Included Extras/Exclusives
  • Mobile app for iOS, Android
  • Compatible with BlackBerry
  • One year fax storage
  • Real-time billing, usage, and fax history reports by user or department
  • Integration with Finance and Accounting Software, including Safe MAS 90 and MAS 2000
  • Integration with VoIP
  • Supports 178 types of attachments, including .doc, .pdf, and many more.
  • $100 buyback program for used fax boards


Editor's Bottom Line of MyFax


  • MyFax offers 24/7 support and a 99.5% SLA-guaranteed uptime. They are made for a company that does business any time of day.
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  • Sending a Fax
    Sending a Fax

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