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Implix, parent company of ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar, was founded in 1999 by Simon Grabowski. Though headquartered in Poland, Implix...
Gdansk, Poland
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I liked my experience with them until I no longer had an immediate need for services. So they froze my account for a few months. Not wanting to use their services anymore I tried to cancel my account before the account went live again. I could not cancel. The next day it went live and they charged me the monthly fee. I cancelled immediately, but not without having to experience 5 pages of them trying to get me to change my mind and stay. I was insulted and cancelled and tried to get my money back via paypal. PP set up a dispute. CM did say that it was in the contract that they could play this game but they would give me my money back anyway. Great. But then pp and cm apparently had a conversation in which the case was decided in cm's favor. I'm not happy and I will never go back. I encourage anyone reading this to not get involved. It's a pretty picture but their customer service really sucks. Only in it for the money.

Pros: Great interface, easy to use, inexpensive.
Cons: You can never leave.
Would Recommend: No
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What a great tool for businesses or just plain poeple. ClickMeeting made it easy for my girlfriends and myself to create and join a meeting to restructure and rebrand our salon which made it real simple for us with the rebrand workshop and the ease of use of the actual website.

Two thumbs up, keep up the good work.

Pros: Fun, Easy to use, Price.
Cons: ...
Would Recommend: Yes
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We use ClickMeeting on a daily basis to keep in touch with our customers from all over the world. Haven't experienced any issues with the audio or video quality except for some minor lag when when we have lots of attendees, but other than that its been solid. ClickMeeting is also quite cheap for your average business owner.

Cons: Video unresponsive at times, rarely though.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Implix, parent company of ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar, was founded in 1999 by Simon Grabowski. Though headquartered in Poland, Implix has a strong presence in North America. Implix responds to the needs of businesses of all size, and all levels of comfort with technology. They provide products and services of the highest quality, at competitive prices. Implix believes in giving small businesses the tools to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

In addition to ClickMeeting, Implix is also the parent company of GetResponse email marketing, PayLine online payment, and Vemma energy drinks.


ClickMeeting Pricing and Services


Popular Service Plan:
ClickWebinar 100, $79/mo (monthly), $59.25/mo (annual): 100 attendees; 6 hours video recording; 4 presenters; meeting room rebranding.
ClickMeeting features:

  • Audio/Video Web Conferencing: Connect with your team members over your browser or mobile device.
  • Meeting Room Rebranding: Add your company's logo, graphics, brand colors, and more to your Meeting Room and Waiting Room.
  • Desktop Sharing/Remote Desktop: Share all or part of your screen with other participants, so they get a visual aid to your presentation.
  • Moderated Q&A/Private Chat: Have a second window for participants to chat with each other during your presentation.
  • Simultaneous Chat Translation: Get translations with the help of Google Translation in real time, so you can make your presentation to a worldwide audience.
  • Polling: Gauge the audience during your presentation.

All web browsers with no download required, iOS, Android, BlackBerry.
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Google Translation, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, iCal, iWork, Moodle.
Available Services & Pricing:(Note: Not-For-Profits may get up to 40% discount)

  • ClickMeeting 25, $30/mo (monthly), $22.50/mo (annual): Up to 25 attendees; up to 2 hours video recording; up to 2 presenters; meeting room rebranding.
  • ClickWebinar 50, $40/mo (monthly), (annual): Up to 50 attendees; up to 4 hours video recording; up to 4 presenters; meeting room rebranding.
  • ClickWebinar 100, $79/mo (monthly), $59.25/mo (annual): Up to 100 attendees; up to 6 hours video recording; up to 4 presenters; meeting room rebranding.
  • ClickWebinar 500, $160/mo (monthly), $120/mo (annual): Up to 500 attendees; up to 8 hours video recording, up to 4 presenters; meeting room rebranding.
  • ClickWebinar 1000, $280/mo (monthly), $210/mo (annual): Up to 1,000 attendees; up to 10 hours video recording; up to 4 presenters; meeting room rebranding.

ClickMeeting Awards & Clients:
Sony, GlaskoSmithKline, Renault Trucks, Neckermann, Siemens, Polpharma
Mon-Fri. 9AM - 5PM ET

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