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Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, Asana is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies ever.  It offers a...
San Francisco, CA
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The search function is pretty good at finding every task or file related to your search query (even on completed tasks). Tagging projects and tasks helps our team keep campaigns organized instead of just floating around somewhere in Asana.

When you upload images, they upload with a thumbnail preview so you can see what the file is before even opening it. The addition of "boards" allows our team to move projects from one stage to the next and is a nice visual element to Asana. The "copy task" functionality saves me time on repeated tasks, which is huge for me each week.

The abiilty to "pin to top" is especially helpful for long threads because you can keep important messages and/or files in clear view instead of buried within a long conversation back and forth with team members. Finally, the two-verification method when deleting a task is nice because the platform doesn't just get rid of something immediately--it makes you confirm it before deleting it from the backend.

The biggest drawback of Asana for me is the inability to edit comments. Users can only delete and type a new one. This seems like a simple thing to add especially when followers and @ mentions get an email notification of every new update to a task.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Used in the correct way, Asana makes it so that tasks can be prioritized, assigned, followed, collaborated on, completed, recorded, and never forgotten.

It has allowed me to perform better at my job.

Instead of 1000 sticky notes all over my desk and computer, I have 0 ever since we started using Asana.

It allows me to see all my priorities in 1 place so that I can start with the most urgent projects.

It helps me perform way better at my job, keeping our clients and my boss happy.

I've tried a couple other competing softwares and Asana is the best in my experience.

There is a slight learning curve to get the hang of all the most basic functionality in Asana.

Example: creating sub-tasks within tasks, within projects, assigning tasks, adding task followers, setting due dates and times.

I'm sure there are a lot of other cool things I could be doing on Asana, but I just haven't learned them yet.

At least 3X'd my personal productivity.

Increased accountability for me and everyone in the company.

Helps us put first things first, maximizing the results of our individual and collective work.

Allows us to fast-track tasks that used to have complicated timing with back-and-forth hand-offs.

Enables managers to set due dates and times, so there's no question on when something needs to be done.

Projects allow for major subdivided categories of our business to be organized and visualized.


Would Recommend: Yes
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It doesn't take us long to onboard new users, because it's ridiculously easy to use!

Because it's so free-form sometimes staff members end up changing things that they shouldn't. It also is missing the ability to have conversations and comments that are private to a team on public tasks.

We've developed a custom solution that lets us bring in work order requests into Asana for different departments (Marketing/IT/Facilities), and then collaborate inside Asana.

By putting work orders into Asana we've reduced our dependence on email, and increased visibility into work that's getting done across our organization. We also use it inside departments for organizing tasks, planning events, and general project management.

The only real bummer with Asana is the tiered pricing structure. Asana provides a lot of value, but it shouldn't cost you more per user the more users you have... it should be less.

Drop email and make the jump to Asana, with the new boards feature it's constantly improving, and has been incredible for our team.


Would Recommend: Yes
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As a Project Manager at a mid-sized software company, I HAVE to have a big picture overview of all work being done: who is doing what, when the deadlines are, and when tasks are completed and approved. And, I need to be able to see what's going on from anywhere at any time. Before we started using Asana, it was incredibly difficult to track all of our projects and I used several data silos to manage all of the details.

Asana was a life saver for me because not only does it allow me to see all of the work/tasks assigned to individuals, but my team uses it to communicate with each other - and I can view all of their communications for reference as needed. We also use the integration with the time tracking software, Everhour, and it worked really well for us. The dashboard and reporting functionalities are extremely easy to read, and give a great overview of progress.

The free version is an incredible platform on its own, and upgrading to premium is extremely reasonable considering all of the extra reporting functionality you receive. This is a great program for companies that need a simple and intuitive solution for managing projects that require high communication and fast results.

It would be nice if the interface was more customizable for the purpose of displaying data in ways that would be most helpful for each individual user. Currently the display (of projects and task lists) is fairly inflexible, but, it's very easy to use.

Asana does not have gantt charts or any micro level management tools used for budgeting, which is why I recommend using Asana for the communication and deadline aspect of projects, but NOT for carrying out PM responsibilities required for most successful projects.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Before Asana, I usually had to write down everything that I wanted to keep track of either on a sheet of paper or my forgetful, work saturated mind that would either be forgotten or thrown away.

Now I can just write them down in a blink of an eye and have the program track my cases and notify me when they are due. I can now have absolute oversight on my entire department, team, and company. Being organized has never been so productive!

There are not that many cons when using Asana, but there still exist one or two to mention. One being that their Customer Support does not have direct and fast communication system that can definitively make you uneasy when in a rush.

A few features and a bit hidden and could be forgotten how they are used by the user due to the complexity of the UI that can definitively be improved with a little tweaking and customer feedback.

I can finally keep track of what is important for each day without forgetting or losing any notes, details, contact etc. I have everything right there when and wherever I want it.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to master, simple, visually easy on the eyes, powerful and not overdone, integration with Google and Instagantt, free version is powerful enough to test before investing in premium version.

No integral Gantt charts. Growing it to a full project management software would help.

A colleague and i started using this a few years ago at work because we went from MS to Google for work email and workflow. MS had outlook and Google has no task manager so we tried 10-12 different task management apps. Asana was by far the easiest to master in a short time and its simplicity is what makes it powerful.

Easy navigation, simple yet powerful, and integrating with Google has been seamless. I hope Google purchases Asana or something close to that so we can fully go "all in". We are in the free version now but hope to maybe step up our game and try the premium version to see its full potential.

Hopefully it grows to a full project management software to allow for use from external sales to internal sales, to execution, to aftermarket. Cradle to grave type software for a company.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Asana is a practical project management tool that is easy for all users to learn. If all you need is a simple checklist, then Asana won't overwhelm you with bells and whistles. If you are managing a major project, then you just dig a little deeper to find a full-featured project manager.

I have implemented this software with companies and non-profit organizations of various sizes, and have always had excellent user adoption because of the way they have layered in the complexity.

Project members with just a few tasks can focus on their short lists, while their project managers still have a view of the project as a whole. Through their integration with InstaGantt, you can even generate the Gantt chart schedules that everyone expects from a project schedule.

They integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, making for a truly unique experience in file-sharing, because of the way that users can attach a file from their cloud storage. Through the MS Office integration with Dropbox and Box, co-workers can open a file in Asana, edit it in the same window, and save it, so that anyone looking in Asana or the cloud system will see the latest version.

With Box, you can even attach a folder if you want to share a collection of files. Recently, they also introduced custom fields, so if the basic task does not track everything you need, you can easily add it (for a price). Their pricing structure continues to evolve in a way that makes this Freemium software increasingly expensive if you want to use it with multiple teams or organizations.

They calculate per-user pricing based on the number of users in the group, so if you belong to more than one, they get to double-dip by charging you for each group. They are also cutting back on the functionality for the free version, having removed advanced reporting and basic admin functions for new groups.

easy to use for checklists and projects of all sizes - phenomenal user guide, with lots of pictures and videos non-tech savvy users will appreciate - integration with cloud storage for easy document management - try it for your children's chores!

pricing is climbing quickly, especially for new and multi-team users - no built-in Gantt charts - takes some time to understand who will receive notifications of various activities - would be nice to be able to enter more info about sub-tasks without having to open each pane

If you are just getting started with managing projects, organizing a group, or task managers, Asana is easy to use. If you want to manage large projects with it, make sure to include the licensing costs in your budget or they can add up surprisingly fast.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Centralized project management, file sharing and search functions save a lot of time and effort by reducing the need to use email. The searchable archive has been very helpful. Overall, Asana has made project work much more efficient by keeping all relevant parties in the loop, all conversations in one place, and enabling file sharing across all devices and platforms.

Asana's feature set and complexity requires a relatively steep learning curve for the uninitiated. That hampered roll-out efforts in my organization, along with the fact there is no desktop app for Asana. After nearly a year, I'm still figuring out all the features and best uses, so it would be nice to have a variety of case studies/examples from which to glean best practices.

We use the free version of Asana as we have a small number of users, but it has become a central project management and communications tool. Because the free version is limited to 15 users, we've integrated this with Atlassian's HipChat, which we received as a grant.

Combined, this has been an excellent management, tracking, file sharing and centralized communications tool in an organization where people work on various platforms with different software. This has been a bit of a tough sell to folks used to working with desktop email and Outlook systems, but Asana works well on mobile devices.

It also centralizes all information in a searchable database, which has proven enormously useful. However, there is a significant learning curve with Asana, which has hampered our roll-out efforts. Asana's complexity and wide feature set can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

The free version is well worth trying out, especially if you need to centralize information and communications. If you have more than 15 users and are a nonprofit, you might consider integrating with HipChat to expand your communications reach without needing to upgrade to the paid version of Asana. When we did this in 2015, HipChat was providing its services free to nonprofits on a grant basis.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to share and collaborate, delightfully designed, more functionality than we've maximized which makes it feel deep and broad!

When you get a lot of tasks in a project, it's easy to be overwhelmed visually and sometimes difficult to sort. Good planning and reflection time solves this but if you're moving fast you can end up with a mess!

Our staff has more than doubled since we started using Asana and as we grow we need tools to make sure our collaboration doesn't drop.
The practices we started when we could all meet twice a week are scaled by using templates and creating recurring tasks for all of our systems from meetings, to project management, to hiring and on-boarding new staff.

It was incredibly easy to transition to a paid plan (we started with the free version) and as more features roll out, they are often incorporated immediately!

We love to try out new tools and Asana is one that has stuck with us, making our work and teams stronger.

Learning to use the shortcuts and keep fingers on keyboards is relatively easy and totally worth it.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Visually, it makes sense to me: not only is there a list of "My Tasks" but it breaks them down by day and identifies the project. I like that it is very easy to use, and the user experience is helpful rather than being yet another tech thing with which to wrestle. And I have to be honest, when I've accomplished a certain number of tasks, they shoot a unicorn or rainbow across the screen and I feel like I've gotten things done!

There is more to the software's capabilities than our team uses, and I would love it if they did something like a monthly webinar on new features and "how to use the new features". Other than that, I LOVE this software!

We are a small trade association with 7 staff members, and we use Asana to not only track our "To Do" list, but also to manage projects and manage what the staff members in our departments are accomplishing.

The entire association uses Asana, and even those who are less-techy were able to easily understand how to use it, how to assign related tasks to another team member, and how to create a project. We can all see each other's tasks and I personally also use private tasks for personal tracking as well.

I have worked in many businesses as an administrative professional, and this software would help organize any business and help any manager manage their team. I've used other softwares, like Basecamp, Podio, and Trello, and I do like Asana best. It is more intuitive with all the functions.


Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, Asana is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies ever.  It offers a workplace management solution that is simple, affordable and packed with great features.  Asana was named Editor's Choice by PCMag and praised on Freakonomics Radio.  The founders are Justin Rosenstein, who has helped to create tools such as Google chat and Facebook's "like" button, and Dustin Moskovitz, one of the co-founders of Facebook, Inc.  Despite their former careers creating tools which have contributed to much workplace distraction, their mission in creating Asana is to do just the opposite and help teams to focus, prioritize and be productive.

Asana is a powerful platform, but also very usable.  It allows members to easily take ownership of tasks and see the big picture.  The timeline and dependencies features are great tools for tackling large complicated projects, but the basic free version is a powerful option for teams that don't need any extra frills.


Free Trial


Free Version


Pricing Plans


Free Version - $0

  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations
  • Up to 15 team members
  • Basic search

Premium - $9.99/member/month when billed annually, $11.99/member/month when billed monthly*

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Timeline 
  • No team member limit
  • Advanced search & reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Task dependencies
  • Comment-only projects
  • Private teams and projects
  • Start dates
  • Admin controls
  • Customer success webinars
  • Priority support
  • Google SSO

*Plans of 15 or fewer qualify for a small team discount, so the price per user per month is $6.25 when billed annually, and $7.50 when billed monthly.

Enterprise - Contact for pricing

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Manage team members with advanced admin controls like service accounts and SAML.
  • Get specialized help from our customer success team, plus same day support to ensure you’re successful with Asana.
  • Maintain strict control over your data and security with user provisioning and deprovisioning, data deletion, and cross-regional backups.
  • Put your logo front and center. With custom branding, you’re able to customize Asana with your own logo.
  • Beta - Get early access to Portfolios to help track the status of important projects.
  • Asana Android App
    Asana Android App
  • Asana Create New Workspace
    Asana Create New Workspace
  • Asana Dashboard
    Asana Dashboard
  • Asana Inbox
    Asana Inbox
  • Asana Members Dashboard
    Asana Members Dashboard
  • Asana Product Meeting Topics
    Asana Product Meeting Topics
  • Asana Project Members
    Asana Project Members
  • Asana Teams/Organizations
    Asana Teams/Organizations
  • Asana Detailed Task Overview
    Asana Detailed Task Overview

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