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With roots dating all the way back to 1996, DialedIn (formerly ChaseData) is a veteran within the call center...
Plantation, FL
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Awful audio quality, the software layout makes it very difficult to send text messages and/or listen to recorded calls. Some of my company's profiles weren't unable to take inbound calls. Customer service took a lot of valuable time to provide solutions to these problems. They even have problems when storing recorded calls, some of them get lost in the middle.

Would Recommend: No
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Unreliable texting and voice messaging system. Sometimes texts disappear, contacts get scrambled, calls do not go through. Problems pop up out of nowhere (such as not being able to RECEIVE CALLS!) and customer service "patches" the issue but after a few weeks everything goes back to mayhem. Customer service is okay in terms of politeness, but not always reliable as to how the problem is solved or when (important problems have percisted for more than a week with no response).

Pros: Overall polite staff.
Cons: Unreliable texting and voice messaging system. Problems pop up out of nowhere and customer service "patches" the problem but after a few weeks everything goes back to mayhem.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

With roots dating all the way back to 1996, DialedIn (formerly ChaseData) is a veteran within the call center software market. With a focus on providing advanced, yet easy to use call center software, DialedIn has found success in offering cloud delivered hosted call center software to businesses of all size.

DialedIn offers either inbound or outbound call center functionality, as well as a blended call center combining the two. Within their outbound functionality, DialedIn also offers powerful autodialers including progressive, preview, agentless and predictive dialing. Beyond just calling capabilities, DialedIn also offers support for omnichannel contact centers with SMS, chat, social media and email support.


DialedIn Pricing and Services


Solutions Offered

  • Outbound Call Management
  • Inbound Contact Center
  • Blended Contact Center
  • MultiChannel Contact Center
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrations

Plans and Features

Inbound, Chat & Texting - $49 per user/mo

Essential CCaaS features for startups and small teams

  • 1,000 Telecom Minutes per agent
  • Auto Attendant, IVR, Music On Hold
  • Call Monitoring & Coaching
  • Digital Call Recording & Playback
  • WFH Agent Capability
  • Nationwide & Toll-Free DIDs
  • Predictive, Preview, & Progressive modes

Small Business - $89 per user/mo

Enterprise-class outbound dialing plus powerful inbound ACD software suited for startups and small offices

  • 1 Voice channel per agent
  • Conference Call, Hold, Transfer, Monitoring
  • List Management, Live Dashboard, Skill Set Assignment
  • Preview dialing
  • Progressive dialing
  • Inbound Capability Included
  • Auto Attendant & IVR
  • ACD
  • Skills based routing
  • Music on Hold
  • Remote Agent Capability
  • Personal Voice Mails & DID
  • Standard Reporting Package
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • US & Canada Dialing
  • UK, LATAM Historical Data
  • 3 Months of Recordings
  • At-Home Agent
  • Multiple Location Support
  • Live Call Transfer

Professional - $139 per user/mo

Custom made to maximize sales, lower payroll and decrease training time

  • All Small Business Features, plus
  • 4 Voice Channels per Agent
  • 6 Months of Recordings
  • Predictive dialing
  • Trainee Mode for New Trainees
  • Customized SIP Trunking
  • Phone Support
  • Zapier Integrations
  • US, Canada, International Historical Data

Enterprise - $169 per user/mo

Secure and infinitely scalable enterprise solution engineered for high volume contact centers

  • All Professional Features, plus
  • 6 Voice Channels per Agent
  • 1 Year of Recordings
  • Agentless dialing
  • Auto Leave Message on Voice Mail
  • SOAP based Salesforce API
  • Native API for Sugar CRM, Zoho and Oracle


Editor's Bottom Line of DialedIn


One of the first things many shoppers will recognize is that DialedIn does not seem to offer the most cost-effective solution, especially for the smallest teams, with their plans beginning at $49 per user, per month. While this seems like a high barrier of entry, DialedIn manages to offer a true bang for your buck solution. They do so by including some of the most robust features even within their most basic offering. Small businesses looking for an inbound solution will still gain features like call recording, real-time reports, remote agent capability, skills based routing, and multiple location support for a powerful call center solution hosted in the cloud. Outbound call centers will gain access to powerful preview and progressive dialers.

In fact, DialedIn doesn't limit their plans by leaving out specific features, but rather places limitations on features that grows based on the plan your business subscribes to. For example, the Small Business plan only gains 3 months of call recordings, while the Enterprise plan gains a full year of call recordings. The Small Business plan only offers one voice channel per agent, while the Enterprise plan offers 6 voice channels per agent. This makes DialedIn's plans compelling for all different business sizes, without forcing smaller teams to pay extra just to gain access to some of the more critical features included in higher plans.

DialedIn's plans are less about paying extra for more features, and more about the size of your business. Overall, DialedIn offers a compelling mix of solutions, covering both calling capabilities and even multichannel contact center support. Powerful outbound dialing tools, especially the incredibly powerful predictive dialing, make DialedIn's outbound solution a true competitor in the market, meanwhile their inbound calling plans rival that of the biggest vendors in the space with automatic call distribution and intelligent skills-based routing.

  • DialedIn Analytics
    DialedIn Analytics
  • DialedIn Form Builder
    DialedIn Form Builder
  • DialedIn KPI Notifications
    DialedIn KPI Notifications

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