Reuben Yonatan

Reuben Yonatan

  • Founder & CEO

Reuben is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP. As an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Reuben brings a wealth of hands-on telecom industry experience, backed by a 10-year track record in strategically shaping operational functionality in all his ventures.

With an extensive background in cloud communication technologies, and building industry leading internet companies, Reuben steers GetVoIP towards his vision to become the #1 resource for cloud computing trends and insights, by overseeing all day to day operations including editorials, content brainstorming, lead generating, as well as managing marketing campaigns with advertisers.

Having been featured in dozens of interviews, and publications, such as Forbes and BusinessInsider, Reuben’s writings blend commentary, research, and perspective on cloud computing, digital media, software trends, business strategies, and enterprise solutions.

In his spare time, Reuben is an avid basketball and racquetball player, hiker, and a self-professed web surfer, striving to make the web a better place. Reuben is also a contributor to Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, BizCommunity, as well as other popular publications. Follow Reuben on Twitter @ReubenYonatan.

Read some of Reuben's latest articles below:

October 16, 2017

16 Gmail Tips and Tricks To Streamline Your Inbox

Are you suffering from email overload? The average person spends 28% of the work week reading and responding to emails. This equates to 13 hours a week, and 650 hours a year. Consider how productive you could be if you had a few extra hours every week to focus on the projects that really matter. It’s not just your professional life that suffers due to information overload. 59% of...
September 25, 2017

How To Get More Energy At Work [Infographic]

Do you suffer from low energy at work? It’s a common problem, also known as the post-lunch lull, that can cause your productivity flow to grind to a halt. Here’s how to get more energy at work, or you can jump to our cheat sheet at the end of this article. What Causes Low Energy After Lunch? If you feel tired after lunch, you’re not alone. It’s actually so common, that it has its own...
September 07, 2017

The Most Valuable Employee Recognition Tips and Tricks [Infographic]

Strong employee retention is the sign of a strong company. You can’t grow as a business if you’re constantly losing your best people. According to the Center for American Progress, the average cost of losing an employee is 21% of that person’s annual salary. For example, losing a worker who makes $40,000 per year would cost your company roughly $8,400. Keeping your best people should...
August 28, 2017

How to Communicate During a Disaster

Disasters can strike at any moment–are you prepared? Nobody wants to think about something terrible happening, but unfortunately well-wishing doesn’t prevent catastrophic situations from occurring. Whether it be a natural disaster, man-made disaster, or even a terrorist attack–you and your family need to be prepared for the worst so you can act quickly and decisively. Preparation...
August 14, 2017

Movies and TV Shows that Predicted Future Technology

Fiction and pop culture make bold predictions about the future all the time. More often than not, these predictions are wildly inaccurate and become the source of mockery. However, every so often these fictional portrayals eventually become reality. Whether it’s a film such as Minority Report, which accurately predicted multiple technologies we have today or a movie like Escape From New...
July 25, 2017

29 Microsoft Excel Hacks to Make Life Easier and More Productive

The suite of tools available in Microsoft Office are virtually synonymous with business. Companies of all sizes, and from a wide array of industries use these popular Microsoft products. And perhaps no product is more popular than Microsoft’s spreadsheet software – Excel. Microsoft Excel is an extremely useful tool for organizing, manipulating, and analyzing data. Of course, a great...
July 18, 2017

How To Respectfully Say No To Your Colleagues [Infographic]

We all want to build successful careers. Regardless of the industry we work in, we all want to be respected for being good at our jobs and considered a valuable team member. One way to build this respect is by establishing yourself as someone who can be counted on to execute when given a project, no matter the timeline. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking on too much work...
July 05, 2017

How Handwriting Can Make You Smarter and More Productive

Pen versus keyboard, which do you choose? Handwriting is becoming more and more obsolete, which is no surprise considering the average American devotes more than 10 hours a day to a screen. Using a keyboard may seem like the most efficient option, but what are you losing out on by not putting the pen (or pencil) to paper? Recent studies show that you are losing out on a lot including...
June 05, 2017

Which Technologies do America's Fastest Growing Companies Use? [New Data]

Interested in 66,789% three-year growth projections and revenue in the millions? Consider taking notes from the fastest growing private companies. There are many things that contribute to their success -- the technologies they use play an integral role. But what are these technologies that help them climb the ladder of success so quickly? To find out, we conducted extensive research on...
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