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What is Messagebird? Messagebird is a CPaaS (communications platform as a service) company that has been providing ways for...
Amsterdam, Nederland
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I was looking for a platform to send mass messages for the Ministry. I paid my money (April 4, 2021) and the long wait for the system to work started. It took over a month before I could try and send out a message, because I could not find a number and there was no one to speak with. They said contact them via WhatsApp and every time I did I got 6 message replies that said no one is available. I set my clock so that I could reach out all through the day from 1 am to 8 pm and I always got the same message.

Finally, I got a number to use and I sent my test email and it did not work. I told them to cancel my account and refund my money. They actually refused to do both. Here are the emails I sent and the replies they sent back. They still have not canceled my account.

May 18, 2021, 11:46 GMT+2
I have a contact list and I tried to send one text and you charged me for it but it did not go through. What is the problem. Its OK just cancel my account.

Fabian Buitrago (MessageBird)
May 20, 2021, 1:07 GMT+2
Thanks for your response. I see you have some credit left and that we can't refund it as it has been more than 15 days since you added the balance. Do you still want to proceed with your account cancellation?

May 20, 2021, 9:38 GMT+2
I have contacted my bank. Your procedures and your service has never worked since I started. We have emailed back and forth to no avail. I want ALL OF MY MONEY BACK. CANELL MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!

Fabian Buitrago (MessageBird)
May 21, 2021, 6:14 GMT+2
Hi there,
At this moment due to the terms and conditions,(https://www.messagebird.com/en/legal/terms-and-conditions) you are not eligible for a refund, so please let me know if you still want to proceed to delete and cancel this account. On the other hand, we can try to troubleshoot and help you to send the SMS as you required. Looking at your account I see you tried to send an SMS to the number(XXXXXXX) however as you didn't specify the country code the message didn't deliver. You can try with the number 1XXXXXXX and see if it works.

Nevertheless, there are some country restrictions you need to mind when using this service for the United States. https://support.messagebird.com/hc/en-us/articles/208747865-United-States
Please let me know how you want to proceed.

May 21, 2021, 7:53 GMT+2
This back and forth without accomplishing anything is the reason I want this cancelled. I am trying to deal with this in a professional way. I have not used your service and could not use your service. I asked you to cancel my account, instead you keep sending emails so you can keep my money. Cancel my account and refund my money.

Fabian Buitrago (MessageBird)
May 25, 2021, 23:03 GMT+2
Hi Pamela,

Thanks for your response. Our finance team has reviewed and rejected the request for a refund as you are not eligible for one, due to the terms and conditions, that you agreed to when using our services https://www.messagebird.com/en/legal/terms-and-conditions
With that said, please let me know how you want to proceed if you prefer to cancel the account or get assistance to use the service.

From April to May, Why would they still be asking me what I want to do. It does not matter where you live, I do not recommend dealing with a company that will not stand behind their product. The customer service is horrible. They know that I have not used their service and yet they are still trying to keep my money. They knew I was in the US and knew the problems I would have. Instead, they took the money, made it impossible for me to get in contact with anyone, did not provide service and have drawn this out so that I can use the time loophole to keep my money. This is not a reputable company and I pray that you find another one to use.

Would Recommend: No
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Lindsay H.'s review for Bird

I consult for multiple businesses across multiply countries, and was looking for a single platform that can accommodate a local / personal feel for our customer communications. So far, MessageBird seems to be ticking all of the boxes as we can message our US customers from our US number, Canadian with Canadian number, etc. In addition, the platform dashboard is very easy to manage, so opening this option up to teammates that are less tech savvy will be an option

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Pros: None.
Cons: it would be nice to have a local customer service number in all countries where you have offices, so that we can speak to someone (if needed) without paying international phone rates. I use the chat functionality, and they were fairly responsive. Once someone did connect with me, she stuck with me through all questions.
Would Recommend: Yes
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It is definitely worth a try! You'll love this!

One of the big problems that I am trying to solve is regarding the customer service department. When a customer calls, he or she expects instant help. Using message bird, customers have been more satisfied with the customer service and the communication between customer service rep and the customer has been better.

Via G2Crowd with permission from MessageBird

Pros: The thing that I like at the best about MessageBird is the ease of access with which calls can be directed to appropriate people. The global Points of Presence is able to instantly connect you with a high speed and crystal clear connection.
Cons: The user interface is a little complicated. It would be better if the interface was designed to be more intuitive rather than having the user navigate through it. There is a steep learning curve associated with the platform but once the user is familiar with it, there are.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Ivor B.'s review for Bird

Been using them since they started, very happy!
Automatic invoices on low credit, simple API
Using it for over a decade and never had issues

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Would Recommend: Yes
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Sammy K.'s review for Bird

As a business we use a lot of communication methods, but we feel a text message achieves the best results

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Pros: We can copy and paste telephone numbers from a spread sheet straight into MessageBird to avoid manual update.
Cons: I like everything about it - I had a problem with finding my saved templates when the system was updated - but that was my own failure to look properly.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Chris S.'s review for Bird

Very polite customer service, very easy to deal with. Very pleased after moving away from our previous provider.

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Pros: Fantastic pricing when purchasing in bulk with a very easy to use interface. Reporting is excellent and it's easy to find out the status of messages sent.
Cons: Perhaps provide more 'plugins' to various different pieces of software to widen availability.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Scott C.'s review for Bird

We have only had a good experience with messagebird. The software is always getting better and their customer support is unmatched. We will continue to use them and have no desire to look for another provider.

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Pros: I like the documentation and how easy it is to integrate messagebird into any project. We use the service as part of an alarming system for IoT monitoring. The only issues we have ever faced were caused by us, and the wonderful support at messagebird has helped us out many times.
Cons: The only cons are with from carrier restrictions in the united states and not from messagebird.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Ben S.'s review for Bird

As mentioned above, Messagebird has allowed us to create a better overall customer experience by giving us the ability to proactively reach out to our customers via text in real time when we know about a time sensitive issue. Super helpful!

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Pros: Messagebird has been super helpful to us over at our company in New York City. It allows us to proactively reach out to our customers via text message on mass. No other company allowed us to have that same functionality and still offered a nice and easy to use user interface. We love it!.
Cons: I don't love that we need to split lists of numbers into smaller groups and send from different numbers. I wish that part could be handled via automation on the backend.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Ritvars R.'s review for Bird

When we moved our warehouse to a new location, our former provider promised to both keep our existing phone number, that our business had used for 3-years, as well as have a fiber-optic connection in place. In reality, we got neither. At the new location, telecom companies quoted 5k to install a fiber-optic line, and the phone was a low-quality copper line with no option to keep our previous number. We had to take full control of our inbound calls and become independent from telecom companies that failed at the core of their services and customer promise deliverability. Searching for an API and an open-source solution we found MessageBird through IFTTT platform. At first, we were sceptical about MessageBird ability to offer its services to UK clients, however, after the initial inquiry, we were advised that not only MessageBird was able to source a UK, London-based landline number, as we are a London based business, but also provided an option to choose a preferred number. All at a fraction of cost that traditional telephone service companies will never be able to price match. On the day of connection, we geared up to update our phone number in all places possible, established an inbound call flow, linked inbound calls to extensions relevant to our business, and gradually got our inbound phone call business back. Team LEDUS UK is personally thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be with MessageBird and recommends other businesses to follow worldwide.

Via Capterra with permission from MessageBird

Would Recommend: Yes
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Just try the service! The best way for us to get involved with MessageBird was the free trial option. Since I could try out the look and feel of a message and the way the system works, was the best way to get familiar with the tools and made me sign up with a good en trustworthy feeling. After the first payment, I could send messages right away to all of my customers or realtions with no delay.

True MessageBird I can reach out to customers In a more personal way. The way e-mail won't be read and calls can be forgotten, a text message is a solution for businesses to interact with customers on a direct level that suits the customer. We use MessageBird for invoice reminders, product activations and many more.

Via G2Crowd with permission from MessageBird

Pros: The way the user interface works! it's clear and pretty to navigate true. The options are all displayed properly and the way the information Is given is good for a dummy or experienced user. I can recommend MessageBird to any company or individual, this actually works the way It should with no error's or Interruption or what so ever. Also, last but not least, the customer service Is helpful and caring, they answer in a quick manner.
Cons: I can't find any dislikes so far. The service Is up and running! If I need to think about a dislike I can't come up with one. The price equals the service.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

What is Messagebird?

Messagebird is a CPaaS (communications platform as a service) company that has been providing ways for companies to connect globally since 2011. Instead of providing a complicated platform for businesses to communicate through, Messagebird has modernized the process and made communicating with customers more straightforward. Messagebird offers direct connections with 240 carriers in more than 200 countries, so the platform fits companies looking to expand or ensure stable communications for foreign customers.

Messagebird is a provider that offers versatile in-house communication APIs. They use voice, SMS, and chat channels to help businesses communicate with their customers more efficiently. They also make it easy to integrate your business’s communications with 3rd party programs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, STDLib, Sapier, Amio, and more. 

One feature that stands out compared to other CPaaS providers is their FlowBuilder. This creates a user interface where your team quickly creates an experience for your customers with less API programming and coding. With it, you incorporate channels into your applications that your customers love – even apps like WhatsApp or WeChat are available. This way, when a customer is looking to reach out to your brand, they can communicate on the application that they are most comfortable using.

Implementing this software is done through a graphical UI with a drag and drop interface. Your team also incorporates connections to CRM or marketing automation so that agents have detailed information on each customer that they use to either solve issues or convert. This is done with custom webhooks, so integrating data from other apps in real-time is done easily.


Overview of Messagebird Features & Highlights

Messagebird is a provider that has connected more than 15,000 enterprise clients, but what makes them stand out? Here are a few highlights to consider for your business:

  • The base plan is entirely free for startup-level users with less than 50 customers per month.
  • All voice traffic is in-house, which makes it more secure and stable.
  • A global point of presence (PoP) keeps calls from being delayed and provides stability.
  • Calls are jitter-free to give you clearer call quality.
  • Custom hold music for inbound callers to listen to while they are waiting.
  • FlowBuilder provides a means for teams to quickly build out customer experiences in their apps. 
  • Enterprise security features designed to protect data as it’s stored and is being sent are baked into the platform.
  • Instant call setup eliminates post dialing delay when contacting customers.
  • All technology is developed in-house.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is addable for call centers receiving inbound calls.


For a CPaaS provider, the number of communications channels makes or breaks success. Here are the critical features of Messagebird:

  • Voice Calling: This simply adds a voice channel to the application. With Messagebird, you make, receive, and control calls via the API. 
  • Short Message Service (SMS): SMS is another word for texting, and it’s a major consideration for a communications API. With it, you reach customers on their smartphones with text that appears as a notification.
  • WhatsApp: Messagebird’s WhatsApp API grants access to all business features in this popular chat communications application. This chat app grants access to over 1.5 billion customers in 180 countries.
  • Conversation API: Messagebird calls this their Programmable Conversations feature. This provides a single seamless connection to the world’s most popular communications channels. This automatically connects your business to channels like Messenger, Line, or WeChat.
  • Verification: Using Messagebird’s Verify API, your developers add two-factor authentication (2FA) to applications. This verifies each user's passwords and adds an authentication token that ensures that customer data is verified and secure. 
  • Numbers: Numbers are programmatically purchasable for both voice and SMS communications. This allows your business to create local numbers to engage specific populations, create toll-free numbers for a national presence, and use numbers in international markets so that customers reach your brand without being charged international SMS or voice rates. 


Messagebird Pricing & Plans

When it comes to pricing, Messagebird has four different plans that can work for businesses with teams between 10 and 100 people. All of the plans come with the ability to downgrade to a smaller number of team members, which will reduce the cost per month to your business. In addition, there are enterprise plans and pay-as-you-go API pricing available for companies to consider. Messagebird team plans look like this:

API pricing for Messagebird looks like this:

  • Local outbound SMS messaging: $0.006/message
  • Local inbound SMS messaging: $0.00/message
  • SMS phone numbers: $1/month
  • Outbound voice calling: $0.006/minute
  • Inbound voice calling: $0.0033/minute
  • Voice phone numbers: $1.5/month
  • Outbound text to speech messages: $0.005/ per message
  • Voicemail recordings: free to record and store for 90 days
  • Voicemail transcription: $0.0400/transcription
  • WhatsApp session messages: $0.005/message
  • Template message WhatsApp fee: $0.0085/message
  • Template message Messagebird fee: $0.005/message


Editor’s Bottom Line on Messagebird

Messagebird is a provider that benefits organizations looking for a more seamless API development methodology. Critical to their business offering is the Flow Builder – it helps your development staff automate the customer experience process without code, so it’s a potential option for those teams looking to make changes on the fly without going into the backend. 

Additionally, features like masked numbers help employees contact customers without revealing sensitive information. When they reach out via SMS or voice, the customer will see a virtual number that they use to contact your reps. This is done on the same personal phone that your employee uses without the need to expose their personal info.

Messagebird also has strong support. Their response teams are available 24/7 to help developers when they run into issues. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section on their page for documentation that provides details for the integration process. Particularly useful is their Quickstart section that has dedicated sections on SMS, WhatsApp, voice calling, voice messaging, conversations, and numbers. Each section has subsections so that developers have self-service options for solving app issues and completing development. 

Messagebird’s service level agreement (SLA) guarantees service availability for 99.95% of the time. This is considered fairly reliable by industry standards. With this kind of uptime guarantee, Messagebird customers can expect about four-and-a-half hour’s worth of downtime in a single calendar year. 

Overall, the features of Messagebird make it a strong competitor for those looking for an easy-to-use communications API platform. The fact that the company has features that are code-free may be a game changer for those with limited development staff. Also, the free plan makes for a useful solution for smaller businesses that are just beginning to scale.

  • Messagebird WhatsApp Sandbox
    Messagebird WhatsApp Sandbox
  • Messagebird FlowBuilder
    Messagebird FlowBuilder
  • Messagebird Flows
    Messagebird Flows

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