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Intercom provides three different messaging-first solutions that offer modern internet businesses a complete platform to accelerate growth across the...
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We started using Intercom for the in-app chat.

Pretty soon we started using it for everything else.

Lead-nurturing mails, notifications, and even our customer behavior metrics are taken from Intercom now.

There's too many features in Intercom and many new features keep getting added.

A dedicated account manager would be great to identify our requirements. We would save time exploring other products.


Would Recommend: Yes
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It packs serious power, allowing us to do comprehensive user engagement.

It's UI is squeaky clean and all the buttons are where you'd expect them to be.

It does get more expensive as your business grows.

You need to be prepared for that when you sign up.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Being able to quickly and efficiently communicate with our customers is a big help.

Allowing customers to chat in even when we are offline is also a great way to always insure that their issue or concern will always be addressed.

I dislike that you have to purchase a separate installation for each website that you have if you want to customize the end-user experience to match the website they are currently on.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to use, you can learn very quickly about almost all features.

You can easily edit the information about your team, like work hours, automatic messagens, time to answer, segment your customers based on a lot of different features and create rules to automatize the communication.

They take a few hours to answer in the customer service, sometimes It is not good to wait this time to solve some problem or have an answer from their team.

Also I would like more options to create flows of automatic communications, also would be great to provide ways to calculate customer health scores and track this overtime.

Easy way to integrate with my system and communicate with our customers.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Integration with great amount of services (Facebook, Email, etc)
Easy to use
Great design
New features development
Customer Support

Cons: - Cost
Some features are not developing right now (e.g. they are not going to support multilanguage for articles)


Would Recommend: Yes
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Super easy to use. Allows sales and support to interact with clients on a very personal level.

Has decreased the number of support calls by 75%. Our customer prefer intercom support to phone support which is great because we can serve one to many on intercom.

It is on the pricey side of live chat software.

Some of our older clients that are less tech-savvy struggle with it using intercom but that isn't deal breaker.


Would Recommend: Yes
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I love how easy it is to set up for mostly non-technical users.

The configuration options are extensive and the support team is extremely responsive and helpful.

We've actually seen an impact on our website engagement after switching to Intercom, and the mobile apps are excellent to engage new leads.

We use Respond, and the only gripe we have with Intercom is that we can't use different messages per page for our website.

We need to switch to Engage, which is more than double the price for just this one extra feature we need.

Having a small limited number of messages instead of just one would make us long-term happy customers!


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to implement Customer Engagement Software with great usability and awesome and affordable features with the startup programme.

I heard that they are working on more sales focus software as well, currently they dont offer great sales solution but if they expand into that area as well, it will be a great asset to any customer and sales centric company

I save time and money and deliver a better service to our customers


Would Recommend: Yes
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Ease of use and ability to reply to customers quickly to their questions.

Automessage feature is great for onboarding new users.

They kept moving features to differnet sections, but they have now simplified it which has solved the problem

Customer insights and ability to send messages at the right time.


Would Recommend: Yes
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I love Intercom - nearly every function it has makes my job easier, and it makes sharing information between teams regarding a single customer really easy. Bonus functions like notes/mentions, giphys, and integrations with other software systems we use really make it the best thing since sliced bread.

The messenger app. We use our own live chat system and maintain use of Intercom for email communication only. Unfortunately the messenger app looks and feels exactly like live chat, which we do not want, because we use it for email communication.

Users perceive it as chat, and when they do not get an immediate reply they get frustrated. I have been told that this cannot be turned off nor is there any solution for us regarding this problem.

This allows us to provide top notch customer service while maintaining an organized system on the back end that would only be a headache anywhere else. We are able to flow live chats and email tickets as well as any other inbound activity to one main hub.


Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Intercom provides three different messaging-first solutions that offer modern internet businesses a complete platform to accelerate growth across the entire customer journey. Through their messaging platform, businesses can chat with prospective and existing customers either directly on their website or embedded right into their mobile application.  The solution was developed by four Irish designers and engineers, and Intercom as a company was founded in 2011.

The original goal of the platform was to develop a support solution that models the intimacy of a local coffee shop, providing truly personalized service to every visitor and prospect. After a brief struggle to find funding in the U.S., Twitter co-founder Biz Stone invested in Intercom only one year after their initial founding, back in 2012. Intercom's platform has since grown to include a messaging platform to send targeted notifications and messages to leads, an inbox to manage and respond to all customer inquiries as a team, and a knowledgebase for self-service support.


Intercom Pricing and Services


Messages - Send targeted email, in-app, and push messages to leads and customers

  • Auto and manual messages
  • Audience targeting
  • Message scheduling
  • Trigger times
  • Message insights
  • CSV export
  • Intercom messenger
  • Message customization
  • Email collector
  • Smart campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Message reactions
  • Premium integrations
  • Salesforce integrations
  • Clearbit Reveal integrations
  • Custom email templates
  • Email delivery windows
  • Unbranded messaging
  • DKIM
  • Permissions

Inbox - Manage, reply and resolve conversations with leads and customers as a team

  • Intercom messenger
  • Operator bot
  • Email forwarding
  • Team inboxes
  • Assign conversations
  • Notes & mentions
  • Conversation tagging
  • Saved replies
  • Lead and customer profiles
  • Conversation snooze
  • Office hours
  • Response times
  • Away mode
  • Message customization
  • Slack integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Smart suggestions
  • Article search
  • Reports
  • iOS & Android app
  • Operator lead qualification
  • Round robin assignment
  • Assignment rules
  • Salesforce integration
  • Github integration
  • Zendesk integration
  • CSAT surveys
  • Messenger visibility
  • Unbranded messaging
  • Permissions

Articles - Create and publish help content to a public knowledgebase

  • Public help center
  • Article reactions
  • Smart suggestions
  • Rich feedback
  • Failed searches
  • Articles and collections
  • Article sharing
  • Help center branding
  • Intercom messenger
  • Messenger customization
  • Operator bot
  • Content importer

Pricing and Plans


Monthly Active People Essential Pro
Up to 100 People $29/mo $49/mo
101-250 People $49/mo $79/mo
251-1,000 People $70/mo $110/mo
1,001-2,000 People $170/mo $270/mo
5,001-10,000 $290/mo $450/mo
Over 10,000 people? Chat with sales


Priced on Seats Essential Pro
2 Seats $38/mo $78/mo
Each additional Seat $19/mo $39/mo
More than 15 Seats? Chat with sales


  • Fixed monthly price of $49/mo
  • Unlimited articles included


Editor's Bottom Line of Intercom


Intercom offers one of the most compelling live chat support solutions on the market. Whether your business is looking to capture and convert leads, onboard and engage customers, or support and retain customers, Intercom has a solution that should fit your needs. Intercom's three product offerings can be purchased separately or combined together into one platform to offer even more functionality. For example, if your business simply needs a live chat addition on their website, then the Inbox solution is all you need.

In fact, Intercom's Inbox solution is a very compelling live chat platform, with a centralized team inbox, multi-channel support, an operator bot to assist customers and route inquiries to agents, automated workflows, and customer profiles with lead scoring. Embeddable directly into your business' website or mobile application, Inbox offers your customers the ability to directly chat with a representative in real-time. With an Operator Bot working as your first line of defense, customers are able to provide context in order to help agents resolve their inquiry even faster.

A centralized team inbox enables agents and representatives to manage and respond to every single conversation and interaction with leads and users, from one location. The team inbox also supports multiple channels, and the entire platform even integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, enabling agents to see and reply to both Facebook messages and Twitter DMs directly inside the team inbox. The inbox also provides customer profiles, which provides greater context to agents, allowing them to see exactly who they are talking to with including information like their location and website activity.

Intercom's Inbox solution also allows for automated workflows, enabling canned responses to common questions or even personalized responses to specific users. Businesses can also score their leads, view leads captured over time, integrate directly with Salesforce and other CRMs, and even track different lead sources in order to understand which messages generate the most leads. Overall, the platform includes the tools to not only service your customers and generate new leads, but also the features necessary to understand how well the service is working, and how to optimize for efficiency.

  • Intercom Segmentation
    Intercom Segmentation
  • Intercom Outbound Messaging
    Intercom Outbound Messaging
  • Intercom Measurment And Optimization
    Intercom Measurment And Optimization
  • Intercom Integrations
    Intercom Integrations
  • Intercom Team Inbox
    Intercom Team Inbox
  • Intercom Leads Report
    Intercom Leads Report
  • Intercom Help Desk Integration
    Intercom Help Desk Integration

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