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Ooma is a business communications provider offering solutions for SMBs and enterprise-level companies alike. Its most popular products are...
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Basic features and functionality are fine, but voice quality is so bad I often cannot understand the caller. There's also a delay when answering a call so the caller doesn't hear you say hello. I've tried different handsets to no avail. Hours on the phone with tech support. They sent me a new Telo unit but the problem remains. I'll have to cancel.

Would Recommend: No
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John F.'s review for Ooma

I was told when I signed up that I had no contract and could end my service any time. Almost a year and a half later I decided to change company’s due to the internet not working even after upgrading at an additional fee. I was told no I didn’t have a contract with them but I did have one for the rental of the equipment and it’s not prorated so it cost me $599 to cancel. And they would not cancel my service until I paid the $599. This hidden fee shows what type of company this is.

Pros: None.
Cons: Hidden cancellation fees.
Would Recommend: No
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Gina L.'s review for Ooma

Ronald Thoroughgood. You sir, deserve an immense round of applause, and then on top of that, a 60 minute standing ovation!! You have handled every customer service or technical request I had with pure professionalism and the upmost expert knowledge. Ooma, please recognize the outstanding performance of this employee, and I hope you give him a FAT raise, because you wouldn't ever want to lose this type of person on your team. Everyone can take a page out of this man's book!! He is exemplary!! THANK YOU RONALD! You amazing person you!!!!

Would Recommend: Yes
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Tom S.'s review for Ooma

As a VoIP provider OOMA has been great, until my credit card information was compromised. I have a company credit card that I never carry around, and is only used to pay OOMA, AT&T and SunPass (FL tolls), yet my credit card information was compromised. That means it was either OOMA, AT&T or SunPass that was hacked, and my bets are on OOMA. Especially after calling in to customer support and being told they do not have a "security department". When I asked, "Then how would you know if you were ever hacked?", the response was, "We wouldn't." That is absolutely crazy and has to be in violation of Visa/MC rules, to maintain an unsecured system that stores credit card information.

Would Recommend: Yes
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This service overcharged, although I wanted basic service that was supposed to cost only the sales taxes, they billed for their upgraded service. This was in excess of what I had set the credit card to allow, and the service was cancelled several times because the charges were not accepted. In the first call to customer service they corrected their charges and the service worked for a month. After awhile the charges again exceeded the amount I allowed and the service was again interrupted. It took several trys before I had time to speak to a customer service rep again. That day the call was canceled when the autoprompt said it was transferring me. The website would not allow my login, nor activation of a new account. At this time I have spent nearly an hour on hold with still no success in getting service working. This is ultimately frustrating and has been a useless device for most of the time I have owned it. When service was working, the sound was poor, with static or echoes most of the calls I had with it. I have a very high level internet service.

Pros: easy set up initially, then hard to maintain.
Cons: Difficult to maintain reliable service.
Would Recommend: No
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Do Not purchase this phone system!
I did and am totally regretting it. It has been nothing but problems since I installed it.
Every time you try to contact Ooma customer support, it takes at least 30 minutes before anyone picks up the line. Then they just lie to you about the problems and extremely poor quality of their phone system/service. Trust me, a complete waste of your money and will only lead to extreme frustration.
I just went through a three-time speed test and got extremely fast speeds through our internet service provider Starlink each time. The customer service person told me my speeds of 250mbps download, 5mbps upload, ping of 18ms and jitter of 3-8ms was way too slow. Of course, he blamed their consistent extremely poor service on our internet service provider, like they always do…
You can not even have a simple phone conversation with anyone, poor quality and drops calls consistently.

Pros: None at all.
Cons: Too many to list...
Would Recommend: No
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We set up the equipment and attempted to port 2 home phone numbers. Twice, for no reason, the porting requests were cancelled, and Ooma customer service representatives were unable to provide a reason. The second time, we decided to go with another provided and contacted Ooma to cancel our account and get a refund. We were told that the numbers were in the process of being ported - even though our account dashboard indicated no active porting requests and another customer service rep had just said that the requests had been cancelled. She had some explanation that made no sense and was impossible to understand. Customer service is awful.

Would Recommend: No
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We got the Ooma business phone number, but it is not working properly, I talked to customer service 3 times, but they did not solve the problem. I called the cancel my subscription, cancelation is hard, just be aware of that. Price is affordable when you compare with other companies, but service is not good.

Would Recommend: No
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Diane D.'s review for Ooma

I cannot answer every second call that comes into my office. This is a law office and is happening on all the phones. I have been calling Ooma every day trying to get help to fix this problem. They keep saying that tier 3 will call me back, but no one calls. I am trying to go on vacation and take my office with us, so all I want is for this to work.

Would Recommend: No
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Ooma is the only voip I have ever used. I even recommended it to others. It started out great, clear signal, modem functioned flawlessly, no problems. Over the 6 years I have used it it became progressively worse and worse. Now it just doesn't work at all. It went from working well in the beginning to the modem not re-setting after a call, giving that fast busy signal, then dead air. Re-booting the modem 2-3 times would sometimes clear it, although it became common for it to not work for several days after it was stuck like this. Now it's just completely non-functional, with the blue light logo supposedly indicating it is booted up and ready. Another thing...if the power blips off it takes the modem 2-3 minutes to re-boot. Customer service was ok, they actually sent me a new modem when my last one began acting up, but all too soon, it became even worse than the original one. My honest appraisal is, their equipment is just not built well, not built to last. I would not recommend this service to anyone or ever use it again.

Pros: It's cheap.
Cons: It's garbage.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Ooma is a business communications provider offering solutions for SMBs and enterprise-level companies alike.

Its most popular products are Ooma Office, an all-in-one office phone service, SMS messaging, and video conferencing platform, and Ooma Enterprise, a more advanced UCaaS system, and call center software.

Though Ooma also offers residential VoIP services, home security systems, and Internet plans, we’ll focus on their business software solutions.

Ooma is best known for its affordability, ease of use, and highly accessible customer service. Find out more about pricing, features, pros and cons, and more in our Ooma Office review below.



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Ooma Key Features

The Ooma platform includes many advanced features designed to optimize customer engagement, agent productivity, and team collaboration. We’ve reviewed some of our favorites below.


Caller Info Match


Ooma caller info match

Caller Info Match integrates with third-party CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot to detect spam phone calls and give agents quick access to relevant customer data during inbound and outbound calls.

Caller Info Match displays past customer interactions and account history, contact information, and previous agent notes. Additional agent notes written directly in the Caller Info Match interface are automatically uploaded to integrated CRM software.

Ooma also pulls phone number data from web search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn–an especially beneficial feature for connecting with new customers and for teams without a standalone CRM tool.


Call Queueing


ooma call queueing summary


Ooma’s call queueing feature cuts down on caller hold time and optimizes available agents during peak call times through basic call flow design and routing strategies.

Every Ooma call queue has its own phone line extension, every queue can have up to 10 callers in line, and Ooma Office Pro users can create up to 5 separate call queues, while Enterprise Call Center users have unlimited queues.

When an inbound call comes in, Ooma automatically routes callers to the first available agent within a specific queue, keeping them on hold until an agent is available or automatically forwarding the call to another representative. Most Idle and Round Robin call routing strategies can also be used to further shorten hold times.

Admins can upload pre-recorded greetings, hold music, or other messages that will play while a caller is in the queue. If there’s no answer (or if the ring duration has been exceeded) the call is automatically routed to the next available agent, voicemail box, or recorded message ending the call.

Ooma’s after-call work time (up to 5 minutes) ensures agents have enough time to take notes on the interaction or complete any additional tasks before taking their next call.

Ooma also generates call queue reports that display key metrics like average and longest call wait time, the number of accepted, missed, and rejected calls, average ring count, and call abandonment rate.


Enterprise Audio Conferencing

Ooma Enterprise Audio Conferencing provides on-demand audio conferences with 24/7 availability for an unlimited number of participants–giving it a serious leg up on competitors that only offer conference bridges.   Enterprise users are assigned a permanent dial-in number and passcode that lets them start a conference call from any location and on any device, including landlines (desk phones, analog phones), desktop computers, and mobile devices like cell phones.

Participants can dial in from anywhere, and international participants have the option to call in using an Ooma-generated toll-free number.

Users can mute participants, record, and store conference call recordings, and access multiple conference rooms via a secure PIN.

Note that Ooma Office users have access to three-way conference calling, as well as a bundled Conference Line with unlimited Conference Bridges.


Video Conferencing


Ooma Simultaneous Screen Share

Ooma’s Enterprise Enhanced Plan and Office Pro Plan both include video conferencing, though Enterprise users have access to more advanced video calling features like layout management and high-level meeting access control.

Users can participate in video calls on any desktop or device with an Internet connection via data or WiFi.

All Ooma Meetings users have access to essential features like simultaneous screen sharing, in-meeting chat messaging, and mute options. However, neither the Enterprise nor Ooma Office support in-meeting whiteboarding, file sharing, and editing, nor breakout rooms.

Ooma Office and Enterprise users can host up to 100 internal and external participants for up to 12 hours per meeting.

Every user has an assigned personal meeting room with a unique ID, designed for internal communication. Ad-hoc temporary meeting rooms, scheduled one-time meetings, and recurring video meetings are also available. Users can link and sync Ooma Meetings with their Google and Microsoft Office 365 calendars. The Ooma Meetings Dashboard shows all upcoming and past video meetings.

Virtual hand-raising, public and private chat messaging, and a list of all participants are all available during video calls, and hosts can pin and unpin users or enable active or grid speaker views. Users can update their video backgrounds with blurring, pre-loaded background photos, or uploaded background images.

Basic host controls available to all users include remote screen control, mute/unmute, turn video on/off for all users, host transfer, and the ability to remove participants from meetings.

Though lackluster when compared to other video conferencing features, one thing Ooma Meetings gets right is its screen-sharing functionality. Multiple users can share screens simultaneously and can share their entire screens, their web browser tab, or an individual application.

Finally, though Ooma only offers call recording–not video meeting recording–the Speaker Stats analytics features help admins understand who contributes to meetings the most.


Virtual Receptionist


Ooma vr new

Ooma’s Virtual Receptionist tool gives businesses access to multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call menus that help to manage and direct inbound calls.

Admins can use the text-to-speech feature to record greetings that automatically play when a caller dials your business VoIP phone number or a specific extension. These call menus provide customers with the information they need to connect with the right agent, ring group, extension, or department (“For billing, press 2,” etc.)

Plus, because calls are automatically forwarded according to preset call path rules and customer input, callers don’t have to hang up and redial another number.  Callers can use the Dial by Name directory to connect with a specific employee.

Call flow settings and rules can be configured by language, if the call came in during or after business hours, by custom agent schedules, or by holiday hours. If no one is available, admins can program the Virtual Receptionist to direct the call back to voicemail.

The Virtual Receptionist feature is available in all Ooma plans.


Ooma’s Call Center Platform


ooma enterprise

Ooma’s Call Center platform, the highest tier of the Ooma Enterprise platform, is specifically designed for high-volume contact centers looking to improve the customer experience and provide a balanced workload to prevent agent burnout.

Its drag and drop call flow creator lets admins design and edit no-code call paths.

Inbound calls are routed to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, time of day, or agent skill set. Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots (virtual agents) can also be built and added to call flows, along with ring groups.

Ooma virtual agents

These Virtual Agents provide a high level of customer self-service thanks to their 24/7 availability. They provide answers to frequently asked questions, direct callers to knowledge base resources, and determine which customer service and support issues should be directed to a live agent (as in the screenshot above.)

Historical and real-time customizable call center analytics track agent performance, productivity, call flow, and more. Ooma’s call center platform includes both voice analytics, such as frequently used words, and desktop analytics, such as activity tracking.

Other Ooma Call Center features include:

  • Built-in call recording and agent scoring
  • Phone number porting
  • Barge/Whisper/Listen
  • CRM integrations
  • Personal automated attendant
  • Presence
  • Softphones
  • Ring (hunt) groups
  • Screen pop
  • Shared line appearances
  • Time-dependent call treatment
  • Do not disturb
  • Dial by extension
  • Dial by name
  • Encryption
  • Enhanced 911 service
  • Faxing
  • On-phone presence monitoring
  • Instant messaging
  • Intercom one-to-one


Ooma Integrations

Ooma does not offer as many integrations as its competitors but does integrate with popular CRM tools and business applications.  Below is a breakdown of available Ooma integrations by plan.

Plan Ooma Office Essentials Ooma Office Pro Ooma Office Pro Plus Ooma Enterprise Enhanced and Call Center Plans
Integrations X Google

Office 365


Office 365



Office 365



Microsoft Dynamics




Open API Framework X X X


Ooma Plans and Pricing

Ooma has two separate three-tiered pricing plans. One is for small businesses (Ooma Office) and the other is for Ooma Enterprise. See a full pricing breakdown below.


Ooma Small Business Plans

ooma office pricing


Below is a breakdown of the pricing and features offered in Ooma’s plans for small businesses (Ooma Office).

Ooma Office Essentials Ooma Office Pro Ooma Office Pro Plus
Price $19.95/user/month $24.95/user/month $29.95/user/month
Unlimited Calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico
911 Service
Free Number Transfer
One free Toll-free Number (includes 500 minutes of inbound calls per month)
One Direct-dial Number per User
Main Company Number
Mobile App (iOS and Android)
Call Flip
Shared Message Box
Text Message from Mobile App
Call Transfer from App
Extension Dialing to App
Voicemail-to-Email Audio File
Simultaneous Ring
Virtual Receptionist
IP Phone Paging
Paging Groups
Overhead Paging Support
Call Blocking
7-Digit Dialing
3-Digit Extensions
3-Way Calling
Virtual Fax
Forward Calls During Device Outages
One Conference Bridge per User
Call Logs
Company Directory
Flexible Numbering
Call Transfer
Virtual Extensions
Call Forwarding
Extension Monitoring
Extension Dialing
Transfer Music
Music on Hold
Ring Groups
Call Park
Desktop App X
Video Conferencing X Up to 25 participants Up to 100 participants
Call Recording X
Enhanced Call Blocking X
Voicemail transcription X
Google and Office 365 Integrations X
Call Analytics X
Dynamic Caller ID X
Caller Info Match X
Call Queuing X X
Salesforce Integration X X
Hot Desking X X
Find Me, Follow Me X X


Ooma Enterprise Plans

Below is a breakdown of the pricing and features offered in Ooma’s plans for enterprises.

Ooma enterprise plans


Standard Enhanced Call Center
Price $19.99/user/month $27.99/user/month $49.99/user/month
All features in the Ooma Office Essentials Plan

including unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Hot desking
Desktop and mobile app
Text messaging
Caller info match
Audio meetings
Virtual receptionist
Video meetings X
Enhanced text messaging X
Always-on and ad hoc recording X
Voicemail transcription X
Unlimited virtual fax X
Enhanced call blocking X
Web-based admin portal X
CRM integration X
Business analytics X
Open API framework X
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) X X
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) X X
Unlimited call queues X X
Skills-based routing X X
Call backs X X
No answer call forwarding X X
Intelligent reconnect X X
Visual do-it-yourself call flows X X
Advanced real-time reporting and wallboards X X
24×7 North American-based support, White Glove Onboarding and

Dedicated Customer Success Heroes


Ooma Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Ooma’s platform.

Ooma Pros Ooma Cons
Great customer service availability, including 24/7/365 live chat and live phone support for all customers Video conferencing is limited to 25 participants in the Ooma Office Pro plan and isn’t included in the Ooma Office Essentials plan
Easy to set up and use Features necessary for any business with a high volume such as IVR, ACD and visual call flows are only available in the Call Center plan
30-day free trial on all devices No stated uptime guarantee means potential for low call quality
Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico in all plans Very few integrations, APIs only available in the Call Center plan
Very affordable pricing for small businesses, as even the cheapest plan has key features like ring groups, virtual receptionist, virtual faxing, etc. End-to-End encryption only available on Ooma-to-Ooma calls, lack of transparency on security


Ooma Customer Support

Customer support is one of the areas where Ooma really shines as a VoIP system and UCaaS provider. Like most of its competitors, Ooma has a robust knowledge base with articles and how-to videos as well as a customer discussion forum accessible here.

Note, however, that much of the information in the knowledge base conflicts with what’s currently on Ooma website product pages, so relying on it completely will prove inefficient for many.

The good news is that Ooma is set apart by its dedication to providing live customer support to all users on all plans. Without exception, all Ooma business customers have 24/7 access to Ooma live chat as well as 24/7 live phone support.

Additionally, Ooma Enterprise customers (all plans) are assigned a Dedicated Customer Success Hero to assist with deployment and ensure setup and installation goes quickly and smoothly.


Is Ooma Right For You?

Even though Ooma offers more basic features when compared to its competitors, there are several reasons why it’s still a great choice for small businesses.

First, at $19.95/month/user, the Ooma Office Essential plan is very affordable and includes essential business phone features such as simultaneous ringing, virtual extensions, and hold music. The Mid-range pro plan is only $5 more per month, per user, which makes scaling less painful.

Ooma’s unlimited calling to Mexico, available on all plans, is quite unique in the UCaaS provider space and makes it a wise choice for companies that do business there.

Finally, Ooma’s 24/7/365 live customer support is a great asset for any business, but especially for startups and small businesses without a dedicated IT department.

Although Ooma does offer competitive Enterprise and Contact Center solutions, their features may simply be too bare-boned for larger call centers. A lack of key KPIs and reporting metrics like sentiment analysis, a limited video conferencing tool with a small participant cap, and no mention of an uptime guarantee or SLA mean Ooma Enterprise falls short of its competitors. Ooma alternatives like RingCentral, Dialpad, Vonage, and Nextiva may be a better fit for some.

The fact that Ooma doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption (except for Ooma-to-Ooma calls) or HIPAA compliance will automatically rule it out for businesses working with sensitive or confidential information.

However, startups and SMBs that are looking for a simple, straightforward communication system with a fast setup process, scalability, and that’s easy to use could find Ooma to be the perfect fit. To discover Ooma alternatives, check out our list of the best business phone systems.

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    Ooma Dashboard
  • Ooma Login
    Ooma Login
  • Ooma VR
    Ooma VR
  • Ooma Office App
    Ooma Office App

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