First introduced to consumers in 2004, Vonage has been a pioneer in VoIP services and remains one of the...
Holmdel, NJ
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LB provided a very efficient service. The issues get promptly resolved,. The agent pays attention to details and takes care of all customer’s requests. Professional and polite.


Would Recommend: Yes
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We are a call center and we have been having troubles with our customers getting through to our company because the line keeps dropping. We’ve been dealing with Vonage for over a week trying to get this resolved. They told us someone would reach out to us the next day and of course, they did not. Called the company on hold for over half an hour and they said they had moved our issue to the platnum team and someone would call us. No one has. Have made 2 calls to their escalation team, no one has called us back. Left a message with their Executive Team, no one has called us back. I’m currently on hold 26 minutes and counting to get a hold of someone who can get our business lines back up and running. We are a business and our business is PHONES which Vonage doesn’t apparently seem to be able to fix. This is not the first time we’ve had horrible experiences with this company. I would never recommend this company to anyone who needs reliable phone service.

Pros: None.
Would Recommend: No
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Ron C.'s review for Vonage

I have been a customer since 2011. Basically good service. The biggest problem is making changes to the service like porting a number away from Vonage and canceling an account. They must call you back. In both cases the callback was several hours later after I called and texted several times. Very frustrating! I most likely will never use Vonage again!

Pros: Very reliable.
Cons: Support is not easy to deal with.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I started with Vonage about 6 months ago, since then I have found them to be completely untrustworthy. They conceal countless charges from you up front, and only once you are signed up and committed to a year do they hit you with all the fees. They just billed me $100 without warning for an “error” in their billing system. Because they failed to bill me a charge for the phone number I am using for the last 6 months, and on top of that, they had the nerve to bill me for their “Recovery fee” which they had already charged me every month of my service to date. Meaning they are double billing me. And of course you cannot speak to a person on the phone with Vonage, you have to use their chat and they leave you waiting for excessive periods of time without any word.

Pros: None.
Cons: Too Many To Name.
Would Recommend: No
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Vonage is a borderline criminal organization. Their sneaky tactics of putting misleading information, hidden early termination fees and terrible customer service is why they have such a terrible rating. Their system was down and so I was not even given a period to test everything. Cancelling is almost impossible and requires you speak to someone as they cannot cancel your account without processing your termination fees.

Would Recommend: No
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This company and product are absolutely terrible. Nothing in the app or on the site works and it’s impossible to get any assistance on the phone. I’ve been attempting to get tech support for days and no one has clue what they are talking about. Everyone just keeps telling me someone will call back in 24 hours. Do not use this company.

Pros: None.
Cons: Everything.
Would Recommend: No
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Michael B.'s review for Vonage

1 Star Service. I’ve encountered many problems due to this.

No customer service until 9am.

Its a 24 hour service, why not 24 hour customer service.

A lot of corners seem to be getting cut over there at Vonage.
Hoping they can get their business practices in line soon. They are losing $$$$$$ with these practices. Their Loss

Pros: None.
Cons: Cost, Customer Service, Difficult to Setup.
Would Recommend: No
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I started with Vocalocity over 12 years ago then Vonage took over. The customer service is now the worst of any company. Once you log into your account- nothing is intuitive. It takes forever to find the needed information in the account. I then discovered RingCentral at 1/3 the cost and a customer account that is easy to use.
Get away from Vonage as fast as possible

Pros: qualty.
Cons: poor support/high cost.
Would Recommend: No
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I am a 13 year consumer user of Vonage. We moved to their service because of the international plan and ability to call the UK for ‘free’. After years of price increase, ok we stuck with Vonage, but then 12 months ago our home ‘modem’ stopped working. After much research on the web we learned that we needed to buy our own replacement or pay around $90 for a replacement box from Vonange. I call them to get the new modem activated. Customer Service tells me I have to purchase a new modem from them. ok, I agree and pay the $90 which appears on my bill. It never arrives. A month later I call them back to get the refund, which they did.”Oh, we no longer provide modems. You need to get your own”. Turns out I have a new un-used one. I ask them to activate it then and there, and the story changes. “Oh, you have to get one from us, and just pay the shipping”. I say ok. They bill me for the shipping ( around $9 ). The modem never arrives. At this time we have been using the Vonage Extensions App on our mobile phones. It does not work with some international numbers. This company was great at one time, but now they are a disaster. The CEO should be fired. The Customer Service is complete crap. When I called to cancel the line yesterday it took the agent 30 minutes to cancel one residential line. Hello people… this is 2021. That’s two HTTPS transactions to cancel a line. Disaster of a company. Avoid at all costs.. Oh, and after 13 years as a paying customer, when I called to cancel, the agent offered me the same $40+ plan for $10.99/month. Ludicrous…. I hope they go bust.

Pros: None ( recently ).
Cons: Expensive. disasterous customer service.
Would Recommend: No
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This is absolutely the worse company I’ve ever used. Had countless issues with them. I have never ever been able to use the service yet I’m billed for it monthly. It took me 2.5 months to finally speak to a Human because their customer support system is SHIT!! Then when I finally got the chance to talk to them and tell them that I was unable to use the service and I want to cancel this horrible shit they tell me I have to pay an additional $271 for something that never worked in the first place. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!! Don’t Waste Your Money!! Take your business some where else that its really appreciated.

Pros: NONE.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

First introduced to consumers in 2004, Vonage has been a pioneer in VoIP services and remains one of the largest providers today. Vonage was created by Jeff Pulver, who was responsible for crafting of one the first Voice Over Internet Protocol applications, Free World Dialup. The company has since acquired the fast-growing business VOIP provider, Vocalocity, in 2013. Vonage continues to expand its offerings in both the residential and business market, now utilizing Vocalocity’s resources and customer base as well as their VoIP call platform. Recent innovations in the provider’s offerings including a plug-in for Facebook, iOS and Android apps, mobile calling and far-reaching international calling plans.

In 2009, Vonage introduced its most popular residential plan, Vonage World. The plan offered unlimited international calling to more than 60 countries for a flat rate, and has since expanded to include 70 countries. With a simple setup, competitive pricing and a large array of features, Vonage is an easy to adopt solution.

Most Popular Plan:

Vonage World is the provider’s most popular residential calling plan, for $27.99 a month. The plan includes unlimited minutes to 70 countries around the word, 10 countries for mobile calls, the ability to call on a home phone and two smartphones, and 25 customizable features. The plan also includes number porting to retain your original home phone number, or can provide you with a new number. Included hardware is simple to setup and quick to adopt. Plug in your phone and router, and you’re all set to start making calls.

The Bottom Line:

As one of the most recognizable VoIP providers, and now more stable platform with the 2013 acquisition of Vocalocity, Vonage has formed one of the most powerful calling platforms with unlimited calling in one of the largest pools of included countries. Additions like number porting, smartphone apps, and other unique calling features make Vonage a good choice for those looking to switch to any easy VoIP solution to replace their phone service at home.

All Available Plans:

  • Vonage North America: $24.99 a month with free activation for unlimited calling across the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), Canada and now even Mexico
  • Vonage World: $27.99 a month for unlimited calling to 70 countries, including unlimited mobile calls to 10 countries
  • US & Canada 400: $12.99 a month for 400 calling minutes per month to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Vonage 3000 To Globe Philippines: $29.99 a month for 3,000 minutes to major Philippines VoIP provider Globe Telecom, plus Vonage World features including unlimited global calls to 70 countries

All Available Calling Features:

  • Three-way calling to add a third person to the conversation at anytime
  • Bandwidth Saver to maintain great call quality even when internet connections are poor
  • Call Return lets you see who called you and when and return the call without having to redial the number
  • Call Transfer to redirect any calls to any number in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada while you’re on another call
  • Call waiting so you can see who is calling when you’re on the other line
  • Do Not Disturb setting will have all your calls go straight to the Vonage Voicemail Plus whenever you want
  • In-Network Calling is free to call other Vonage numbers
  • International & Directory Assistance Block can block directory assistance and international calls
  • Network Availability Number to forward calls to any number of your choice in case power goes out
  • Ring Lists let you direct incoming calls to the specific Vonage line of your choice
  • Vonage Extensions allow you to take your number anywhere and use your smartphone to make and answer calls through a mobile app
  • Selective Call Block to quickly block unwanted calls with through the mobile app or your Online Account. Block and unblock numbers as frequently as you want
  • Vonage Voicemail Plus lets you listen to voicemails from your phone or have audio files sent to your e-mail inbox
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding to answer home phone calls no matter where you are, through your Vonage Online Account or any other number including mobile
  • SimulRing lets you forward your calls to up to five additional phones including desk phones, basic mobile phones or even smartphones without the Vonage Extensions app
  • Dedicated Fax Line lets you send or receive faxes from your home without tying up your phone line
  • Toll-Free Plus allows you adopt a toll free number for others to call you for free
  • Virtual Number lets you save family and friends money by setting up a Virtual Number in their area code, no more long distance calls
  • Vonage Online Account to manage your Vonage service from your smartphone or computer
  • Special Service Numbers include:

-211: Your connection to community services

-311: Your local public information center

-411: Residential and business phone listings within the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada

-511: Timely travel information

-711: Your state’s Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) so you can call any phone with a text phone (TTY)

811: Locate your city’s underground utility lines

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  • Messages
  • Phone System
    Phone System
  • Settings
  • Virtual Receptionist Settings
    Virtual Receptionist Settings
  • Voicemail

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