Making the transition from a traditional landline to VoIP for your home phone is easier than ever. 65% of adults use broadband internet at home. Even compared with bundled packages, cable and phone companies can’t compete with the features and savings you’ll see by switching to one of the top home VoIP providers. Get VoIP - It’s for you!

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Year Founded20012005200520032004
HeadquartersHolmdel, NJOklahoma City, OKWinnetka, CAClifton Park, NYNewport Beach, CA
Service LocationWorldwideUnited StatesUSA & CanadaUSA and CanadaUSA and Canada
Types of Services offeredHome Phone Service, International Calling, Business Phone ServiceHome VoIP, Business VoIP, SIP Trunking, International CallingHome VoIP, International Calling PlansSmall Business VoIP, Residential VoIP, Reseller VoIP, Hosted PBX,
Popular PlanVonage North AmericaValue UnlimitedHome Phone Service 1yr Prepay$7.87/moHome Phone 2yr Prepay Plan
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30-Days & Guaranteed Service Level30 Days14 Days30-Days
Free Trial
30 Days No Obligation, Full Access Trial Period
Cancel Anytime for a full refund within 30 days.
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Overview Services & Pricing
Monthly Cost of Cheapest Service$9.99/mo$8.97$8.33$7.87$6.21/mo
No Contracts
Bundle Package
Activation Fee
Setup Fee
$14.95/Free Online Setup
Number Porting Fee
Free ATA
Unlimited Calling US & Canada
International Calling
60 mins free
Rates and Fees may apply
Mobile App Calling
BYOD Option
Any standard phone
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Available Calling Features
Advanced Call Forwarding
Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Blocking
Call Forwarding
Dial-by-name Directory
Directory Assistance (411)
Do Not Disturb
Enhanced Voicemail
On-Hold Music
Paperless Faxing
$9.99/mo for VoIP Fax Line
Privacy Options
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Send/Receive Texts
Simultaneous Ring
Telemarketer Block
Nomorobo Intergrated
Three-way Calling
Virtual Phone Number
From $4.99 to $9.99/mo
Voicemail Transcriptions
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Hours24 hours, 7 days a week24/7 Customer SupportMon-Fri 5am-8pm, Sat-Sun 6am-6pm PSTMon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm ESTMon-Fri 8am-4pm PST
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What is Residential VoIP Service?

Voice Over IP (VoIP) service is great for both businesses and homes. Whether you live in a small apartment or a three-story house, you can save money and get telephone services you never knew existed. No matter how much they promise, the landline phone companies are still stuck in the twentieth century. They simply can’t compete with the features and prices offered by residential VoIP providers. The traditional phone companies charge you everything from tax, service charges and sometimes the occasional “hidden” fee. Residential VoIP plans and services can cut your home phone bill by an average of 50% every month. With additional internet searches, coupon sites, sign-up bonuses, and monthly specials, you can save even more. Residential VoIP service is a bargain-hunter’s dream. can help you find the best home phone provider for your needs.

Can I Use VoIP To Make International Calls?

First the good news: Yes!

It gets even better! Calling internationally using VoIP is far less expensive than using a traditional landline phone company. Every region of the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, has its own combination of technological development, geographic obstacles, regulations, and taxes. Cell phone carriers, much like VoIP providers, have their own network, which is why it usually costs more to call international cell phones. If a VoIP provider has a significant presence in a country, it’s likely that landline calls will be unlimited with an international package. For example, if you are using Vonage Word, calling from the U.S. to a landline in Germany is included, but it costs US$.0061 per minute to call a cellular phone. If you are using ViaTalk World, you can call both German cell phones and German Landlines for the same rate – free up to 1200 minutes per month. Don’t forget that with every VoIP provider, if you call within their own network, calls are always free no matter where you are in the world. With the development of SIP, you can easily make and receive free international calls from your home using VoIP.

Residential VoIP Plans Offer Tons of Free Calling Features

VoIP phones and ATA’s receive data differently than their circuit-switched counterparts. For this reason, VoIP subscribers get tons of free calling features as a standard. Here are just a few of the many free calling features you can expect from even the cheapest of residential VoIP calling plans:

3-Way Calling, Address Book, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Choose Your Area Code, E911, HD Voice, Incoming Caller ID, Mobile App, Number Porting, Online Call Log, Simultaneous Ring, Virtual Second Line, Voice Mail

And of course, cheap or UNLIMITED calls to U.S., Canada, and other select countries.

Residential VoIP Buyer’s Guide

Before you sign up, here’s what you need and why:

Compare services and read provider reviews – Analyze and compare the provider before signing up for services. Read existing  user’s reviews of the service potential provider. Read into the provider’s old twitter feed, and see how often they report technical difficulties.

Broadband (Cable or Fiber) Internet – You need a minimum amount of bandwidth in order to have the features and sound quality required. The optimum speed for VoIP home service is at least 3Mbps upload speed. Remember, upload speed is slower than download speed, but VoIP data has to be sent and received at a high rate.

An IP phone or VoIP Adapter (ATA) – You’ll see a wide range of prices between the different providers when it comes to equipment. Some providers have expensive equipment and “freemium” service; others will lease you equipment for free and charge more per month. Between those two, you have a lot of in-between. An IP phone plugs directly into your modem or router, and an ATA lets you use a legacy phone over the VoIP network. You need an IP phone to truly enjoy all the benefits of VoIP calling, which is why VoIP phones are becoming more popular.

Know How To Hook Up Multiple Phones – Most houses are wired in such a way that you can connect POTS phones throughout the house. But, you’ll also want to consider different options. You may have IP phones connected to Ethernet jacks in different rooms; you may want to use a wireless phone with many handsets; you might even opt for using mobile apps over your home’s Wi-Fi.

VoIP Home Phone vs Landline Home Phone Service

VoIP calling as your home phone service is the best way to consolidate calling and networking in one convenient place, while saving a lot of money. Landlines are limited, and serve no more function than dialing out and receiving calls. Setting up your VoIP phone to forward calls to your mobile number is just one of the many ways you can stay connected, even when you’re not home. A common concern in making the transition to VoIP is that giving up your landline service will ultimately mean giving up your number in exchange for a new one. With number portability, residential VoIP providers allow you to keep your old landline number and assimilate it into your new phone service. Check with your VoIP provider to see if your particular number is eligible for porting, as they are portable in most cases.

The benefits of making the change permanently from a traditional landline phone to VoIP phone services can have a lasting effect — minimizing cost and maximizing customization. Turning your home into a fully integrated network, VoIP is the most economical and intelligent method of making phone calls. Doing away with your landlines means doing away with fees and long distance charges in favor of one low monthly rate. The sooner you do away with landline service, the sooner you’ll be enjoying more features for substantially less, saving hundreds of dollars a year. Make the switch, and leave those switchboards in the dust…you won’t regret it – Get VoIP!

Click here for a side by side VoIP vs Landline comparison.

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