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What is Kaleyra? Kaleyra is a communications as a service (CPaaS) platform that provides its customers with programmable APIs...
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Clifford Q.'s review for Kaleyra

I am 100% sure, 90% of the reviews here are Fake! repeatedly they have failed to delivery proper customer service and a good product, we have lost around 45 Lakhs in our Ads spends and around 1.45 Cr revenue which suppose to be generated from those ads, which we have lost.

We have purchased around 50+ DND and IVRS Mobile Numbers for our TV ads and Print Media Ads, 90% of time their Numbers are down or doesn't capture numbers. they do not have proper alert system to inform you if services are down, they do not have proper protocol to get system up in time. we have been assured multiple time by management that it wont happen again.

I will be filing a legal notice against the company to compensate entire ads Spends losses.

Think again! if you really want to get any services from Kaleya (Solution Infini)

Clifford Quadros
Madhavbaug, Digital Head

Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

What is Kaleyra?

Kaleyra is a communications as a service (CPaaS) platform that provides its customers with programmable APIs. These programmable APIs are then used by development teams to add communications channels to applications developed by the company. 

For example, your business may have voice calling built into the code of your application, but how will delivery drivers contact customers when they can’t make a call? With Kaleyra, your team adds APIs to your app so that they contact your customers via text, chat, or whatever channel is convenient. 

This adds valuable functionality to your applications – most customers use as many as six touchpoints to reach their favorite brands based on a recent study by Market Research. Bringing some of these channels to your application helps you engage with these customers better.

Currently, Kaleyra is responsible for connecting more than a billion voice calls in a single year, and they have more than 3,000 enterprise-level customers using their APIs. On top of this, they are also responsible for more than 24 billion sent messages in a year, so they bring a lot of experience to their customers. Kaleyra grants access to numbers in more than 50 countries, so using them as a provider expands your business’s reach.

One of the more useful features of their platform is their numbers insights API. This API provides key information about every mobile number that contacts a brand through an app. This helps businesses track campaign performance better and plan for future stages of each campaign using actionable customer metrics. 

This also quickly provides information about non-working numbers. This way, agents aren’t wasting time calling numbers that are inactive. Kaleyra also only bills for numbers where messages have been delivered, so if there’s a failure to connect, you won’t pay.

Kaleyra’s standout product is Kaleyra Hexa. Hexa is their all-in-one omnichannel cloud communications platform that incorporates several channels into a single UI. This includes SMS, voice, number management, and instant messaging. This product shines because it brings all channels together so that your agents converse with customers using a single space. 

Having access to multiple channels of customer contact saves you money. Based on a report by ICMI, when agents handle two concurrent contact sessions at once, there’s a reduction in costs by 50% or more. Hexa also has features like contact import, a quick message composition feature for sending out text blasts, and campaign measurement tools that measure KPIs like total clicks, delivery performance, and unique clicks. You also adjust the time range for clicks through the UI.

Call flows are essential for keeping your customer’s satisfaction levels high, and having an easy-to-navigate system will reduce your call abandonment rate. Hexa’s “Incoming Call Flow” feature is a drag-and-drop interface that lets you decide how to route your customers. This even allows you to edit IVR call flows so that self-service options are presented quicker.


Overview of Kaleyra Features & Highlights

Kaleyra is a provider that offers several features that a business could benefit from having available. Communication options for how you converse are imperative for good customer relations. Some of the highlights of Kaleyra to consider for your business include:

  • The ability to send messages in over 87 different languages.
  • Failed messages will be automatically resent to ensure delivery.
  • Sent messages can be as long as 4,000 characters.
  • Numbers are available in over 190 countries so that a business can expand and scale globally.
  • Callee, which is a web-based extension, helps to reduce the call initiation process by detecting numbers that are less likely to reach a customer.
  • It’s an omnichannel platform that uses voice, SMS messaging, and instant messaging. Live chat is also available for contact centers to use.
  • Kaleyra has a 99.99% success rate of having a less than 5 ms response time when making contact with customers.
  • Enterprise-grade security with HTTPS authentication and SSL encryption is provided to make sure all data is secure.
  • An uptime guarantee of 99.9% is provided by Kaleyra. They also ensure that messages are sent without delay, even in low latency.
  • 5,000 messages can be sent through the Kaleyra platform per second.
  • 24/7 customer support is available and will help speed up resolution times.
  • Some of the 3,000 enterprises that use Kaleyra include Amazon, Hyundai, Redbus, Air Asia, and Zoho.


Having the right features for your business can make communicating with customers a straightforward process. Here are some to consider:

  • Message Routing: This is optimized to avoid congestion and guarantees that messages are received by customers.
  • Concurrent Calling: This allows inbound and outbound calls to occur at the same time.
  • Automatic Call Recordings: Recordings are managed based on agent needs without compromising the security of the data.
  • Call Queuing: Intelligent call queuing comes with a whisper greeting or an announcement that customers can hear while they are waiting in queue. The message can be customized to fit your business.
  • Performance Tracking: Intuitive reports make tracking performance easy and more efficient so that the company gains valuable insights.
  • Text to Speech: Text can be converted to speech and speech to text with minimal effort.
  • CRM Integrations: Kaleyra integrates with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Freshdesk, Zoho, Zapier, and Oracle.
  • IVR System: Intelligently routes calls and sends them to the right department based on the reason for the call and the language that the customer is most comfortable communicating in.
  • Self Service Portal: This service is available so that customers can take care of small issues like billing without the assistance of an agent.
  • Call Masking: Call masking protects both your agents and customers by not disclosing private numbers. This is important when there are service delivery staff that are looking to reach customers. Instead of displaying personal numbers for staff, a virtual number is used, and your employees will not be able to see the customer’s information.
  • Click 2 Call: Through Kaleyra’s integrations, this feature allows users to get in touch with customers through a third-party software. For example, while browsing a contact on Salesforce, reps can call or text that contact with a single click in the app.


Kaleyra Pricing & Plans

Unfortunately, Kaleyra doesn’t publish their pricing schema or their plan structure. To get more info about Kaleyra pricing, contact them.


Editor’s Bottom Line on Kaleyra

While it’s definitely a shame that Kaleyra doesn’t publish its pricing information, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be a good fit for your business. It certainly has its share of customers, and they are clearly doing well since they just announced the pricing of its previously announced underwritten public offering. They also have multiple offices around the globe and a georedundant server structure that delivers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for service.

Like many CPaaS providers, Kaleyra also has virtual phone numbers for vanity, toll-free, local, or international inbound lines. These expand on your business’s capabilities for becoming a global organization. Toll-free numbers around the world also ease the costs of reaching your brand. 

For those calls in various markets, Kaleyra’s intelligent routing also makes sure that all communications are sent to the right agent. This is useful when a customer has already established a rapport with a specific agent, and the agent is available to take the call.

For development teams, there’s an entire “Docs and Guides” section of their site that includes a knowledge center, API references for programming, and a section for tracking Kaleyra system status. Kaleyra’s support is 24/7, but it’s really only available through their email at support@kaleyra.com. It’s become pretty standard for a provider to have some form of around-the-clock voice support, but from customer testimonials, Kaleyra is pretty quick to respond. 

All in all, Kaleyra is a useful platform for businesses that are looking for a scalable SMS and voice API with extra features for insights and call flows. Hexa also presents these same businesses with an easy to use UI for bringing all channel communications into a single space.

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