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TelePacific Communications specializes in offering Voice, Data Access and Transport , and Cloud (MPLS VPN) services. In doing so,...
Los Angeles, CA
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Provider Overview

TelePacific Communications specializes in offering Voice, Data Access and Transport , and Cloud (MPLS VPN) services. In doing so, the provider is able to offer a variety of plans and options that are customizable and optimized to fit specific user needs on an individual basis—i.e. business size, number of locations, call volume/patterns, etc. The provider’s Voice offerings include Bundled Voice and Data/Dynamic Bundles, Analog Voice Service, and Two Way PRI. While bundles offer users comprehensive voice and data solutions, and Analog Voice Service is a jumping on point for traditional to digital service, two-way PRI allows users to better handle high call volume. Separate from Voice is Data Access and Transport, which caters to data networking needs. With this there is the T1 and Bonded T1 Access and Ethernet Broadband. Lastly, TelePacific Communications extends Cloud Services to users with MPLS VPN.  MPLS VPN connects offices locally, nationally, and internationally without any special hardware or other additions. Instead, the cloud service implores the use of the provider’s Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network to establish private communications between locations. As service offerings are varied along with plans and options, pricing too varies. Additionally, TelePacific Communications services also work with users’ existing systems. In regards to customer service/support, users can reach the provider via email and phone number (sales and support) as well as through trouble ticket, customer support website, and customer portal. The provider also offers support resources such as a telecom guide and a telecom glossary.


TelePacific Pricing & Services


  • Communication and Collaboration
    • Unified Communications
      • Call Center
      • CRM Integration
    • SIP Trunking
    • Audio Conferecing
    • Virtual Fax
  • Managed IT Services
    • Managed SD-WAN
    • Managed LAN
    • Managed Firewalls
    • Managed Office 365
    • Managed Datacenters
    • Managed Endpoints
    • Managed Backups
  • Network Services
    • SD-WAN
    • MPLS Private Networks
    • Internet Access
    • Ethernet Transport
    • Managed High Speed Internet Access
    • Fixed Wireless
    • 4G LTE Networking
    • Internet Failover
  • Bundled Services
    • TPx Complete

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