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Small businesses are adopting VoIP phone services to optimize internal and external communications.

The right business phone providers offer high-quality voice, video calling, and messaging to improve the overall customer experience and productivity for team members.

In this post, we'll compare and review some of the best phone services, their pricing, best features, and our recommendations.


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Why you can trust GetVoIP + Our Research

We follow strict editorial guidelines and are committed to bringing unique, independently researched, valuable recommendations you won't find anywhere else.

Unlike other comparison and review sites, we exclusively research and analyze VoIP and call center telephone services.

We shopped, signed up for, and regularly use each company on this list to finalize. That's right, we have our own paid subscriptions to the solutions we write about.

Our team analyzed systems according to price and value, best features (basic plans only), call handling and audio quality (for small businesses up to 20 employees), how to get started, and available business phone numbers and channels.

All research and testing were conducted hands-on by us and fact-checked by our business telephony subject matter expert. We’ve validated every data point by calling, emailing, obtaining quotes, signing up for service, and live chatting with the service providers multiple times over the past few months.


Who Made the Cut? Top Small Business Phone Services

  1. Nextiva - Best customer service and ease of use
  2. Zoom - Best for integrated video and voice conferencing
  3. Grasshopper - Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  4. RingCentral - Best all-in-one team collaboration solution
  5. 8x8 - Best for international calling
  6. Avaya - Best customizable business phone
  7. Ooma - Best for low-budget setup for small teams
  8. Vonage - Best for customizations and mobile users
  9. Dialpad - Best for AI-driven communication
  10. GoTo Connect - Best for high-volume international calls



nextiva logo

Nextiva is one of the leading providers of business phone services and unified communications with an affordable price and a great set of features for ensuring the best for your business and clients. Their outspoken customer loyalty and best-in-class customer service have earned multiple awards as the #1 rated provider by U.S. News and G2 three years in a row.



Nextiva pricing ranges from $18.95 to $32.95 per user per month. Though they typically offer 10-15% savings with annual commitments. Here’s a look at Nextiva’s full pricing options.


Best Features

Nextiva's most basic plan offers premium features that others don't, which allow you to communicate with clients and customers easily from any device. These include unlimited calling, video conferencing, online faxing, toll-free numbers, mobile and desktop app, auto attendant, and unlimited texting. Nextiva allows free number porting, so you can stick with your existing phone number.

Perhaps Nextiva's most notable feature is its built-in team collaboration functionality and texting within your calling platform using a dedicated business phone number.


Getting Started with Nextiva

Nextiva offers a thorough sign-up and demo page on its website dedicated to helping small businesses get started with its service. Here, you can read about individual features, test the system, and see how they come together in Nextiva's bundled services.

Additionally, custom user training and onboarding, as well as a completely customizable phone solution, are also available.

Phone customer service and live chat assistance is available 24/7.


Learn more about Nextiva Pricing & Plans




zoom logo

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based business phone service designed for any workforce. It’s not designed to work as a standalone phone service but alongside a Zoom video account.



Small businesses will benefit most from Zoom Phone’s US and Canada Unlimited Plan, which costs $12.00/user per month for existing Zoom Video users and offers unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, phone extensions, call recording, and one free US or Canada phone numbers. Additional phone numbers can be purchased for $5.00/month per number. A Metered plan is also available but lacks unlimited outbound calling and SMS texting, among other features the average small business needs. Here's a breakdown of Zoom Phone pricing and plans.


Best Features

Great for small businesses, Zoom Phone’s Pro plan offers unlimited internal calling in the US and Canada, as well as visual voicemail accessible via email, text, desktop interface, mobile app, and chat messaging with existing Zoom users.

Free number porting, advanced integrations with tools like GSuite, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft 365, and the ability to transition any chat or video call to an audio-only phone call are also helpful tools for SMBs.

Getting Started with Zoom

In addition to detailed video tutorials and how-to guides on the Zoom knowledge base, Zoom also offers live training webinars to assist with learning how to set up and use Zoom Phone and other products. Users will receive a link to set up their Zoom phones on their own, or they can purchase a more expensive plan with a Customer Success Manager to ease the setup process.

Zoom offers 24/7 support through its Bolt chatbot and support plans that offer priority phone, web ticket, social media, and live chat support.


Learn more about Zoom Phone




Grasshopper logo

Grasshopper offers the communication tools your business needs to grow. With its wide pool of toll-free numbers available, this business phone service ensures your small business will look and sound professional. It is an excellent choice for small businesses that don’t require advanced features and want to avoid being tied to a contract.


Grasshopper's cheapest plan starts at $14/month, billed annually. But as it only comes with one phone number and one extension, it's not the best fit for a small business with employees. The best bet is Grasshopper's Partner plan, which starts at $46/month, billed annually. This plan comes with three phone numbers and six extensions. Learn more about Grasshopper pricing and plans.


Best Features

Grasshopper was designed with small businesses in mind as they often have to work longer hours to get their businesses off the ground. One feature that helps with that is Grasshopper’s instant response.

If you miss a call from a prospect, Grasshopper will automatically send out an SMS message to let them know you’re unavailable. Reaching out with this automated message will eliminate the risk of losing prospects.


Getting Started with Grasshopper

Users can easily get started with Grasshopper in just a few simple steps and sign up right on their website. First, you pick your number. Second, you pick your plan, then download the app on your mobile phone and desktop. You then need to configure your settings, and you're good to start making and receiving calls.


VoIP services starting at $10/mo




RingCentral Logo

RingCentral is built for organizations of all sizes and offers a range of plans. RingCentral prides itself on assisting collaborative teams regardless of location, making it another excellent option for remote teams across multiple countries.



The Core is a sufficient starter plan and includes automatic call recording and an auto attendant, which ensures users never miss inbound calls and provides virtual receptionist capabilities. You might not get these features in a basic plan from another business phone service provider. This option starts at $20/user/month. Here’s a complete breakdown of RingCentral’s pricing and plans.

Best Features

The Core plan supports unlimited users — this is a lot more lines than many of RingCentral's competitors provide at a lower rate, allowing you to scale up without jumping to a more expensive plan. Purchasing this plan gives you the freedom to grow your small business significantly while keeping your costs lower. RingCentral users can also take advantage of toll-free numbers, free phone calls, powerful video capabilities, international calling, and unlimited business texting.


Getting Started with RingCentral

RingCentral is easy to deploy and scale in minutes. You can set up new teams and departments within the centralized admin portal. It's fairly simple to add and remove users, set business hours, and build rules for call routing and call forwarding. Any user can perform these actions remotely.


Learn more about RingCentral Pricing & Plans




8x8 Logo

8x8 empowers businesses across 60 countries to connect teams and customers to collaborate faster and seamlessly. The business phone service provider offers real-time analytics and intelligence, so you have unique and actionable insights across all interactions and channels to make data-driven decisions.



8x8 doesn't offer an open pricing, so you will need to contact their sales team for a quote. Thanks to many features, the 8x8 X2 plan is ideal for smaller and larger businesses that need the simplicity of voice calling, video conferencing, and messaging in one single app. No hardware is required with this plan.


Best Features

8x8 X2 plan was specifically designed with small businesses and startups in mind. This plan gives users access to business text messaging, unlimited dialing to 14 countries, HD video and audio conferencing for up to 500 participants, and multitude of integrations. It is perfect for streamlined unified communications.


Getting Started with 8x8

The 8x8 X2 plan is ideal for quickly setting up meetings as there is no software requirement – guests can call meetings using a browser-based UI.

It offers a 99.999% uptime and 24/7 live system monitoring with geographic redundancy. Plus 8x8’s onboarding options include complete implementation services, rapid deployment, custom solutions, employee training, and more.


VoIP services starting at $10/mo




Avaya Logo

Avaya Cloud Office is an all-in-one cloud communications solution offering unlimited business calling in the United States and Canada, Unlimited Business SMS, audio conferencing, and video meetings for up to 200 participants.

It’s more of a unified communications solution than a standalone business phone service and is designed mainly to connect fully remote teams or blended, geographically diverse workforces. RingCentral powers Avaya's business phone service, therefore, you'll see a lot of overlap in pricing and features.



Avaya’s Standard Plan, which starts at $20/user per month, is a great option for small businesses. It includes 1000 toll-free minutes per month, allows for unlimited number of users, and offers unlimited audio conferencing calls. The Premium Plan, which costs $25/user per month, includes 2,500 monthly toll-free minutes, video calling for up to 200 simultaneous attendees, multi-level auto attendants, and real-time analytics. Additional local, toll-free, and vanity numbers can be purchased at $4.99/number per month.


Best Features

Avaya offers many competitive features for small businesses, but what sets it apart is its advanced team collaboration suite, included with all Avaya Spaces plans. Users will enjoy team chat, task assignment and management, file sharing, multiple integrations, and more. Additional features include AI noise removal, meeting recording, and ability to dial-in from 45+ Countries.


Getting Started with Avaya

In addition to an easy-to-follow onboarding guide, Avaya offers phone and device rentals to ensure that your team has everything it needs for a successful transition. Users can take courses in the Avaya Learning Center to ease onboarding or purchase pre-paid annual training packages. Avaya Professional Services help managers to choose the right plans, design and implement customized solutions, assist with data migration to the cloud, and more. All Avaya plans offer 24/7 phone and chat support, which gives Avaya a major competitive edge.


Business phone service from top providers




Ooma logo

Ooma Office is a basic phone service provider for small businesses and startups with up to ten employees. For many small businesses that want to experiment with a no-frills option, Ooma is a cost-effective business phone solution to cover basic needs by supporting a team’s existing analog phones.



Ooma offers simple plans for new and existing small businesses to access a robust phone service at a flat monthly rate without committing to a contract. Their Essentials plan starts at $19.95/user/month. If you’re still exploring the market and plan to test out more than one business phone service, Ooma is worth considering.

To improve the shopping process, their site conveniently features a rate calculator tool that estimates your taxes and fees based on location. You’ll quickly know whether or not a plan like this can handle your business as it grows or if you need to consider an Ooma Office plan with more comprehensive features.


Best Features

Ooma Office’s bare-bones plan offers SIP phone customer support, toll-free number options, a group calling features, emergency (911) services, and voicemail-to-email conversions. Users can leverage more advanced features such as virtual fax and extensions.


Getting started with Ooma

Ooma offers a page on its website that helps small businesses get started. It specifically states that setting up your Ooma platform is quick and easy. You don't need any technical knowledge and should be up and running within 15 minutes. However, number porting and hardware delivery may take up to an additional one to two weeks.


Learn more about Ooma's Pricing & Plans




Vonage Logo

Vonage’s small business phone service plans include the major features you’d expect from a household name. Designed with a wide range of features, Vonage Business Communications (VBC) features Mobile, Premium, and Advanced options to best cater to organizations of varying sizes and structures.



Vonage's basic offering is their Mobile plan, which starts at $13.99/user/month and is a great option for small businesses. It provides users with unlimited calling and SMS messaging via their softphone only, seamless integration for desktop and mobile apps, and unlimited team messaging. This plan is perfect for supporting remote teams and those that don’t rely on desk phones.

For teams that operate in a more traditional office setting and those who tend to rely on cross-platform collaboration, Vonage’s Premium plan is ideal. Under this plan, business phone service users pay $20.99 per month to communicate or collaborate across all device types, including desk phones with more advanced call handling features. Premium users also gain access to Amazon Chime-supported video conferencing, chat, and file sharing for up to 100 people.


Best Features

Vonage offers more than 50 features across its plans. Its Mobile Plan offers unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, SMS, and team messaging. The Mobile Plan also includes the Vonage App Center. This allows users to integrate whichever business applications they need to make sure that the platform is tailored to their exact business needs.


Getting started with Vonage

Vonage Business Communications offers a great introduction and setup guide to get users started with the service. If you subscribe to the setup guide service, a sales representative will work with your team to get your account set up the way you need. It's fairly easy to set up your account on your own.


Learn more about Vonage Pricing & Plans




Dialpad AI Logo

Dialpad is a moderately-priced business phone provider for startups to mid-sized businesses. Dialpad plans come equipped with most, if not all, VoIP and unified communication capabilities any business would be looking for.



The basic plan starts at $15/user/month, billed annually. Users also have the option to pay $20/user/month (billed monthly), in turn, receive software with an emphasis on convenience, seamless third-party app integration, and support for both iOS and Android cell phones.

It’s one of the less-expensive service providers for its advanced business phone line offering, including video conferencing and SMS/MMS messaging services. By forgoing a focus on hardware options and installation/training, teams are left with more time to customize default settings. That way, they can quickly enjoy the benefits of contact management, encryption, and IVR (interactive voice response).


Best Features 

Many find it an ideal virtual business phone service because, in addition to features like voicemail transcription, SIP phone support, and video conferencing, Dialpad focuses on integrations and AI. For example, Dialpad's basic plan offers G Suite and Office 365 integrations to offer users a well-rounded unified communications experience.


Getting started with Dialpad

Dialpad lets users quickly get started by offering a 14-day free trial for any of their plans. Once you've signed up, you can quickly add users and numbers.


Learn more about Dialpad Pricing & Plans



GoTo Connect

GoTo Logo

GoTo Connect is a cloud-based business phone service that replaces your older equipment with a virtual PBX to improve interactions. GoTo Connect’s impressive portfolio contains over 80 enterprise-class hosted PBX features to give clients an edge over the competition.



GoTo Connect offers two pricing plans (though not publicly displayed): Basic starting at $27/user/month and Standard starting at $32/user/month. While the Basic plan supports all communication channels, it has a 20-user maximum and only supports 4 participants in video meetings which makes it a good choice for small businesses. The Standard plan offers a wider breadth of features, including a 250 meeting participants, unlimited auto attendants, and 1,000 toll-free minutes. Apart from this, multiple add-ons are available for additional price.


Best Features

The business phone provider's Basic plan provides the core features for unified communications. Users can leverage advanced calling features like find me/follow me, auto attendants, ring groups, and call queues. This is a step up from basic calling features offered by traditional landline phone networks. Certain plans also offer real-time analytics, which is vital in making data-driven decisions.


Getting started with GoToConnect

GoTo Connect's platform can be deployed in a matter of minutes. The VoIP provider offers a user guide within its support section. Their help center provides step-by-step guides for creating your account, setting up apps and your phone, signing into your account, and more. It also provides guides for setting up ten various preferences within your account.


Learn more about GoTo Connect Pricing & Plans



Look Beyond Price


Get unlimited calls, text, and video on any device
*Exclusive offer: As low as $10/mo/user


Reliable and affordable business phone plans are necessary for any company, regardless of size. Traditional phone service providers might be household names, but their small business phone plans are typically lackluster. They come with hidden fees and a general disconnect regarding managing entrepreneurial needs and modern business communication methods such as team messaging.

With higher plan base prices and extra charges, cloud-based business phone companies present excellent alternative solutions. They deliver cutting-edge business phone services with powerful mobile apps that brands need to survive in a landscape dictated by convenience and accessibility.


Business Phone Service FAQs