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Complete Call Tracking Software Built by Marketers
Simple to understand and use dashboard to determine where the best leads are generated
Enhance the customer journey with messages, greeting messages and automated text replies
Generate local, toll-free and international telephone numbers in under 30 seconds
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Data and Insights to Drive More Customer Calls
Monitor caller's interactions with your website before, during and after the call ends
Establish caller profiles by capturing relevant data including location, device and time of call
Best in class dynamic number insertion, scalable to meet the largest demands
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Advanced Call Tracking for Data-Driven Marketers
Local and Toll-free Numbers in both the United States and Canada to choose from
Option to port any existing phone numbers for complete business continuity
Dynamic Number Insertion to automatically show the right tracking number to each visitor
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Closely Monitor Customer Experiences and Sales
Go beyond phone calls and track actual conversions to see your true ROI
Immediate alerts provide information you need to successfully resolve customer's issues
Connect with customers through recorded outbound calls and automated voice surveys
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Agency Level Multi-Channel Call Attribution
Track calls from paid search, online advertising, direct mail, TV, tradeshows and more
Integrate text messaging into advertising call tracking for more effective communication
Optimize your marketing campaign performance to increase your ROI
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Agency Level Tracking for Calls and Web Forms
Dynamic Number Insertion to easily display numbers based on specific campaigns
Track and attribute calls, web forms, keywords, web chats, and even special events
White label solution with complete interface, reporting and notification branding
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What is Call Tracking Software?


Call tracking software allows your business to log incoming calls and determine where these calls are being generated from. The software generates unique phone numbers for each marketing campaign so that each effort can be tracked and monitored.

Call tracking covers campaigns via Google AdWords, search engine results, or even print ads in newspapers and flyers.

While a lot of customers and clients are communicating with businesses over social media, texting, and webchat, they still make phone calls. When your business is running multiple marketing campaigns, it’s useful to know how potential clients discovered your contact information.

Call tracking makes it easier to figure out which marketing campaigns are working. Tracking your calls lets you also know if a marketing campaign might need to be reworked or abandoned altogether.

With the proper insight into these campaigns, and where calls are generated you can calculate your return on investment.


How Does Call Tracking Software Work?


Businesses used to have to ask their clients and callers where or how they found out about them. This still occurs online when you contact a business and they ask how you found out about them. Call tracking ensures that marketers and advertisers can a closer eye on their efforts.

It’s challenging to keep track of multiple online ad campaigns, searches, and specific keywords along with offline ad campaigns. By supplying your business with multiple phone numbers, call tracking tools keep track of your many campaigns.

Call tracking software bundles together the phone numbers, the tracking of metrics, and integrates with your CRM platform to provide more in-depth customer information. Call trackers affords sales and marketing teams the information on purchase history and products of interest. Using unique numbers for each effort, call tracking allows you to narrow down issues and recognize the effectiveness of campaigns.


Key Benefits of Call Tracking


While call tracking tools seem like a single solution product, these services include a lot of vital features. The impact and benefits will be felt across a number of departments.

In-Depth ROI Insight

With continuous records of calls and which marketing campaign the calls originate from, your business gets insight on all current campaigns. This affords a closer ROI of these different campaigns as they let you know which campaigns are returning the most leads.

If your online ads are getting zero calls and you are spending $1000 a month, sales call tracking lets know when to switch things up.

Manage Several Marketing Campaigns

With an in-depth view of the effectiveness of the multiple marketing channels and campaigns, management is easier. You can keep track of both online and offline campaigns.

The insight provided by call center software will help drive educated decisions on how to improve.

Track Performance-Based Advertising

SEO services and tools like Google AdWords work differently than traditional marketing campaigns. With these tools, ad purchasers only pay when there are measurable results from the campaign.

Call Tracking Software allows your business to gain a much closer eye on how these services are performing. You can use them to hone in on specific keywords and search phrases.

Offer a Better Caller Experience

When combined with a CRM platform, your business gets insight into how not marketing campaigns are working. On top of that, you can see how customer service is playing its part. Marketing insight combined with personal information collected by a CRM could revolutionize caller and customer experience.

Utilize this information to direct callers to the right agent or department right away, depending on the origin of their call.

Manage Multiple Phone Accounts

Call tracking generally provides your business with its own unique phone numbers. You’ll typically have one number for each campaign. With these solutions, your business can easily manage multiple phone numbers and accounts all from one single dashboard.

When you keep a close eye on important metrics, you can track profit and maximize your efforts easily.


What to Look for in a Call Tracking Features


When shopping for call tracking solutions, it’s important to be discerning. In order to understand exactly what your business needs, you need to know which features are included in a complete call tracking solution.

Not all solutions will contain the exact same features but here are a few important ones we recommend you to seek out.

Intelligent Call Routing

Make sure that your callers always receive the help they need on their first try with intelligent call routing. These systems help route callers to the agent best suited to fit their needs.

Whether they need technical knowledge or a specific department, routing their calls alleviates some of the frustration of calling businesses.

Keyword Tracking

With keyword tracking, your business can utilize call tracking software to monitor leads generated from phone calls. You can also cover keyword searches on Google and other search engines.

By getting insight into which keywords are most closely associated with your company, you can focus your website and content for SEO purposes.

CRM Integration

Integrations are an incredibly important aspect of any solution. They allow users to connect and integrate more than one app into the same user interface.

With CRM integration, agents will be prepared with even more customer information. Having call history and products of interest at their disposal allows your agents to offer the best service possible.

Call Recording

Call recording is an incredibly important feature for any call center or business looking to improve their service. Call recording ensures compliance with both specific laws and best practices, providing a database to return to when necessary.

With call tracking, call recording makes it simple to qualify leads, improve service, and train new agents.

Mobile Call Tracking

Most of your customers are going to use a smartphone to do their shopping and business. These devices contain a massive amount of data that can be helpful to any business looking to improve services. This data contributes to an increase in your marketing ROI.

Use this information to better understand how mobile users interact with your website and engage in a conversation with your business.

Real-Time and Historical Reporting

With both real-time and historical metrics recorded with call tracking software, your business can gain a deep insight into campaigns. This gives you updated data to see where things are at the moment.

You also get historical data with the ability to look back into the past to recognize any trends or patterns over time.


What to Look for When Comparing Call Tracking Providers


Looking for the best call tracking provider requires looking beyond the basic features. Different providers may offer similar features, but with varied costs or lower depth of the feature.

For example, while most call tracking solutions will offer phone numbers to track campaigns, not all will include local or toll-free numbers. Recognizing these distinctions can help your business find the best solution for their needs.


Many providers offer their services via an existing network hosted by a larger provider. It’s important to distinguish if the network is hosted and run by your call tracking software provider directly.

Removing the middle man will prevent issues from occurring, and decrease the time it takes to address them. When you have to wait for a third-party to cover a network issue, you’ll be falling behind on your data collection.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of making any cloud-based software stand out among the competitors. If the network goes down or your business experiences an issue, customer service will be your go-to for help and support.

Look for providers that make contacting customer service as easy as possible, with a known track record of successfully solving issues.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a provider is the cost. Some providers will offer more features for less money. Others will lock off the best features until their more expensive plans.

Pricing will vary based on different providers and levels of service offered.

Local and Toll-free Numbers

It might be standard for call tracking providers to offer multiple telephone numbers. This allows you to track individual leads closely. However, it is important to look for a provider that offers both local and toll-free numbers

This gives your customers the sense that your services are personalization and local, offering better call tracking.

Available Integrations With Your Existing Solutions

Integrations are an incredibly crucial part of modern solutions and software. They allow businesses and call centers to bridge the gaps between multiple apps.

Ensure the provider you are looking at offers integration for the solutions your business is already utilizing.


What Software Buyers Need to Know


Any business, from the largest Enterprise to the smallest one-person small business, can benefit from the insight provided by call tracking software. Rather than asking callers or clients “how did you hear about us?”, use the cutting edge technology these solutions provide.

When combined with both a CRM solution and contact center software, your business can gain massive insight into how your business is currently operating. You can see where costs can be cut or should be redirected. You also get the chance to offer the best experience possible to every single caller and client.

If your business is investing money in marketing campaigns, it’s simply a no brainer to leverage the power of how call tracking works. You’ll gain an understanding of how to track the return on investment of your campaigns.

With call tracking solutions, your business will have a clear picture of which campaigns are working and which might need improving.