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Complete Call Tracking Software Built by Marketers
Simple to understand and use dashboard to determine where the best leads are generated
Enhance the customer journey with messages, greeting messages and automated text replies
Generate local, toll-free and international telephone numbers in under 30 seconds
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Data and Insights to Drive More Customer Calls
Monitor caller's interactions with your website before, during and after the call ends
Establish caller profiles by capturing relevant data including location, device and time of call
Best in class dynamic number insertion, scalable to meet the largest demands
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Advanced Call Tracking for Data-Driven Marketers
Local and Toll-free Numbers in both the United States and Canada to choose from
Option to port any existing phone numbers for complete business continuity
Dynamic Number Insertion to automatically show the right tracking number to each visitor
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Closely Monitor Customer Experiences and Sales
Go beyond phone calls and track actual conversions to see your true ROI
Immediate alerts provide information you need to successfully resolve customer's issues
Connect with customers through recorded outbound calls and automated voice surveys
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Agency Level Multi-Channel Call Attribution
Track calls from paid search, online advertising, direct mail, TV, tradeshows and more
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Reliability powered by the proven Twilio network
Deep phone number inventory with plenty of area codes and numbers to choose from
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Intelligent lead routing to dynamically direct calls to the right agent based on caller needs
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Agency Level Tracking for Calls and Web Forms
Dynamic Number Insertion to easily display numbers based on specific campaigns
Track and attribute calls, web forms, keywords, web chats, and even special events
White label solution with complete interface, reporting and notification branding
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What is Call Recording Software?

Call Recording Software enables businesses, organizations, and individual users to actively record and store all of their Business VoIP phone calls. Call Recording Software provides users with not only the ability to record and store calls, but more advanced functionality, enabling users to gain more insight from their recordings, stay organized, as well as compliant with any industry or legal regulations.

Recording calls and interactions between teams, departments, collaborators, agents, clients, and more, will provide your organization with an entirely new path to improve and optimize interactions and collaboration. Recorded calls provide a set-in-stone resource to not only refer back to, but also new data to analyze.

In Contact Centers specifically, Call Recording Software is an absolute must have, enabling agents to return back to previous calls for training, assistance, or clarification. A lot of Unified Communications, Contact Center and Call Center Software will include Call Recording as a functionality, but individual Call Recording Software exists as well, providing organizations with the capability to take full control over their recorded calls, storage, and more.

How Does Call Recording Software Work?

Call Recording Software enables organizations or individual users to record, store, manage, organize and analyze all of their phone calls without the need for a complex or complete Business VoIP solution. Stand alone Call Recording Software will generally integrate with your organization’s existing infrastructure, from standard telephony to more advanced Hosted PBX platforms.

Depending on the solution or vendor your organization chooses to utilize, the actual behind the scenes workings of the call recordings may differ. Some solutions are capable of detecting VoIP voice data packets as they travel through a network. These packets are then copied, or recorded, creating a back-up of the conversation. Other solutions might provide your organization with a dedicated recording number, and when that number is called a connection will be made with your business’ phone system.

At the end of the day, Call Recording Software acts as sort of a middle man with VoIP calls. The software will sit between the caller and their network to capture the voice information without interrupting the conversation.

Key Benefits Call Recording Software:

Call Recording Software enables organizations to create an archive of previous phone conversations, collaboration meetings, and client interactions. An existing log of previously recorded calls enables and organization look back on what was being done, and how to potentially improve. This information will enable a business to better optimize their processes and communication practices.

  1. Ensure Regulatory Compliance – Many businesses, for example those that deal with credit card payments over the phone, must ensure compliance with industry-wide regulations. Call Recordings enable decision makers to go back in time and analyze conversations to ensure participants are not violating any of these regulations, and optimize training or processes to prevent any future issues when they are identified.
  2. Training and Quality Assurance – In a similar fashion to regulatory compliance, call recordings enable users and decision makers to look back on past conversations. Listening in to these conversations enables users to identify any potential quality issues in calls. Managers can also and provide examples of how to better proceed with positive interactions that were recorded.
  3. Enhance Product or Service  – Organizations can look back on recordings to better understand any issues or complaints with a service or product that they offer. Analyzing technical support phone calls, for example, will enable organizations to identify common bugs or issues, and begin to address a proper solution.
  4. Capture Missed Details and Information – With an archive of recorded calls, you will never have to miss that important date again. Users can simply refer back to the recordings of their previous calls, or the calls of others, to capture information or details that they might have missed on the first time, or forgot to jot down during the interaction.
  5. Resolve Potential Disputes – Unfortunately, disputes are an inevitable aspect of any form of collaboration, sometimes memories don’t line up. Call recording software ensures you will always have a back-up of that conversation to refer to in the future to clarify any disputes, or prevent them from even occurring in the first place.

What to Look for in a Call Recording Software Features:

When introduced as a stand-alone application, Call Recording Software provides users with far more functionality than simply recording a call, and accessing that recording later. Instead, Call Recording Software enables users optimize their recording process with rules, provide training functionality, and evaluate conversations.


  • On-Demand Recording  – Users will be given the option to choose when to start or stop phone call recording. This works best for organizations collaborating internally, or more advanced agents within a contact center, providing them with the ability to record at their discretion.
  • Live Monitoring – Particularly useful for contact centers, live monitoring enables a manager or administrator to listen in on a phone call as it is happening in real-time. This enables an even greater level of collaboration and quality assurance, proactively optimizing the interaction.
  • Call Recording Rules – Some users may not require the discretion to turn off recording, but instead organizations can setup rules or guidelines for when a recording will automatically be initiated.
  • Speech Analytics – With speech analytics, call recording software can help provide greater insight into the conversation. Some solutions can utilize speech analytics to provide a speech-to-text transcription of each call after it has concluded, as well.
  • Call Evaluation – Going even further with speech analytics, and more advanced analytical functionality, call recording software can help evaluate the outcome of calls as well. These solutions can analyze the conversation, sentiments, tones, and much more to provide a score for each call.


What to Look for When Comparing Call Recording Software:

Different Call Recording Software vendors and providers will offer different solutions and platforms, which will of course provide different functionality. When looking for a cloud solution specifically, there are a number of factors to pay attention too, mainly with accessibility and limitations of the software.


  • Online Dashboards – Generally a common factor in most cloud platforms, it is important that your call recording software application provide online dashboards. Some solutions may rely on offline dashboards, storage and recording, these are older solutions. Keep an eye out for cloud focused and cloud delivered.
  • Recording Database Limitations – Much like with other cloud services, Call Recording Software will place limitations on the service depending on your subscription plan. One very common limitation will be the amount of recordings and data that can be saved. Some solutions enable users to store recordings on their own service, which is obviously a big plus.
  • Security and Encryption Practices – Security is an absolute must for any cloud based solution, but if your organization is storing and accessing recordings over the cloud then security is imperative. Especially when it comes to regulatory compliance, organizations need to take every step to ensure that important information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • PCI Compliance – PCI Compliance is a set of regulations and guidelines that dictate how organizations must store and protect customer data, specifically when dealing with credit card payments. Look for a Call Recording Software solution that provide PCI compliance built-in to prevent even further issues.


Recording Organization – When your business starts racking up a large number of recorded calls, it will be important to have the necessary functionality to organize and search that massive archive. Look for solutions that provide different functions including an in-depth, multi-point search, call tagging, call evaluation, and more.

Some Final Thoughts to Shoppers:

Call Recording Software is an absolute must-have for any contact center, but in reality should be a strong consideration for any business or team that converses over the phone. Call Recording provides individuals and businesses with an incredibly powerful resource, enabling users to almost turn back time  to listen back in on a conversation.

This power can bring a massive number of benefits, enabling organizations to ensure the absolute perfect compliance with regulations or guidelines, provide a resource for training, and new data sets which organizations and decision-makers can leverage to further optimize the business and associated processes.

Even if your business is not dealing with client relations, call recording enables departments and teams to stay on task, and prevent any disputes, or lost information. Call recordings can and should be utilized by just about any business, especially when cloud based Call Recording Software has become even more accessible.