UCaaS providers combine multiple communication channels into one interface, preventing miscommunications that negatively impact customer experience and team productivity. With UCaaS, conversations are picked up right where they left off, even if those conversations took place across multiple channels.

In this post, we compare, review, and finalize our UCaaS platform picks for 2024 based on our own research and testing of each provider.



Who Made the Cut? Best UCaaS Providers in 2024

  • Zoom – Best Unified Communication with Video
  • Nextiva – Best for Call Centers and customer experience efficiency
  • RingCentral – Best for AI Insights, Video, and Chat
  • 8x8 – Best For International Teams
  • Vonage – Best For Mobile Teams



Zoom Workplace: Best Unified Communication with Video

Zoom Workplace streamlines Zoom Meetings (video conferencing), Zoom Phone (voice calling+SMS), email, chat messaging, and team collaboration tools into a single platform. These capabilities are enhanced by Zoom AI Companion, which provides voice, chat, and video call meeting summaries, suggests action items, drafts email and message responses, and suggests topics and content for whiteboard-based brainstorming sessions.

Nate reviewing Zoom Phone

Zoom Meetings lets up to 1,000 participants meet for 30 hours, includes unlimited cloud storage, and provides real-time meeting transcriptions with translated captions in 12 languages. Hosts can livestream meetings on social media, share their screens, conduct in-meeting quizzes/polls, and create up to 50 breakout rooms for small group discussions.


Zoom Pricing

Zoom pricing offers 1 free plan and 4 paid Zoom Workplace plans from $13.32-$22.49+/user/month:

  • Basic Plan (Free): 40-minute video meetings for up to 100 participants with local meeting recording, screen sharing, breakout rooms, collaborative notes, and automated meeting captions. Also includes team chat with file sharing, 3 whiteboards, 5 video  Clips, and third-party application integrations
  • Pro Plan ($13.32/user/month): Adds a 30-hour meeting duration, AI Companion, unlimited Clips, 5GB cloud storage, in-meeting access to Essential Apps, email service, meeting scheduler, meeting co-hosts, and basic reporting
  • Business Plan ($18.32/user/month): Adds 300 meeting participants, recording transcription, unlimited whiteboards, Zoom Scheduler for appointment booking, live customer support via chat and phone, and SSO
  • Business Plus Plan ($22.49/user/month): Adds Zoom Phone capabilities with unlimited inbound calling, unlimited or metered outbound calling, SMS/MMS, call recording, custom routing rules, voicemail transcription, unlimited IVR, ACD, call monitoring, real-time reporting, and 10GB cloud storage. Also includes translated captions, Workspace Reservation, Visitor Management, and 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • Enterprise Plan (Quote-based, 250+users): Adds up to 1,000 meeting participants, unlimited cloud storage, webinars, Rooms, and full-fledged PBX


What We Like About Zoom 

  • Free plan: One of the most complete free plans in the UCaaS space, ideal for entrepreneurs and new businesses that need to maintain low operating costs while connecting remote teams
  • Robust third-party integrations: All plans integrate with Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Hubspot. All paid plans include 1 year of free access to premium, in-meeting apps that take meeting notes, engage attendees, and provide high-level meeting insights
  • Superior security: End-to-end encrypted video meetings, meeting lock, waiting room, SSO, anonymous call blocking, advanced participant permissions/access management, HIPAA compliance, 99.999% Zoom Phone uptime


Where Zoom Needs Improvement

  • Mix-and-match pricing: Mix-and-match pricing is only available for Business Plus and Enterprise users (the two most expensive plans), so SMBs may end up paying for features that not all users need
  • Zoom Phone analytics: Essential call center analytics, including real-time call queue updates and historical KPI monitoring, require all users to buy the Zoom Phone Power Pack for an additional $25/license/month
  • CRM features: While competitors like Nextiva offer native CRM features for in-call access to key customer data, Zoom does not–meaning users will have to pay extra for an integrated third-party CRM system


Who Should Use Zoom? 

  • Fully remote teams: Zoom is the gold standard for remote unified communications, providing excellent value alongside advanced collaboration tools that connect and engage teams across different time zones, language barriers, and work schedules
  • Teams prioritizing scalability: Zoom’s scalability is unparalleled, with plans for every phase of business growth from startup to global enterprise. Use Zoom’s free plan for basic video calling, add voice calling and SMS when you’re ready, or upgrade to Zoom’s omnichannel contact center with AI-powered WFM at your own pace



Nextiva: Best for Call Centers, AI, and CX

The Nextiva Customer Conversation Suite is a unified communications platform combining voice calling, SMS, unlimited online faxing, video calling, and extensive CRM integrations into one intuitive dashboard. It’s best known for its 99.999% uptime, 24/7 customer support, and business text messaging capabilities.

Nate Reviews Nextiva

Add-on features like customizable reporting dashboards with real-time monitoring, intelligent virtual agents, and performance gamification tools provide scalability, increase agent productivity, and eliminate communication silos.


Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva pricing offers 3 paid Customer Conversation Suite plans from $18.95-$32.95/user/month and a 7-day free trial:

  • Essential Plan ($18.95/user/month): Unlimited US/Canada voice calling and 1500 toll-free monthly minutes, call notes, call groups, auto attendant, call logs, 45-minute video meetings with recording, MS Outlook and Google Contacts integrations,  24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat
  • Professional Plan ($22.95/user/month): Adds unlimited conference and video calling for 40 participants, screen sharing, 1,000 inbound/outbound SMS/MMS messages per user per month, 3,000 monthly toll-free minutes, CRM integrations, multi-level IVR with call flow builder, and AI voicemail transcription,
  • Enterprise Plan ($32.95/user/month): Adds call recording, unlimited conference calling, 12,500 monthly toll-free minutes, 2,000 total monthly SMS/MMS per user, SSO, and advanced integrations with Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, and Bullhorn


What We Like About Nextiva

  • Shared SMS Inbox: Shared text messaging inbox lets customers get quick answers and keeps support queues low, makes complete interaction history available to all call group members, and lets agents send documents, photos, videos, and other files to customers via desktop/mobile SMS
  • Excellent customer support: All Nextiva plans include 24/7 access to chat, phone, and email support with a live agent–and we’ve had consistently excellent, efficient interactions with Nextiva’s customer support team
  • Robust mobile app: Nextiva’s full-featured mobile app is ideal for on-the-go hybrid teams that need anytime, anywhere access to their business phone system and customer data


Where Nextiva Needs Improvement

  • Call recording+voicemail: Nextiva limits all call recording capabilities to its Enterprise Plan, call recording transcription isn’t available, and voicemail transcription isn’t included in the Essential Plan
  • Low video participant cap: Nextiva offers a low maximum video meeting participant cap of 250 users and can only show 25 active video participants simultaneously–despite the platform’s claim of “unlimited” video conferencing
  • Limited analytics: Though Nextiva’s Customer Conversation Suite claims to offer “Conversational Analytics” (which implies AI speech+text analytics), all plans only include basic call logs/call history–anything more requires an expensive Performance Dashboards add-on


Who Should Use Nextiva?

  • Small-to-medium hybrid call centers: Nextiva includes extensive voice calling and voice productivity features on all plans, making it the right fit for voice-first call centers needing remote user management, multi-location team presence updates, and smart call routing with custom call flows
  • Teams that communicate with customers via SMS: Nextiva easily has some of the best business texting messaging features in the UCaaS space, including custom SMS routing, mix-and-match Message Pro pricing access, and unlimited monthly texting for an additional $15/user/month)



RingCentral: Best For AI Insights, Video, and Team Chat

RingCentral RingEX (formerly RingCentral MVP) is a smart unified communications platform with unlimited VoIP calling, video meetings, team chat, unlimited virtual faxing, and SMS/MMS.

Nate Reviews RingCentral

It has a 99.999% uptime guarantee, provides 24/7 customer support for all users, and recently debuted a series of AI-powered features to increase agent efficiency and improve the customer experience.


RingCentral Pricing 

RingCentral RingEX pricing offers 3 paid plans from $20-$35+/user/month and a 14-day free trial:

  • Core Plan ($20/user/month): Unlimited US/Canada calling, 100 toll-free monthly minutes, 25 monthly SMS/MMS messages per user, and AI video meetings for 100 participants. Also includes call logs, visual voicemail, multi-level IVR, on-demand call recording, team messaging/file sharing, unlimited audio conferencing, SSO
  • Advanced Plan ($25/user/month): Adds 1,000 toll-free monthly minutes, 100 text messages/user/month,  automatic call recording, integration with 300+ apps, unlimited online faxing, call monitoring, advanced call routing, custom permissions, multi-site management
  • Ultra Plan ($35/user/month): Adds 10,000 monthly toll-free minutes, 200 monthly text messages/user, custom analytics with 12 months of storage, unlimited AI video meetings for 200 participants, unlimited recording and file storage, device analytics+alerts


What We Like About RingCentral 

  • Advanced video meetings: RingCentral offers in-browser and app-based AI video conferencing for up to 200 participants, plus access to smart meeting features like in-meeting public/private chat, screen recording+remote screen control, whiteboards, breakout rooms, AI meeting summaries+transcripts with speaker differentiation, meeting recording, and collaborative note
  • Personal AI Assistant: RingSense AI for RingEX (add-on feature) automatically transcribes and summarizes voice calls, takes smart call notes, creates action items, and highlights key conversation topics for every call
  • High-level integrations: RingCentral EX offers pre-built integrations with 300+ third-party applications including Salesforce, Zendeks, Hubspot, and ServiceNow–plus integration webinars for easy setup. Users can make calls directly in their CRM apps, view real-time CRM call pops, and benefit from two-way data syncing/automatic call logs


Where RingCentral Needs Improvement

    • Call Quality: Users report inconsistent call quality and frequent dropped calls in the RingCentral desktop app–plus excessive software updates that slow down business processes
    • Limited SMS: Although RingCentral Enhanced Business SMS is easy to set up and enables real-time, two-way communication between clients and agents, all RingES plans have significantly lower number of included monthly text messages than competitors–and pricing for additional monthly text messages is not publicly available


Who Should Use RingCentral?

  • SMBs needing advanced analytics: RingEx offers some of the most advanced analytics tools in the UCaaS space, including real-time ad historical interactive reports, custom KPIs, pre-built reporting templates, live QoS alerts, comparative analysis, report filtering, and meeting insights
  • Call centers with extensive hardware needs: RingCentral hardware packages include Device as a Service (DaaS) options that bundle hardware and software solution, extensive BYOD compatibility, and RingCentral phones for rent or sale.



8x8: Best For International Teams Needing Collaboration Tools 

8x8 Unified Communications is an all-in-one voice, SMS, chat messaging, and audio/video conferencing solution best known for offering unlimited international calling.

Nate Reviewing 8x8

In addition to unique features like anonymous meeting attendance and compatibility with 25+ PSTN carriers, 8x8 offers advanced security and support. A 99.999% uptime, 24/7 support, HIPAA compliance, and enterprise-grade security are included in all plans.


8x8 Pricing

8x8 pricing offers two Unified Communications plans and a 30-day free trial Mix-and-match pricing is available for all plans:

  • X2 Plan (Quote-based pricing): Unlimited voice calling to 14 countries, multi-level auto attendant, call queuing, team messaging+document sharing, HD audio+video conferencing for 500 participants with screen sharing and live streaming, voicemail transcription, SSO, 24/7 support, unlimited virtual fax
  • X4 Plan (Quote-based pricing): Adds unlimited calling to 48 countries, supervisor and call activity analytics, call monitor/barge/whisper


What We Like About 8x8

  • Feature-rich video conferencing: 8x8 offers HD video conferencing for up to 500 users on all plans– the highest included participant capacity out of all the providers on this list. During meetings, attendees can chat, share documents/files, use integrated whiteboards from 8x8’s Fuze partnership, take polls, emoji react in real-time, live stream to YouTube, and use breakout rooms
  • Multi-level IVR: All 8x8 UCaaS plans include multi-level IVR with custom call flows, professionally recorded greetings, business hour routing, ring groups, advanced call routing options, and call queues (20 callers maximum). Other providers restrict these advanced call management capabilities to higher-tier plans or contact center solutions


Where 8x8 Needs Improvement

  • Limited scalability, quote-based pricing: 8x8 only offers two unified communications plans, meaning it has the least possible scalability out of all of the providers mentioned here. Additionally, 8x8 offers only quote-based pricing, making it difficult to estimate the software’s overall value and affordability for smaller teams
  • Lack of analytics: 8x8 UCaaS provides few reporting tools, restricting supervisor and call activity analytics to the X4 plan and requiring all users to pay extra for Conversation IQ quality management and speech analytics


Who Should Use 8x8?

  • International teams: 8x8’s unlimited international calling to 48 countries (14 countries on the X2 plan) makes it the obvious first choice for global businesses and call centers with geographically diverse teams
  • Remote/hybrid teams that host frequent video meetings: Remote or hybrid teams that rely on feature-rich video calls and in-meeting collaboration tools to keep agents on the same page will benefit from 8x8 UCaaS



Vonage: Best For Mobile Teams Prioritizing Mobile App

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is a desktop and mobile UCaaS application with voice calling, SMS/MMS, video conferencing for up to 200 users, team chat, and file sharing. VBC offers 40+ VoIP voice calling features including its Never Miss A Call routing/forwarding tool, custom call tags, and call queues with up to 100 extensions.

Nate Reviewing Vonage

Agents can use the Business Inbox to communicate with customers across SMS, MMS, and Facebook Messenger from their local or toll-free business phone number.


Vonage Pricing

Vonage Business Communication pricing offers three paid plans from $13.99-$27.99+/line/month (plus taxes+fees) and a 14-day free trial:

  • Mobile Plan ($13.99/line/month): Unlimited domestic calling, SMS/MMS, virtual voicemail with voicemail-to-email, virtual receptionist, desktop and mobile apps, admin portal
    Premium Plan ($20.99/line/month): Adds business desk phone compatibility, team messaging+file sharing, video conferencing for 200 participants, SSO, and access to the VBC app center with 20+third-party integrations
  • Advanced Plan ($27.99/line/month): Adds call groups with simultaneous ringing, voicemail transcription, and 15-hours/month of on-demand call recording


What We Like About Vonage

  • Network Reliability: Vonage offers a 99.999% uptime, multiple data centers for network redundancy, and conducts extensive application load/stress testing
  • Affordable International Calling: Vonage Global Calling Plans let users call 85 countries for a fixed price with bundled international minutes ranging from $50 for 1,000 minutes to $9680 for 100,000 minutes
  • HD Video: Vonage Full HD (FHD) video quality (available for recordings, meetings, and live streaming) has 2.5 times the resolution of standard HD video


Where Vonage Needs Improvement

  • Poor Value: Vonage goes to great lengths to conceal that essential UC and phone system features are available only via paid add-ons, making the platform difficult to recommend to value-focused consumers. Case in point? Automatic call recording alone adds an additional $50/month to your bill, and online faxing adds another $15/month
  • Limited Integrations: As of this writing, Vonage only offers a total of 20 pre-built third-party integrations–and many of them require an additional fee
  • High Early Termination Fees: Vonage charges significant early termination fees (from $500-$1500 and up) and users frequently complain about the difficulties of canceling their service


Who Should Use Vonage?

  • Businesses with international customers: VBC International offers affordable, scalable bundles of international calling minutes to Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. Local business phone numbers are available in 50 countries
  • Mobile teams needing turnkey UCaaS functionality: While many other providers on this list have a complex and lengthy setup process, Vonage provides an out-of-the-box UCaaS solution with a clean, intuitive interface that shortens onboarding time–and a plan specifically for mobile-first users



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