Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone

  • Senior B2B SaaS Writer
Katherine Stone is a New York City-based writer and digital marketing expert whose focus is to strike the right balance between creativity and actionable information when writing.
Her creative work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Fiction Magazine, Booth Magazine, and other top digital and print journals. She was a David Herzog Scholar at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria and was awarded the Nancy Lynn Schwartz prize for Undergraduate Fiction at Sarah Lawrence College.
In her nearly five years as a content marketing professional, she has worked with prominent startups, numerous newspapers, and private clients across a wide variety of industries.
In addition to her writing, Katherine also runs her own vintage clothing shop, Quinby Vintage. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her family in North Carolina.

Read some of Katherine's latest articles below:

July 09, 2020

What is a Virtual Phone System?

Recent Salesforce research shows that although over 90% of consumers rely on telephone calls with live agents for customer support, only 20% of businesses use virtual phone service features like voice-activated assistants. This leads to longer hold times, miscommunications, and repetitive conversations with multiple representatives. But virtual phone systems improve much more than just...
July 08, 2020

What is Call Screening And How Does it Work?

Recent studies on customer service show that over half of American consumers have decided not to make a purchase they’d previously planned on because of poor customer support from a large or small business. Virtual business phone systems with call screening features drastically improve customer service, allow for increased employee flexibility, and keep office phone lines clear for...
July 08, 2020

Top 8 Video Conferencing Headsets for Working From Home

There are plenty of remote work benefits for companies to take advantage of given that employees who work from home save the average business roughly $11,000 each year and are up to 15% more productive than in-office employees Whether COVID-19 has forced you to suddenly transition your office team to remote employees or if you’ve already been working from home for years, your priority is to...
July 07, 2020

The State of Video Conferencing in 2020 [50 Statistics]

As the remote workforce continues to grow, web conferencing software has become the most important team communication tool in 2020. Video conferencing platforms allow for company-wide and team communication face-to-face while accompanying collaboration features like screen sharing and real-time file editing bolster collaboration. The below video conferencing statistics illustrate not just...
July 02, 2020

What Exactly is CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service)?

Unified communications platforms provide companies with an all-in-one package of essential communication tools like video conferencing, VoIP phone numbers, SMS messaging, and more. You may have initially considered working with a UCaaS provider, but now, you’ve now realized that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to internal and external communication isn’t right for your business. ...
June 26, 2020

What is RingCentral for Desktop: Features, Cost, Pros, Cons

Studies on remote work benefits show that allowing team members to work from home saves companies roughly $11,000 annually per employee. However, purchasing the necessary software to connect a remote workforce quickly negates those savings, as the amount that businesses spend on SaaS tools is expected to double by the end of 2020. Tools like Glip’s RingCentral for Desktop streamline...
June 26, 2020

How to Design an Escalation Matrix For Remote Call Center Agents

One of the top remote work benefits is that, especially if employees work across multiple time zones, on-call, 24/7 live customer support is possible. This level of availability is essential, as 90% of consumers expect an immediate response to a customer service inquiry. However, when a remote representative fails to solve the problem, it’s necessary to vertically escalate the issue to...
June 25, 2020

The 7 Best Real-Time Document Collaboration Tools in 2020

Project management software like Basecamp and Asana let team members create to-do lists, receive project assignments, and comment on uploaded files. In spite of using the above tools, a recent Nintex study found that 39% of employees still struggle with live file collaboration and editing. The top document collaboration tools in 2020 let multiple team members both write and edit drafts in...
June 24, 2020

Top 7 Virtual Conference Platforms to Host Events in 2020

Studies on remote work benefits show that the remote workforce has increased by over 90% in the past ten years alone. In addition to moving standard office meetings online, businesses now need online conference platforms to replace an upcoming physical event. The most important part of learning how to host a virtual conference is selecting the right video meeting tool. Many mistakenly...
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