Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone

  • Enterprise Analyst, UCaaS, CCaaS, and AI

Katherine Q. Stone has over 5 years of experience covering the B2B tech and Software as a Service beat, with a particular focus on UCaaS, CCaaS, and AI solutions.

She joined the GetVoIP team at the start of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, giving her firsthand experience of the values and challenges associated with leveraging and onboarding cloud communications tools to empower the fully remote and hybrid workforce. She has a special interest in AI’s influence on business process management, user experience, and labor.

Known for her investigative research in verifying provider pricing structures and customer support claims, Katherine’s expertise has uncovered conflicting statements in user and onboarding guides, given readers firsthand accounts of customer service experiences with top SaaS platforms, and clarified vague language describing included features and their capabilities.

Katherine lives in New York City, where she enjoys running, building miniatures, and civic engagement.

Email: katherine@getvoip.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/KatherineQStone

Website: www.katherineqstone.com