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Based in Ontario, Canada and with 45 years of experience in business communications, Mitel offers an impressive portfolio of...
Ontario, Canada
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We were contacted by RingCentral and informed that our account with Mitel will reach end of life in June and they were the new partner for Mitel. We were also, told by Mitel and RingCentral that they will waive our Early Termination Fee, if we went to RingCentral. RingCentral told us is was a $3900-$6200 fee to set up our hunt groups, routing, porting, etc. Mitel's auto-attendant informs you they are reaching EOL and they suggest that you find phone providers outside of Mitel. Now we decided to go to another VOIP provide and they are refusing to honor the ETF waiver. Now saying that our Connect plan was not reaching EOL it was only the Business plans that were reaching EOL and were the only contracts that were eligible to wave the ETF. All of this because we chose not to go with RingCentral and bought phones from another provider and intend on moving forward with a different VOIP provider. Great work Mitel and RingCentral!!!!

Would Recommend: No
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I wish someone had warned me. Do not sign a contract with Mitel. Our phone system is completely unreliable, and Mitel's customer service is slow and terrible. They use delaying tactics... insisting you aren't their primary contact and they can't speak with you (even though you've been the primary contact and have had to call them repeatedly for years), insisting it's an issue with another company forcing you to prove that it's Mitel's responsibility, etc... all before they ever begin slowly addressing the issue. Which is rarely permanently corrected.

Pros: None.
Cons: Pricing, lack of quality, poor technical service.
Would Recommend: No
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We have been having repeated issues with faxes not coming through. When we contacted MITEL support their response is that "the fax line seems to be working as designed...the nature of the fax is that for any fax with over 10+ pages, the success rate of transmission drops to about 66.9%." They feel that a success rate of 66.9% for fax is perfectly acceptable!

Pros: None.
Cons: FAX line issues.
Would Recommend: No
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Their customer support is horrible Sadly, it's very difficult to understand what they are saying. The local supervisor was completely disgusting and rude, She was raising her voice and when called her out on it she decided to hang up. Harish Prajapati the tech support was also extremely rude and played coy, when called on it he hung up refused to pick up my call, and returned my emails.
I had originally signed up with 2 phone lines and 2 voice mail services, as I looked into my account on why I was charged for 18 lines. All I wanted was for them to admit they screwed up and just fix it, but instead, they were rude and now have lost a 5year relationship. The services weren't great but were able to get by for 5 years till I voiced I was unhappy with their service and billing. Wish I had read all the reviews, instead being in a bad relationship with them for 5 years

Pros: None.
Cons: Customer services.
Would Recommend: No
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Overpriced, oversold lies. One week after go-live CXconnect (which we were never told was TalkDesk) wouldn't function because of legal issues between Talkdesk and Mitel. Can only use a minimum of 4 digit extensions. Cannot brand or change the background image. Paging is limited to < 20 users. Extra charge for unused phone numbers, even though not in SOW. Now want to charge $12/yr/user for 911 location services. No Mitel cloud is merging with Ring Central and they can't promise uninterrupted service or similar service levels. Everything about the company is a lie and overpriced. STAY AWAY!

Pros: Model 6940 phones OK.
Cons: Everything else!.
Would Recommend: No
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worst customer service ever. they have been unable to invoice me, and cut off my business phones for nonpayment. i've been trying for 5 months to get them to email me invoices, i've created 5 ticket, wasted at least 7 hours, had phone calls, still nothing. they just close tickets and can't even update an email address, for FIVE MONTHS. it's insane, it'll drive you crazy. this company is horrible.

Pros: None.
Cons: not functional.
Would Recommend: No
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If it worked as it should, this would be a great app and resource for working remote. However, it is constantly dropping calls/signal, or there's a bad connection - hesitates, skips, can't hear the other person...constantly having to sign back in to see if connects better... so frustrating and makes it difficult to work well. It's not a good choice in the current way it is working. I would not recommend this at this time to anyone.

Pros: Could be great resource if worked p.
Cons: Dropped calls, dropped signal, bad phone connections.
Would Recommend: No
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In a busy work place a reliable phone system is a huge need. Sad to say, this system is the apocalypse of phones. Calls are dropped, people get stuck in a perpetual abyss and picking them up in the first place requires more work than technology should allow. Simple, reliable and dependable is not this system. Work orders put in fail to make it better. I have never in my 21 years of using phones have experienced a hell like this....Buyers be warned.

Pros: Bells and whistles.
Cons: That don't work.
Would Recommend: No
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Terrible customer service and user interface that looks like its from 1992. All i want is some phones, we had an old Mitel system that stopped working so we got a new one, and I wish I'd gone with someone else.
They've been sending the invoices to a random employee at our company instead of our accounts payable, so the bills didn't get paid so they shut our phones down during a business day. It took us half the day to get in contact with someone to find out why. Then we paid the bill and got it turned back on so we could continue operating as a business. They promise they've fixed the billing. Next month, i get an email forwarded from that employee again, they're still sending it to the wrong person. I have to call and wait an hour to speak with a person who assures me they've updated it . . . again. I ask them to send me the invoice so i can prove it so they don't cut off our phones again, and they are unable to do that. Here's to hoping they got it right. I have no idea why a company would make it so difficult to collect money. Worse customer service than Charter and AT&T combined.

Would Recommend: No
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We're 3-5 months on this system. WE STILL DON'T HAVE THE PRODUCT WE WERE "SOLD"! They turned us over to support before having the installation "complete". Now they want to add a new device to our network and recommend we have our network reconfigured JUST TO PAGE A LOUD SPEAKER! DO NOT LET THEM TURN YOU OVER TO SUPPORT UNTIL YOU ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL. This system might be fine if you had everybody working from home... but it's not a system for a business that has people who come to work! AND WE STILL CAN'T PAGE!!!! We paid somebody to install their system... They will not give us the information we need. "They're not allowed to give us the IP address we need to connect to". They need us to cut on DHCP on this additional device... It hands out IP addresses AND overwrites the FIREWALL!!! AWFUL

Pros: Seems easy... If it woekd completely as promised, I'd be happy.
Cons: DOESN'T WORK! Installation NOT COMPLETE.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Based in Ontario, Canada and with 45 years of experience in business communications, Mitel offers an impressive portfolio of cloud-based solutions available around the world. Ranked as #1 in UC Market Share in Europe and #2 in UCaaS Market Share Worldwide, Mitel powers more than two billion business connections in nearly 100 countries with our cloud, enterprise, and next-gen applications.

Throughout our 45 years of industry leadership, innovation has been core to Mitel’s DNA – helping to continuously evolve to meet customer needs and drive the industry forward. That passion has led to significant company growth and ongoing recognition of their solutions by industry experts. 

Today, Mitel is a global market leader in business communications, powering more than two billion business connections with their cloud, enterprise, and next-gen collaboration applications. With more than 70 million users in nearly 100 countries, Mitel is the only company that wakes up every day exclusively focused on helping customers take their communications from where they are today to where they expect them to be.


Mitel Solutions and Features


No matter if you have a small, mid-size or enterprise business, Mitel offers a variety of platforms in Unified Communications, VoIP, Contact Center, Collaboration, Cloud Communications, Mobility, Unified Messaging, Virtualization and UCaaS, in order to find the best fit for your company in a variety of locations around the world. 


MiCloud Connect

  • Support for hybrid/remote working, cross-platform chat (Teamwork)
  • Secure and flexible cloud phone services and unified communications
  • Collaboration features to enhance productivity
  • Robust remote working support
  • Enhanced customer experience tools
  • Global reach
  • Enterprise-grade VoIP phone service
  • Instant messaging – cross-platform (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Multi-point Video
  • Global Numbers available
  • Mitel Connect Contact Center
  • Enterprise-class Security
  • Disaster recovery service and emergency notifications
  • Improved business intelligence with integrations

- Salesforce

       - MS Teams

       - NetSuite

       - Chrome

       - Reach out for full list of integrations

  • Self-Service for organizations under 25 seats (own your onboarding timeline)


MiCloud Flex

  • Unified, Mission-critical private cloud communications solution  
  • Designed for enterprises of all sizes  
  • Hosted Unified Communications as a Service   
  • Real-time video conferencing and collaboration   
  • Integrated advanced omnichannel contact center  
  • Integrations and customization with business tools   
  •  Single communications portal available on desktop or mobile devices   
  • Voice, email, text, and chat from any device   
  • Local number portability   
  • Direct inward dialing  
  • Flexible SIP bundles   
  • Unified Messaging   
  • Multi auto attendant   
  • Advanced conferencing and collaboration tools   
  • Hybrid network solutions   
  • Mitel survivable gateways with local PRI bundles   
  • Instant messaging   
  • Teleworker support   
  • Dual mode handoff   
  • Single number reach  
  • Full control over updates and maintenance


Mitel Onsite Solutions 

If your organization is looking for a premise-based phone system, Mitel offers a variety of onsite solutions:

  • MiVoice Business
  • MiVoice Connect
  • MiVoice Office 400
  • MiVoice Border Gateway
  • MiVoice 5000
  • MiVoice MX-On

Learn about Mitel’s Onsite Solutions Here.


Editor's Bottom Line of Mitel


Mitel offers cloud solutions for different sizes of businesses. Mitel’s MiCloud Connect, designed as a secure and flexible UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution, is a strong offering for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) that are looking to transition from an on-premise or landline solution to a completely cloud-based platform. MiCloud Connect provides organizations with more than just Business VoIP, but also advanced collaboration features including web conferencing and instant messaging.


Mitel’s MiCloud Flex solution is designed for larger enterprise organizations that have a strong need for mission-critical communications. The MiCloud Flex platform extends beyond basic UC (Unified Communications) and adds even more advanced functionality like local number portability, direct inward dialing, flexible SIP bundles and even video conferencing. This platform can also be directly integrated with Mitel’s contact center solution, as well as hybrid network solutions. MiCloud Flex lives up to its name, and truly provides the flexibility and stability that a large-scale enterprise requires to keep the lights on and business running as usual.


Mitel is constantly listening to customers’ feedback and evolving their solutions to fit into those specific needs. With the flexibility provided by a cloud-based solution, any organization can find the right platform that will satisfy collaboration needs while remaining cost effective, and almost infinitely scalable. Mitel has routinely been recognized as a leading provider in the Unified Communications market, both domestically and globally. 

In 2020, Mitel was recognized with the Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards.

  • Mitel Operations Scheduler
    Mitel Operations Scheduler
  • Mitel IP Set Inventory
    Mitel IP Set Inventory
  • Mitel Inventory Report
    Mitel Inventory Report
  • Mitel Alarm Analytics
    Mitel Alarm Analytics
  • Mitel Messaging Dashboard
    Mitel Messaging Dashboard

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