Panasonic announced Thursday they will be releasing a new series of products to further their dedication to providing high-quality solutions and features to connect businesses anytime and anywhere. Panasonic is adding new compact hybrid communications platforms, indoor/outdoor IP communication cameras, and a UC Mobility application, to their list of products and solutions.

The new products, the KX-NS700G Hybrid Communications Platform, the KN-NTV150 and NTV160 IP Camera, and new UC Mobility solution software are designed to integrate with Panasonic’s existing offerings, aim to allow users to engage with their devices from anywhere to always stay on top of their communications, and now even expand into surveillance.

“The new suite of communications solutions offers even more flexibility and greater integration with our products and platforms, which is exactly what our business customers need,” said Gary Moeller, Product Manager at Panasonic in North America. “The new KX-NS700G is pre-packaged and designed to support a small business environment, while the KX-NTV series camera phones provide a unique indoor/outdoor surveillance solution – and the UC Mobility software ties it all together with convenient, on-the-go accessibility. Plus, an added bonus is that all new product lines are designed to seamlessly work with the entire NS series making for easier installation and flexible expandability.”

KX-NS700G Hybrid Communications Platform

Designed to be as compact as possible, the on-site KX-NS700G is a new hybrid communication solution and newest server from the NS700 line. This new platform offers increased flexibility for users to access their communication systems along with the ability to grow to the same potential as more expensive models, without directly replacing hardware. This puts the NS700G in a unique bracket as an ideal solution for small organizations that need a system to grow with them. The NS700G will retail for an MSRP of $2089.

Some features include:kxns700

  • 18 digital phone support
  • 6 analog phone support
  • Two channels of unified messaging
  • Up to 500 Mailboxes

KX-NTV150 & KX-NTV160 IP Camera Communication Solution

In case you need to see who’s at your door, this new KX-NTV series of IP cameras are designed for either indoor or outdoor surveillance, and allows users to engage with visitors and employees through HD video and audio. This is of course made possible due to a built-in camera, speakerphone and web-viewer feature. If portability is what you want, the wireless KX-NTV150 makes for a super easy setup anywhere you might need a camera. If that wasn’t enough, you can connect to the camera remotely with any of your mobile devices and access surveillance and recording features. The KX-NTV160 is also easy to setup and get running in any outdoor location, with an IP43 rating and dust/rain protection. The NTV150 has a MSRP of $304, with the NTV160 at $323.

Features for these cameras include:

  • Built-in speaker, microphone and camera ip-cameras
  • Ability to record audio with HD video
  • Integration with Panasonic KX-NS Communication Servers and mobile devices
  • Motion, voice and tampering detection
  • Built-in PoE
  • Easy installation and maintenance

UC Mobility Solution Software

To bring it all together, Panasonic is also launching its latest UC Mobility solution to stay connected with colleagues, customers and partners. The software acts as a PBX extension to allow business’ mobile workforce to stay connected. By connecting to any KX-NS business servers, users can gain access to even more advanced features like voice calls, video calls, and text chat, as well as presence-sharing and image-sharing.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrate with Panasonic KX-NS Communication Servers
  • Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE networks
  • Ability to send colleagues a chat message, even if unavailable
  • Audio routing to loudspeaker, handset, wired headset or mute
  • Video calls, and easy switch to video call
  • Text-based chatting and image-sharing between mobile users
  • View contacts’ presence between mobile users