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As a global IP Telephony Carrier, BridgeVoice is integrated into a Service Delivery Platform and private label products—which enables...
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Provider Overview

As a global IP Telephony Carrier, BridgeVoice is integrated into a Service Delivery Platform and private label products—which enables business users to grow their own private label prepaid calling card or a co branded calling card. The provider is a “complete Turnkey solution,” in that they provide users with DID numbers, wholesale management and service delivery platforms to support International call completion, reporting, and customer care. Additionally, the provider offers “CallnRoam Pinless Services,” which give users a global pinless calling card solution that connects you wherever whenever, to who or whatever. Other offered features include Access Number Provisioning, Private Label Services, and International Recharge. Aside from services, BridgeVoice offers customer service, which is divided by designation—Sales, NOC, and Platform Support. With NOC, or technical support, the provider is able to act as liaison with partner carriers and managing configuration changes, as well as address any and all operational issues arising in networks. Sales support is 24x7x365 automated support that aids in account management—i.e. tracking, reporting, managing, and updating for subscribers. Lastly, Platform support aids in any management/service issues with the Service Delivery Platform.


Bridgevoice Pricing & Services




  • Competitive Pricing ($0.0032 for calling in US)
  • Solid, dependable Call quality
  • Dynamic routing updated every 24 hours
  • Low Cost/Reasonable/Carefully Carved FAS free product


  • $0.012 for calling in US
  • Best Voice Termination
  • Committed SLAs on Quality, FAS free termination
  • Designed for Carriers/Retailers/Cable Operators/ISPs
  • Supported by over 110 global direct routes and 50 top premium carriers


  • $0.0033 for calling in the US
  • Superior Voice Termination
  • Guaranteed CLI/Fax/Roaming Support
  • Designed for Mobile Enterprise and fixed operators


  • Customize your LCR with full control over Routing Policy
  • Allocate traffic with Percentage Routing or Round Robin
  • Choose your own operator from their set of Direct Operators Network
  • Bidding Desk
    Bidding Desk
  • Dashboard
  • Voice

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