The Irvine, CA based provider offers users a variety of business phone solutions. With this, users are able to...
Irvine, CA
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Provider Overview

The Irvine, CA based provider offers users a variety of business phone solutions. With this, users are able to experience the full host of VoIP features in addition to cost efficiency. VoIP OC’s services are broken down according to plan and pricing. The first option is leveraging your investment—users already have in house PBX but want to lower your bill. With this the provider installs a SIP Gateway. The second option is choosing to option service over your existing service—here the provider will design and implement a new quality and cost efficient solution that utilizes cutting edge SIP Trunking tech. Lastly, the third option is using hosted PBX service—here users utilize Call Center’s phone servers to get service and features. Pricing varies between each option; therefore, customers are able to call the provider directly for available options and custom quotes. Pricing for the second option varies on the number of lines selected, and pricing for the third varies by number of phones selected. VoIP OC lists resources such as contact information and FAQs directly on their page. The provider also has a Request Information option.


VoIP O.C. Pricing and Features


Business Focus 500

  • $25/line/month
  • 500 minutes/line/month
  • $0.025/minute over 500 minutes (outbound)

Business Centric Unlimited 

  • $35/line/month
  • Unlimited minutes/line/month


SIP Trunking


Number of Lines Price Per Line Per Minute Outgoing
1 to 5 $17.50 $0.025
6 to 10 $15.00 $0.025
11 to 15 $15.00 $0.025
16+ $10.00 $0.025


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