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Intermedia has a been a telecom industry veteran since 1995, when CEO Michael Gold founded the company which is...
Mountain View, Ca
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Signed up for a "free" trial period. I was advised that my credit card info was only being used for collateral in case I didn't send the test phones back to them. BIG MISTAKE! I cancelled the trial because Sales and their tech support were on completely different planets. First issue, they told me to purchase something then had no idea how to get it working with their system once it was purchased. Using excuses like "We just provide dial tone, we don't do this." Ok, maybe you shouldn't tell the customer to spend $500 on a product you have no experience with. One of their technician's expert opinions was to factory reset our firewall during production. I cancelled the trial, got forwarded to billing who would close the account. This was two weeks ago. I get a charge this morning for almost $500. Billing was unable to immediately tell me what the charge was for. After about two hours on hold (to get their stories straight I imagine) they tell me it was for licenses purchased during the trial period. Hmm, apparently I am being charged for a "Free" trial. They said the billing person requested a refund for this two weeks ago. So they submitted a refund request for purchases apparently made during a "free trial" period. I was charged this morning for this. So now, they have charged me two weeks after they closed my account and now want me to wait 30 days for a refund. So they literally just stole about $500 for a month. When asked why billing charged me for something this morning that I cancelled two weeks ago. Now they are pointing fingers back at sales saying they didn't set up the account correctly. No one takes any accountability at this company as can be seen clearly. Please! Save yourself a terrible experience and steer clear from these guys. I thought I was done with headache weeks ago only to resurface in the form of a bill which only can be construed as spite for not signing up.

Pros: Sales is great at lying.
Cons: Every department is incompetent.
Would Recommend: No
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This software is very easy to use.

Pros: One of the things I like about Intermedia is the ability to customize our telephone system. We can change a caller ID # and outbound name. We can download their mobile app to use our cell phones for business calls that dial out our main line # on the caller ID.
Cons: Customer Services is over seas. Not a big fan of that because it's hard to understand them sometimes.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Heather H.'s review for Intermedia

I’ve attended virtual webinars for ESL techniques. A broad range of presenters can be included from all over the world, including different countries.

Pros: I like the layout of the webinar with other viewers able to see more than one presenter at a time. Usually, with other software, the main presenter would have to use some kind of screen sharing technique for this.
Cons: Attendance is automated using statistics from the software. As an attendee, I would worry about computer error in recording attendance, but this could also be a positive aspect, to save time for webinar hosts and could be more accurate than manually accounting attendance based on log in emails.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Elizabeth H.'s review for Intermedia

Give it a shot! At this price point it is by far the best bang for your buck!

We use any meeting to walk clients through troubleshooting, host training classes and chat with colleagues across the country.

Pros: I love the screen sharing and video conference features! This software is available at a great price point with outstanding customer service and support! Bundled with an Elevate/Unite Phone service account it truly can not be beat! Easy to use, ability to customize link for easy sharing and easy to deploy makes this a great online meeting platform.
Cons: I really only have one complaint and that is that I can not Remote Desktop while using screen sharing- I hear that feature may be coming in the future, which would put this way over the top of other online meeting software brands!.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Tim A.'s review for Intermedia

Try it out! You can do a lot with the free version! It makes you look professional as well instead of asking your client for their Skype username.

We are solving the issue of meeting with clients who are far away. It saves gas and time as well. No need to go to a coffee house and spend money there as well. We can have a quick meeting with them from the comfort of our own home and I'm sure the clients appreciate that as well!

Pros: I love how easy it is for our clients to login and join a conversation. You don't have to worry about them installing Skype and getting a username. It's easy to work with as wel. One time, our client had his video camera off, and we simply said, "Click on the icon with the video camera" and voila! They were up and running! So it doesn't take much to learn how to use it!.
Cons: I just don't like how you have to pay to be able to show Powerpoint Slides. So I share my screen instead which works as well. At least they have that option. Only thing is, you can't see their video when you're showing them you're screen. But for the free version, it's really good!.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Guy D.'s review for Intermedia

Recruiting can be good with this tool but the login process must be made easier

Pros: able to share info but at times it freezes and is choppy.
Cons: sharing screen not good and the login is too hard for most newbies.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We have used to discuss an evolving process and it was great to be able to have everyone on the same page at the same time. Also have used in the past to do benefits open enrollment webinars for another business unit that needed the help.

Pros: It is easy to invite people to the meeting and for them to attend. Also very easy to share the browser screen or move to a document to share. I've used with folks in just two locations and with folks across a number of states, and it worked well. Everyone seemed to be able to connect easily, so no issues with type of computer someone was on, etc. Very happy with the product and options.
Cons: Honestly, there was nothing that stood out as a miss.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Chianne S.'s review for Intermedia

The ability to send a link to multiple people who should not be trading usernames (such as Skype.)

Pros: I love that I can use this resource for free for smaller meetings. I haven't had any issues using it for screen-sharing or video conferencing.
Cons: I do not like that it's not able to be used on Safari. I tell me Mac users to download the app, but sometimes they just don't want to and have to use a different browser.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Michael P.'s review for Intermedia

It is a reliable, easy to use and promising tool

Used it for distance education

Pros: stability of the system, fast and reliable recordings, friendly interface for both presenters and participants, fast uploading of shared files.
Cons: appearance of pdf type and ms word type documents, missing presentation tools such as highlight tool, laser pointer tool or something equivalent.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Joanne T.'s review for Intermedia

Being able to communicate to my team across the U.S. at the same time.

Pros: User friendly for those that aren't that comfortable with computers.
Cons: Document upload glitches. Before the upgrades it used to not load my documents at times.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Intermedia has a been a telecom industry veteran since 1995, when CEO Michael Gold founded the company which is now based in Mountain View, CA. With over 110,000 business customers and 6,500 active partners that leverage the Intermedia platform, the provider has been certified by J.D. Power for superior 24/7 technical support from 2016 to 2018.

Just back in 2017, Intermedia went ahead and acquired AnyMeeting, which provided a massive boost to the vendor's UCaaS portfolio stack. Following the acquisition, Intermedia managed to build out their own in-house video and web conferencing solution to offer a truly complete and competitive UCaaS solution within today's market.

Intermedia's wide range of solutions manages to cover everything from Productivity and Email, to Voice and Unified Communications, as well as Security and Compliance along with Data Backup and File Sharing.

Voice & Unified Communications Solutions:

  • Intermedia Unite -- Cloud Based unified communications and collaborate platform that enables mobile productivity and collaboration through the seamless integration of multiple communicating tools.
  • Cloud PBX - Extend rich, reliable calling features that let you sound like a big business , and operate like one. A more standard Business VoIP solution.
  • SIP Trunking - Route phone calls over the internet with a SIP trunk hosted and established through Intermedia's services.
  • AnyMeeing Video Conferencing - HD Video for powerful online conferences, screen sharing, and built-in audio conferencing.
  • AnyMeeting Webinars - Robust webinar capabilities with up to 6 live presenters, up to 1,000 individual attendees, and with real-time chat, polling and Q&A capabilities.
  • Conference Calling - Smart Conferencing from Intermedia lets users avoid travel costs, without the need to rely on video.

Intermedia Unite Plans and Pricing

Unite Pro - $27.99 per user/per month

  • Unlimited Calling (Domestic, Canada and Puerto Rico)
  • Intermedia Unite Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Auto Attendant
  • 10 Hunt Groups
  • 200 Toll-free minutes/mo
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Call Recording
  • Team Chat and Messaging
  • Intermedia AnyMeeting Video Conferencing + screen sharing
  • 4 web attendees
  • 200 audio attendees
  • Intermedia SecuriSync secure, file sharing and backup
    • 2GB per user
  • Virtual Voicemail and transcription
  • Inbound/outbound caller ID
  • WebFax Online Faxing
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Phone Number and Extension
  • Ability to assign up to 5 calling end points (Domestic, Canada & Puerto Rico)
  • 90+ Enterprise-grade calling features
  • J.D. Power-certified 24/7 Support

Unite Enterprise - $32.99 per user/per month

  • All features from Unite, plus
  • Intermedia AnyMeeting Video Conferencing + screen sharing
  • 30 web attendees
  • 200 audio attendees
  • Intermedia SecuriSync secure, file sharing and backup
    • 100GB per user

Popular Add-ons

  • Fax Lines - $14.99/mo
  • SmartFax Pro - $3.99/mo
  • Lobby Phone $12.99/mo
  • Additional Numbers - Quote
  • Toll-Free Number - Quote
  • Exchange Email - $7.49/mo

Editor's Bottom Line

When it comes to utilizing a cloud delivered service, let alone a cloud business communication platform, one of the most integral aspects of any solution is the technical support, service and uptime provided by that vendor. When it comes to Intermedia, your organization is not only gaining access to a complete and powerful UC platform, but also proven support that has been awarded 3 times in a row by J.D. Power. When your organization's phone service goes down, the last thing your team wants to deal with is terrible support keeping that service from being restored.

Pair renowned support with a 99.9999% uptime, and Intermedia's platform already has the basis to compete in the major leagues. What is fairly unique from Intermedia is the clear and obvious distinction being made between a UCaaS platform, and a more standard Cloud PBX or SIP Trunking solution. The benefit here is that organizations have a much greater level of options, as well as clarity surrounding those options -- some providers will offer a standard cloud PBX solution, but might try to conceal that information and push most customers towards UCaaS.

When it comes to individual pricing, Intermedia offers two simply options to help keep the costs predictable, and again easy to understand. What is important to note is the minor differences between each plan, with the more expensive Unite Pro mostly gaining stronger webinar functionalities, as well as more data storage for individual users within the platform. At the end of the day, even Intermedia's Unite solution will be a perfect fit for most organizations.

While they already had a proven track-record and platform, Intermedia made a very strong play back in 2017 when they decided to acquire AnyMeeting, and its related technologies. Prior to this acquisition and merge of technologies, Intermedia was relying on Skype to provide video capabilities to its customers -- something they could gain access to without AnyMeeting. By bringing in the already incredibly powerful and capable AnyMeeting platform, Intermedia has positioned their solution in a much stronger leadership spot, offering a very robust and highly renowned video conferencing platform.

Looking beyond Unified Communications specifically, Intermedia also provides a wide range of solutions and capabilities to serve even the largest Enterprise organizations, and includes the necessary tool and functions to create a complete communications network, starting from the ground work of providing email, all the way up to securing every single interaction that happens within the organization's network. Intermedia is not only a well-known, and proven, UC provider, but also a one-stop shop for most communication necessities.

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