A service of EZ Call Inc, a NJ based provider of telecom switching services, grnVoIP aims to be the...
Berkeley Heights, NJ
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A service of EZ Call Inc, a NJ based provider of telecom switching services, grnVoIP aims to be the best VoIP-to-PSTN termination service provider. In doing so, the provider allots for a number of different functions including ITSP Termination, Calling Card Termination, Call Center Termination, IP PBX Termination, and US Domestic DIDs. Additionally, the providers offers solutions for Enterprise/SOHO, ITSPs, Calling Card Providers, Call Shops, Call Centers, SIP Resellers, and VoIP Developers. With extensive functionality, grnVoIP includes a variety of features for each service. For example, Wholesale Service features include A-Z Calling, Access to Top VoIP Carriers, Wholesale Management Portal, Toll Free Termination, and more. Additionally, there are features for SIP Resellers, i.e. Hosted VoIP Platform, SIP Gateways, SIP Peering, Softphone, VoIP GSM Gateway, and more. Separate from this are even more features such as Forward Routing/Failover Routing, CDR options, BYOD, API, International Calling, and more.  In terms of security, grnVoIP also includes security features such as DNC Compliance, Pay-as-you-Go VoIP, Fraud Prevention, and more.  In terms of pricing, grnVoIP offers a pay-as-you-go model—meaning as a VoIP provider there is no commitment, agreements, or other constrictions.  Additionally, the provider offers various rates including standard, premium, dialer, and USA rates. Lastly, in regards to customer support, grnVoIP includes FAQs, configuration examples, customer feedback forms, email, and open trouble tickets.

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