When it comes to the specificity of looking for the best business phone service, figuring out exactly what that “right system” even consists of can be tricky. That’s we’ve done the work to simplify things.

Thankfully a large number of vendors seem to agree and aim to make the option of finding the right plan as simple as possible. When it comes down to it, recognizing the needs for your business and then unique reasonings for grabbing a solution like this are just the tip of the iceberg for a business decision as expensive and complex as this one might be.

But, of course, searching for just the best business phone plan or most popular option won’t always offer the best results. When it comes down to unique business requirements, not every single platform is made the same, and not every business has the same needs.

When it comes to Virtual Faxing, it can be a bit more difficult to truly find an unlimited business phone plan, that also hits all the right points of more modern collaboration paradigms seen in UCaaS tools such as call center analytics. But no worries, that’s why we are here — we have made an effort to weed through all the information to truly understand who the most popular business VoIP solution is with unlimited calling and texting, along with virtual faxing.


The 8 Most Popular Unlimited Calling and Text Business Phone Plans


Thankfully for those organizations that are searching for a complete platform that covers all of these bases, there are quite many options to choose from. By combining these unique requirements and looking back at all of this information, we can begin to formulate a solid basis for which to compare and contrast numerous providers, plans and service offerings.

From our research, we have been able to hone in what we feel are the best 8 most popular Business VoIP plans.

8x8, Inc. Logo Visit PanTerra
Most Popular Plan Office Pro Plus Premium Premium (Vonage Business Cloud) X Series X3 Tier 2 Call Center Professional Pro
Plan Starting Price $20.95/mo $34.99/user/mo $27.99 per month/per line $38 per user/per month $25.95 per line/per user $64.95 $23 per month/per user $30 per user/per month
Plan User Count N/A Unlimited 5-19 Lines 1-99 5-9 N/A
Unlimited Calling Yes Yes Yes Yes, 32 countries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Texting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Faxing Yes Yes Yes, $15.99 Add-On Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Included Numbers
    • Free Local Number
    • Free Toll-Free Number
    • Free Number Porting
      • Toll-free OR local number


    • Number porting
    • Local or geographic numbers available
    • Number Porting
    • Toll-Free Numbers
    • Local Numbers — all 3 for an extra free
      • DID Number


      • Local DID
      • Global Extension Plan


    • Local Numbers
    • Toll-Free Numbers
    • International numbers
    • Professionally Recorded Greeting (1)
    • Call Me Now
    • Conference Bridge
    • Nextiva Mobile App
    • Team Presence
    • Text Messaging
    • Free Number Porting
    • Advanced Call Management
    • Unlimited Calling
    • Free Local Number
    • Free Toll-Free Number
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Unlimited Virtual Faxing
    • Shared Call Appearance
    • HD Music on Hold
    • Voicemail To Text ($2.95 per line)
    • Barge In
    • Auto Attendant
    • Text Messaging
    • Nextiva App
    • Call Queueing
    • Find Me, Follow Me
    • SSAE 16 certified and SOC II audited Data Centers
    • Unlimited video and audio meetings with screen sharing on desktop and mobile — 100 people per meetings
    • 2,500 toll-free minutes
    • Unlimited Business SMS
    • Call management and phone system administration
    • Phone rental options: desk and conference phones
    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • HD Voice
    • Visual Voicemail and Voicemail-To-Email
    • Team Collaboration
    • Integrations with Microsoft, Google, Box and Okta
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Professional implementation
    • Multi-level auto attendant
    • Internet Fax
    • Call Log Reports
    • Quality of Service Reports
    • Automatic Call Recording
    • Multi-site support
    • Custom app development and deployment
    • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Desk.com
    • Single Sign-On
    • Voicemail Transcription to Text
    • Unlimited  Calling and SMS Messages
    • Mobile App (iPhone, iPad, Android)
    • Desktop App
    • VonageFlow (Team Messaging)
    • Multi-level auto attendant
    • Video conferencing, chat and file sharing – up to 100 people
    • CRM Integrations
    • 24/7 US-based service and tech support
    • Number porting
    • Call Announce
    • Caller ID Block
    • Call Screening
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Set Caller ID
    • Spam Shield
    • Busy Lamp Field
    • Call Continuity, Call Hold, Call Park
    • Call Logs
    • Call Queue
    • Call Recording
    • Call Waiting
    • Click-To-Call Me
    • Dashboard
    • HD Voice
    • Shared Line Appearance
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • Caller ID, Dynamic Caller ID, and Custom Call Tagging
    • Find Me, Follow Me
    • Local or Geographic Number
    • Main Company Number
    • Music on Hold
    • Toll-Free Numbers
    • User and Admin Portals
    • Virtual Mailbox, receptionist and Voicemail
    • Business inbox
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Flip
    • Cell Phone Integration
      • Cloud Phone
      • Unlimited Voice and Unified Communications Calling within 32 Countries
      • Phone Number and Extension Dialing with HD Voice
      • Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Click-to-Dial and Music on Hold
      • 8×8 Team Messaging
      • 8×8 Meetings, up to 100 participants
      • Mobile Apps
      • Operator Switchboard
      • Call Recording
      • 5GB of Media Storage
      • Business SMS and texting
      • Unlimited Internet Faxing
        Third-party Integrations
      • Predictive Outbound Dialer
      • Interactive Voice Response
      • 8×8 Expert Connect
      • 8×8 Analytics Essentials


      • Auto-attendants
      • Barge
      • Call-Analytics
      • Call Logs, and monitoring
      • Call Recording
      • Conference Bridge and 3-way Conferencing
      • Corporate Directory on Phone
      • Custom Greetings
      • Custom Hold Music
      • Custom Messages
      • Custom Schedules
      • Dial by Extension
      • Dial by Name
      • Dial Plan Editor
      • Direct Inward Dialing
      • Direct Outward Dialing
      • Extension Dialing
      • Fax to Email
      • Hot Desking
      • Inbound Call Filters
      • Individual Call Logs
      • Intercom
      • Last Number Redial
      • LDAP Integration
      • Line fAIlover
      • Local & LD Dial-Tone
      • Message Waiting Indicator
      • Paging
      • Presence Monitoring
      • Ring Groups
      • Shared Lien Appearance
      • Speed Dial
      • Spy
      • Unlimited Auto Attendants
      • Unlimited Extensions
      • Virtual Fax
      • Voicemail to Email
      • Web-Based User and Admin Portals
      • Whisper


    • Integrated Softphone
    • iOS and Android Mobile App
    • Music on Hold
    • Ring Groups
    • Follow/Find
    • Call Recording
    • Outlook Integration
    • Voicemail
    • SmartBox unlimited storage
    • DID Numbers
    •  Audio/Video Streams
    • Auto Attendants
    • Team Rooms/Team Messaging
    • Unlimited Conferencing
    • ACE Operator Console
    • ConnectMe Video Conferencing
    • Screensharing
    • Skype 4 Business Integration
    • Digital Fax
    • Unified Live Monitor
    • Supervisory Modes
    • CRM Integration
    • Unlimited Call Queues
    • Lifetime Analytics
    • Detailed Reporting
    • App Designer
    • Call Catch
    • Call Forward Busy Line, Don’t Answer, Whisper and basic Call Forward
    • Call Waiting, Hold, Log Park and Transfer
    • Call Recording
    • Communicator
    • Conditional Call Catch
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Whisper
    • Find Me, Follow Me
    • Global Extension Plan
    • Hot Desking or Hoteling
    • Intercom
    • Local DID
    • Mobile iPhone & Android App
    • Multiple Devices/Extension
    • One Number
    • Paging
    • SMS
    • Online Portal
    • Sound Manager
    • Unlimited Domestic Calling
    • Virtual Fax
    • Block Numbers
    • Contact Book
    • Extension Maps
    • Announcement Groups
    • Business Hours
    • Music on Hold, Ringtones
    • Local & Toll-Free Numbers
    • Unlimited Calling in US & Canada
    • Unlimited SMS, MMS and group texting in US & Canada
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Controls (Transfer, Hold, Mute, etc)
    • HD Video Calling
    • Call Waiting
    • Voicemail Greeting
    • International Numbers
    • International offices in 40+ countries
    • Multiple offices supported
    • Automated system greeting
    • Operator routing (Round robin, fixed order, etc.)
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • Customizable hold music
    • Dial by Name Directory
    • Hold Queues
    • Real-Time Transcription
    • Audio Snippets
    • Shareable Post Call Summaries
    • Action Items
    • Manual Notes
    • Automatic transcript logging (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk)
    • Unlimited Conferences with UberConference Free (up to 10 participants)
    • SMS & MMS
    • Group Messaging
    • Chat
    • Custom historical call analytics
    • Automatic Recording
    • Web Call History
    • G Suite, Office 365, Dialpad Everywhere, LinkedIn, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce1, Service Now and Slack integrations
    • Single Sign-On
    • Failover Numbers
    • Web-Based admin portal
    • Desktop and Mobile Apps
Vendor Strengths
    • Strong platform that can be expanded with NextOS, to include even more business tools and functionalities
    • 8 US Data Centers with 99.999% uptime
    • Amazing, in-house 24/7 customer service (award-winning)
    • Listed as a leader in Gartner UCaaS MQ
    • Evolving and growing platform, recently saw thing bring in new tech
    • Strong collaboration focus, with desktop meetings and screen sharing
    • Strong overall platform, with contact center presence
    • Vonage owns Nexmo, which is a great compliment to the service and biggest competitor to Twilio
    • Offers great 24/7 US-based customer service and tech support.
    • Strong global presence, with unlimited calling and texting to 32 countries in the X Series X3 plan, with this number going up to 47 for the even more expensive plans
    • Noted as a Leader within the Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant
    • Jive’s pricing is structured based around included users, as opposed to limiting features to higher-level tiers
    • Custom pricing is available for teams that require over 99 seats
    • Jive was recently acquired by LogMeIn, and the platform is continuing to grow with new UCaaS features
    • 24/7/365 support with 99.999% uptime and proven quality of service
    • Panterra’s solution brings in even more capabilities (when you’re aiming for the free faxing) including UC and meeting tools
    • Strong foundation based on the Boardvoice platform that includes a virtual call center and related functionalities
    • Award-winning service
    • Dialpad offers a competitive platform with some truly unique capabilities, like a focus being placed on AI
    • Dialpad was also the provider to offer a free phone service, building off their proven roots from Google Voice
    • The Pro Plan gains some extra security functions as well, and otherwise expensive features including automatic recording, SSO and more



Nextiva is by no means a stranger to any of our lists — and for good reason. Nextiva can arguably be seen as one of the gold standards when it comes to modern Business Phone systems. We just recently listed Nextiva as one of the best enterprise companies to bet your careers on in 2019, and that says a lot.

Nextiva’s platform is known for innovation, and the provider has a history of updating their platform to not only match the latest paradigm shifts but introduce and invent their own as well. For example, NextOS is the provider’s newest take on the idea of an integrated communications platform.

nextiva business phone plans

When it comes to Business Phone Systems specifically, Nextiva’s Cloud PBX platform has always been considered a “best of the best” choice. Nextiva is one of the few providers to still offer their stand-alone virtual faxing solution.

When it comes to the need for a complete platform, with room to grow and a deep focus on modern collaboration and UCaaS solutions, Nextiva is one of the strongest choices — especially for organizations that prioritize in-house support and service, something Nextiva has been awarded for time and time again.


Just after RingCentral was included as a leader within Gartner’s most recent 2018 UCaaS Magic Quadrant, we went ahead and wrote a feature on the provider to highlight just why they are considered such a strong leader. And honestly, after going public, RingCentral has shown no signs of slowing down.

Just in January of 2019, we highlighted what seemed to be a recent industry trends, a bigger focus and priority being placed on growing a business phone system into not just a Unified Communications platform, but a complete customer engagement solution as well.

ringcentral business phone plans

RingCentral was one of the first providers we noticed to snatch up a new cloud contact center solution, with the provider acquiring Connect First. Like Nextiva, RingCentral is growing its focus into a more complete and robust platform, bringing in far more than just business phone features.

Similarly, RingCentral is one of the few providers to still offer a stand-alone virtual faxing solution and represents a very good marriage between the latest and also proven technologies.


As probably one of the most recognizable names in Business VoIP, the Vonage Business Cloud manages to always make their way onto some of the top recommendation lists — and that’s no different when it comes to unlimited business phone plans, either.

Vonage, like RingCentral and Nextiva, has been growing its overall platform and has recently placed a strong focus on customer engagement. Vonage owns Nexmo, one of Twilio’s largest competitors, and has grown the platform with some really strong use-cases with tools like the Nexmo Messages API.

vonage business phone plans

Of course, when it comes to searching for the best business phone plans, Vonage is also a great choice with not only a proven name but competitive service and features. Not to mention, Vonage has recently stepped up its game and includes 24/7 service to compete with some bigger names like Nextiva.

Even without branching further into extra services like Nexmo or call center software, Vonage’s core UC and business phone solution has continued to grow with the latest technologies and trends. Vonage even managed to include AI into their platform to help administrators better manage their solutions.  Despite all the cutting edge features, Vonage Business plans remain very affordable.


If you combine the best of the best from other providers, while adding on an international presence, you’ll be left with 8×8. One of 8×8’s strongest points, and a major reason for their leadership position within Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant, alongside RingCentral, is that global presence.

Not only does 8×8 have a proven, competitive and reliable platform, but their solution and capabilities extend beyond just the reaches of the United States, and is one of the strongest cloud-only communication provider options that branch through international markets.

8x8 business phone plans

8×8’s X3 plan offers international calling within 47 different countries, as well as local phone numbers. And on top of providing your organization with a complete, global communications platform, 8×8 solutions include VoIP phones and are packed with features you don’t normally find in a business phone system.

For example, their most popular plan includes outbound Predictive Dialer, a feature much more commonly found on automatic dialing specific platforms.

Jive Communications

Just recently acquired by meeting and collaboration leader LogMeIn, Jive Communications is in an even better position than they already were. By joining a proven meeting solution with a proven business phone and collaboration solution, Jive’s platform is even more robust and well-rounded than it has ever been.

We also went ahead and wrote a feature highlighting just exactly why Jive is such a unique UCaaS powerhouse. One major reason is not only the availability and accessibility of the solution, but the sheer number of options and features made available.

jive communications business phone plans

Jive’s Business Phone feature list is so extensive that we didn’t even bother attempting to cover the entire thing within the chart above. With features split into categories like Basic Voice Features, Call Management Features, Call Center Features, and Phone Service, it is clear that Jive’s focus directly on providing a great cloud business phone system hasn’t disappeared.

While Jive has become a UCaaS powerhouse, they are also still one of the providers that continues to offer virtual faxing on top of their latest paradigm shift.

PanTerra Streams

As one of the highest-rated providers on our own user reviews page, PanTerra may not be the most common name when it comes to business phone systems, but they are one of the best — especially if your business is in search of an unlimited phone plan that also includes virtual faxing.

PanTerra Networks is considered a leading provider for mid-market enterprise organizations, meaning companies with anywhere from 50 to 50,000 seats, with revenues anywhere from $50M and $5b. Panterra manages to cover a wide range of organizations and has a solution that can adapt to different requirements.

panterra streams business phone plans

PanTerra’s pricing chart structure is really easy to understand, and while teams may have to go up to the Call Center solution to gain unlimited faxing, organizations are then gaining even more functionality with some advanced capabilities, including an app designer, detailed reporting, unlimited call queues, intense admin controls and more. Their award-winning UC solutions are worth the consideration.


While BroadVoice may not always be on our radar for the latest announcements, the provider offers a wide range of cloud-delivered business solutions, of course including business phone systems and more recently a complete UCaaS platform.

Starting as a paper company run out of a dorm back in 1987, BroadVoice is no stranger to reinventing itself and has become an award-winning communications platform by 2017.

broadvoice business phone plans

Similar to other options on our list, the BroadVoice platform has a strong inclusion of not only modern communication capabilities and technologies, but a strong virtual call center offering and related functionalities, as well.

One truly unique aspect of BroadVoice’s platforms and solutions is their 4G Failover Network. If your service has any issues, or your business loses an internet connection due to weather, hardware failures or power outages, the system will automatically divert data to the wireless nationwide 4G network.

Of course, we can’t forget the unlimited calling and texting,  virtual fax, along with the option for not only local DID numbers but a global calling extension plan as well.


Dialpad has always been an interesting contender in the ever-growing business phone systems market. With humble beginnings, and founders coming from Google Voice, Dialpad has managed to keep that innovative spirit alive and truly manages to punch above their weight quite a bit.

A little while back I renowned Dialpad’s Free Business VoIP plan as being a truly unique offering, one that could help put them on the map while empowering organizations to get a taste of how Business VoIP can benefit their overall bottom line and business communications.

dialpad business phone plans

Even further from that, Dialpad more recently had introduced Artificial Intelligence into their solution, offering even the smallest organizations some really powerful functionalities, as AI is going to be one of the major differentiators for communication platforms in the time to come, as the technology only continues to grow.

Overall, Dialpad manages to hit the nail on the head with a modern, evolving and rapidly shifting platform that manages to include some of the most capable tools, while still maintaining the tried and true unlimited business phone plan so many businesses rely on — even including virtual faxing.  Additionally, Dialpad pricing remains very reasonable.


Understanding Why Choosing the Best Business Phone Plan Matters


When it comes to choosing the best of the best, we usually like to listen to the majority of customer and user feedback. At the end of the day, those that are using and purchasing the solutions are the ones that have real-world experience with the tools.

This proven experience helps decision-makers better understand what level of insight, thought and knowledge went into the review of the product, providing a great real-world image of how the solution will truly perform.

However, when we are generally comparing specific solutions, in this case, the most popular business VoIP platforms with unlimited calling, SMS and Faxing, we can even look towards the solutions themselves.

For example, a large number of UCaaS and business VoIP providers try to make it as easy as possible to shop for their solution, and therefore directly highlight with their offerings is the most popular among existing users.


The Best Business Phone Plans are Also the Most Popular


Looking back at all of this information, we can begin to formulate a solid basis for which to compare and contrast numerous providers. We’ve rounded up both the most popular and the best business phone plans and service offerings. From our research, we have been able to hone in what we feel are the best 8 most popular business VoIP plans.

It is also worth mentioning, the tricky part here wasn’t necessarily finding 8 good unlimited business phone plans or 8 solutions that users are happy with, that information is fairly easy to come by. You can take a look at our top business VoIP options to gain a larger understanding of the current landscape.

But when we hone in on very specific requirements, that’s when the situation and equation becomes a bit more complicated. For example, while unlimited calling and text is an expected staple of Business VoIP solutions, unlimited virtual faxing is a bit harder to come by at this point. Throw in unlimited business SMS and we have an even trickier paradigm.

Thankfully, the people have spoken and the most popular options are also the best business phone plans around.