On June 25, slightly before 7:00 AM, a Fonality user noted that he had to fix his coffee machine. This was in response to a tweet from VoIP provider Fonality, asking what the biggest challenge small and medium sized businesses face.

Unfortunately for Fonality customers, their biggest business challenge wasn’t undercaffination…at 3:21 PM Central Time, on June 25, Fonality’s servers went down, making it impossible for Fonality customers to make or receive phone calls, or use the Fonality Mobile app.  For the latest pulse on Fonality’s customer experience feel free to check our latest Fonality reviews.

I talked to Sean, in business development, at BombBomb,(bombbomb.com) an email marketing company that uses Fonality as its VoIP provider.  BombBomb is a small company, with ten employees, some of whom telecommute. Sean noticed that three numbers in a row had no ring, followed by a busy tone. He confirmed that it was his phone by calling his own mobile phone, and calling Fonality’s help desk. With no way of doing work, he sent out a tweet that his phone service was down, and urged BombBomb customers to email if their was a problem. He took his lunch break, and his service was back up when he got back. Given the situation, he had good timing on his side.

The Fonality help desk and Twitter feeds were on top of their game, fielding customers’ complaints, and sending tweets to specific customers to make sure they knew that service was up.

Fonality’s outage lasted for just about an hour, but it was a frustrating hour for Fonality customers. What they lost in phone service, they had to make up for in customer service. At approximately 4:18 Fonality sent out a tweet stating the “All issues are resolved…” –

Fonality Outage Tweet - June 25th, 2012

My thanks to Sean@BomBomb.com. BombBomb.com provides email marketing, including video email.

Fonality is a Plano, Texas based VoIP provider that focuses on small and medium sized businesses.  Here is Fonality’s service updates Twitter feed, and can be further viewed via Fonality’s Twitter page:

Fonality Service Outage - June 25, 2012