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Amazing Service Guarantee
Includes 45+ Premium Features
Works with Most IP Phones
Unlimited Calling & Faxing
$19.95 Free 30-Days
37 Reviews
Cloud Powered Business Phone System
Same Day Activation - 30 Day Free Trial
Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conferencing
Trusted by 300K+ Customers
$19.99 Free 30-Days
69 Reviews
MiCloud: 3 Months Free + Free Setup
Trusted by 60 Million Users Worldwide
Award-winning Reliability & Redundancy
Unlimited Calling/Faxing/Conferencing
$19.99 Free Cancel Anytime, Fees Apply
11 Reviews
Award-winning Business VoIP Experts
40+ Business Boosting Features
Unlimited Calling & Faxing
No Contracts + Expert Install
$19.99 Free Cancel Anytime, No Fees
49 Reviews
Fully Customizable Hosted VoIP
100% USA Based Support
Unlimited Calling + Free Features
Easy Setup - No Contracts
$19.95 Free Cancel Anytime, Fees May Apply
50 Reviews
Enterprise Features, SMB Pricing
No Hardware & Quick Implementation
100% US-Based Expert Support
Enterprise Class Reliability & Compliance
$20.00 Free Cancel Anytime, Fees May Apply
2 Reviews
Recognized Leader by Gartner & Forbes
Unlimited Calls to US/Canada & Europe
Real-time Call Analytics Tools
Toll Free Numbers & Minutes
$19.99 Free 30-Days
39 Reviews
Quality Cloud Based Solutions
Unlimited Plans - No Setup Fees
Easy to Manage - Friendly Interface
Reliable - Redundant Technology
$19.97 Free 30-Days
6 Reviews
Enterprise Options + Easy Integration
Free Calls to 1 Chosen Country
Remote Office & Mobile Client
Instant Phone Numbers in 50 Countries
$19.95 Free Cancel Anytime, No Fees, 30 days free trial
5 Reviews

Get to Know Our Top 5 Picks

Year Founded20052003197220031987
HeadquartersScottsdale, AZSan Mateo, CAOntario, CanadaAtlanta, GASan Jose, CA
Customer ServiceUS Based, Mon - Fri: 5am-6pm Sat: 9am-1pm MSTUS & Global, 24/7US & Global, 24/7US Based, Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm ESTUS Based, Mon - Fri 8am-5pm PST
Most Popular PlanOffice Pro PlusRingCentral Office StandardMiCloud BusinessUnlimited ExtensionsVirtual Office Unlimited
Month to Month Pricing of Popular Plan for a 10 Line System$329.50 per month ($32.95 per line)$349.90 per month ($34.99 per line)No month to month offerRequest a quote for details as each case is different and various discounts apply to new customers.As low as $199.90 per month ($19.99 per line)
Contract Pricing of Popular Plan for a 10 Line System$309.50 per month ($30.95 per line)$279.90 per month ($27.99 per line)$200 per month ($20 per line)No Contracts, all service are month to month.As low as $199.90 per month ($19.99 per line)
New Customer PromoFree Polycom VVX300 Phones ($200 value)30 day completely free trial of service and hardware, to all new subscribers with 2 or more users. Any free trial hardware must be returned within 21 days of cancellation.3 Months FreeFirst Month free always. However other unique discounts are available as well. Varies by month, contact sales for current promo
Number Porting (Is there a cost to transfer my existing phone number?)FreeFreeFreeWaived for new customers.Fee varies by plan. Fees can be waived for certain deals
Paperless Faxing OptionsStarts at $4.95/mo/500 pagesStarts at $7.99/mo/500 Pages$4.95/mo Unlimited Paperless Fax Only$15/mo Unlimited Paperless Fax Only$20/mo Unlimited Paperless Fax Only
Toll Free NumberNumber Provided Free (Incoming calls are $0.02/min)$5/mo (1000 Mins Included, Add'l $0.03/min)$4.95/mo per Toll DID ($0.04/min) $39.99/mo, No per minute charges$25.99/mo (1500 Mins Included, Add'l $0.03/min)
Voicemail to Text Transcribtion
Voicemail to Email Transcribtion
Free Phone OfferYes, multiple phones to choose from including Polycom, YealinkNo Free PhonesNo Free PhonesNo Free PhonesYes, but varies by month, contact sales for current free phone promo.
BYOD Option (Use own/existing phones)Yes, Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, Panasonic, and all other major models.Yes, Polycom & Cisco phones only. Also allows BYOD for mobiles, tablets, and laptops.No - must get new phones with service.Yes, but limitations applyYes, but must meet 8x8 standards.
More Detailswww.nextiva.comwww.ringcentral.comwww.mitel.comwww.vonage.comwww.8x8.com

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How to Choose the Best Business VoIP Provider for Your Needs

Depending on the amount of lines/extensions needed, your monthly fees can start as low as $20 per line from an award-winning company like RingCentral. Knowing exactly what you need will make the transition fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Whether a small business VoIP provider or large enterprise, every company has a different list of services, feature sets, and prices. Depending on the size of your business, you must take in to account features needed, and the amount of unanticipated usage.

  • Step 1 - check your internet connection/bandwidth to make sure you have sufficient Internet speed (your provider can you help determine this).
  • Step 2 - with your budget and service needs in mind, narrow down particular provider offerings to see who can offer you the best service package for your budget.
  • Step 3 - decide which equipment is best for your company's current and foreseeable needs. You may purchase a phone from $50 up to $500 with all the bells and whistles.
  • Finally - compare companies, available features, and their reliability by reading consumer reviews.

Additionally, here are some questions to ask a potential provider:
- What are the startup & recurring costs?
- Is there a money back guarantee?
- Can you port phone numbers? Costs involved?
- Is there a contract? Are there cancelation fees? Know what the cancelation process is like.
- Are there any hidden fees?
- Which features are included, and which features cost extra?
- Is there international calling?
- What kind of support is available?

Have full control over your phone system

Typically, users will be able to fully control and customize their business telephone system from a dedicated web-based portal that is provided with the service. These portals are not just user friendly, they are completely digital and allow changes to be made in real-time, taking effect almost immediately.

With full system control at your fingertips, you set your preferred call settings, and change it instantly as needed. You can easily set up your phone to automatically go to voice mail or go to another extension. And unlike old phone systems, you can set special rules. Let’s imagine you are in your office, and you have very important work to do, but you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone…except your secretary. You can set a rule that every call goes to voice mail except calls from a certain caller.

Key Benefits of Business VoIP Systems:

Voice over IP communications allow you to get work done more efficiently by managing the most important resource you have: your own time and attention.

Work When & Where You Want  - One common feature is called “find me/follow me.” Instead of having separate numbers for your office, cell phone, and home office, you have one “virtual extension.” You can program the virtual number to ring all of your phones simultaneously, or in order, and how to handle a missed call. You decide if a call should go to voicemail, or to another extension. The virtual extension also works on outgoing calls. When you make a call using your VoIP service, the receiving caller ID will show your number, regardless of which device you are calling from.

Flexible Messaging Options - There are a number of options available that make retrieving and maintaining your messages very simple. With Voicemail Transcription, you can read the message in your inbox, or receive it as a text instead of listening to it. Let’s say a client calls you about a fax he needs, and leaves a fax number on the message. With a few clicks you can virtually send the fax as a PDF to that number.

Telecommute Easier - There are times when you don’t need a big meeting; you just want to call your colleague.  A “hosted PBX” is a cloud based communications network, not just for one office, but across the entire company. With a hosted PBX system, every worker has an extension, and whether you want to reach Des Moines or Dubai, just dial up that extension and you’re connected. 

Multiple Numbers on DemandBuilding a multifaceted business with any kind of localized number or vanity number. A VoIP phone service is only as strong as it is dynamic, with multiple numbers, all having specific assignments to fulfill. Internet phone providers will usually offer these additional number for free, or a very small monthly fee - it all differs depending on the company. Explore options to find out if a provider supplies key components beyond a local number such as toll-free numbers, virtual faxing, virtual extensions, and in specific cases, whether porting over the number your customers are familiar with will be possible. Other aspects to take a look at are unlimited calling features, directory assistance, and the capabilities/limitations of your E911 service. Any way you slice it, an educated business is an empowered business - know what is available and take advantage of it.

The limitless features of business VoIP systems allow your company to digitize, customize, and optimize your communication experience and ultimately transform your entire organization. Which business VoIP provider is right for you?

Advanced Calling with Cloud Communication Features:

In addition to standard features you'll come to expect and utilize with your new business phone service, there are also lots of "premium" features that most providers offer. In many cases, these include some perks that are unique to a company's service - one that sets them apart from their competitors. At times, they are simply novelties that might be used sparingly, although there are advanced features that many organizations can't imagine doing business without. Here are some of the advanced calling features you can expect with VoIP:

  • Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) -  This feature works as an automated receptionist able to greet callers and direct them to departments, individuals, extensions, etc. through menus.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - This feature is essentially a more advanced version of the call hunting feature; however, instead of routing to one set number of phones, this system is smart enough to connect the right individual for each individual call.
  • Business SMS - Send text messages to clients, colleagues, and departments professionalism through your business phone number from your smartphone.
  • Call Barge-In - Allows a user to enter a call (forced conferencing barge)—which can create a three-way call—as well as monitor (listen in on) active calls. In utilizing this feature, administrators can choose to enact a warming tone that lets the other user(s) know when a barge is about to occur.
  • Call Me Now - This allows a customer to access your business directly by entering their phone number on your company’s website.
  • Call Recording - Employees are able to record, playback, download and delete any incoming and/or outgoing phone call. This is often an extension level service—meaning individuals can choose to enable this on an individual extension basis as well as throughout their entire system.
  • Conference Bridge - This enables businesses to hold their own conference callers. Different providers will allow different number of participants; however, the average is around 15-25 participants for a flat monthly price. 
  • Day/Night Mode - Allows users to set specific sets of rules for business hours (Day) and after hours, when everyone is out of the office (Night).  The night mode serves as an autopilot type mode until the day mode is enabled (by users) during business hours.
  • Find Me/Follow Me - These are two separate technologies that work together to allow incoming phone calls to be received at different locations and/or by different phones. Find Me refers to the location, whereas Follow Me refers to the phone.
  • Hunt Group - This refers to a grouping of extensions organized to process specific calls. This can also refer to Line Hunts, which is a mode of distribution in which phone calls from a single number are distributed to a group composed of several phone lines.
  • User Web Portal - When users sign up for VoIP service they’re typically given access to a web portal where they can control various aspects of their account—i.e. cancel/add features, pay bills, manage users, view account settings, edit settings, handle calls, program greetings and messages, direct call traffic, and more.

  • Video Conferencing - Going even further than conference calling, video conference calling works the same way, but also presents all parties with a picture (live video) of the other callers.

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