Pen versus keyboard, which do you choose?

Handwriting is becoming more and more obsolete, which is no surprise considering the average American devotes more than 10 hours a day to a screen. Using a keyboard may seem like the most efficient option, but what are you losing out on by not putting the pen (or pencil) to paper?

Recent studies show that you are losing out on a lot including improved critical thinking skills, a better understanding of new ideas, and enhanced focus. Take a look at how you can reap the benefits of handwriting at work in our infographic below. With science-backed data and practical applications, you’ll be increasing your brain power at the office in no time.

Benefits of handwriting infographic

Writing isn’t exactly hard, but at work it often seems much easier and more convenient to type and share electronic documents. Educational Psychologist Dr. Kenneth Kiewra adds, “Ironically, the very feature that makes laptop note-taking so appealing—the ability to take notes more quickly—was what undermined learning.” Computers aren’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we need to forget about the advantages of putting the pen to paper.

Whether you need a digital detox or are looking for alternative ways to work smarter, it can be nice to switch things up at the office. Grab your notebook as you walk into your next meeting or utilize the whiteboard in your conference room. It’ll be a good break from the screen, enhance creativity, and help you work smarter!

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