Work is so much more enjoyable when you get along with your coworkers, especially if you have to interact closely with them. When office drama is thrown into the mix, work can turn from a collaborative environment to a hostile one.

One nasty coworker is all it takes to make your life miserable. A colleague that is out to get you (and goes out of their way to do so) can sabotage your professional life and make you dread going to work everyday.

We’ve all had experience with those illogical, passive aggressive, and overall mean colleagues. To point out their worst habits, we put together this infographic on ways to tell if your colleagues don’t like you.


You probably found at least one thing a coworker has done to you in the infographic above. If you’re the only one your colleague singles out or treats differently, it’s a sure sign that you’re not their biggest fan. But the bigger question is why — what made that person turn against you?

Perhaps they see you as competition. Or maybe you’re difficult to work with and can be more sensitive to the needs of others. Whatever the case, if possible it’s best to try and resolve your issues before they escalate.

If your coworker sees you as competition, ask them questions on areas you have difficulty with and show them you want to work together rather than challenge them. If you butt heads with teammate, ask how you can improve to make the process more seamless.

Of course, sometimes there’s no compromising with colleagues. These types of employees and managers are toxic for the business. Toxic managers and toxic employees come in all forms from people who think they know everything to those who are lazy, but charismatic. They may not like you, but they’re not too likable themselves.

Have a story about a colleague that didn’t like you (or a toxic manager or employee)? Share it with us below!