Dogs are known to have a calming effect. According to Harvard Medical School, dog owners have lower blood pressure and are better at handling stress. In an office environment where employees are constantly under pressure, dogs can really help lighten the mood.

Studies have shown that having dogs around can lead to more trust between coworkers and increased collaboration. They also encourage employees to take a much needed break to go out for a walk or play with fido, and come back more focused and relaxed.

Many large and successful companies like Google and Amazon allow pooches in office. Google even offers pet health insurance. Other dog-friendly companies include Zynga, Etsy, Salesforce, Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, and coworking spaces like WeWork.

Though a dog-friendly office may not be for everyone, it’s no surprise that many successful business leaders have embraced the power of pets (and some have even opened their offices to furry friends). Many business leader’s dogs even have the characteristics of stellar business people — smart, confident, loyal.

To find out just how much business leader’s dogs reflected their personalities (and vice versa) we compared the characteristics of the leaders and their pooches. See how they stack up below.


Are your curious about the characteristics or your dog or what your dog’s breed says about you? You can find out more about your pooch’s personality from the American Kennel Club.

Dog behaviourist Cesar Millan also gives a good explanation about the relationship between dog breeds and owner personalities.

      • Labradors and Golden Retrievers – People who own labs and golden retrievers are sociable, easygoing, carefree, honest, and lovable.
      • Poodles and Toy Breeds – People who own poodles and toy breeds are sincere, fun loving, loyal, and neat.
      • Terriers – People who own terriers are flexible, focused, brave, competitive, and talkative.
      • Pugs – People who own pugs are cheerful and strive to live life to the fullest.
      • Cocker Spaniels – People who own cocker spaniels are charming, trustworthy, affectionate, and maintain a close friend group.

You can see the complete list of breeds and personalities here to find out how well you match up, or find a furry friend that mirrors your personality.