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NICE CXone is an enterprise-grade contact center software platform providing inbound/outbound voice and data services with advanced CCaaS features powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

NICE CXone is a great choice for international companies as it provides call routing to over 200 countries along with elastic call queuing, HIPAA compliance, and a 99.99% uptime.

The CXOne platform is developer-friendly and completely customizable with over 140 pre-built integrations, RESTful APIs, and SDKs from the DEVone developer community.

Despite its rising popularity, there are several reasons companies might choose to go with a NICE CXone alternative. Read on to find out how some of our favorite CCaaS providers measure up to NICE CXone.

The below table provides a quick overview of the top NICE CXone alternatives we cover in more detail in this post.

Provider Pricing Best Feature
Five9 $149-$229 per month/user AI-powered workflow automations
Talkdesk $75-$125+ per month/user AI-powered analytics
Genesys $75-$155 per month/user Agent performance gamification
RingCentral Contact Center Starts at $65 per month/user Full-featured native video conferencing
Twilio Flex $1 per hour or $150/user/mo Skills-based routing
Dialpad AI Contact Center $80-$150 per user/mo. AI scorecards and CSAT



Why Look For A NICE CXone Alternative?

Below are some reasons businesses might switch away from NICE CXone:

  • Price: NICE CXone does not publish their prices and users complain about this lack of transparency alongside expensive fees for advanced features.
  • Customer support: NICE CXone users complain about slow response times from customer service.
  • Lack of video conferencing: NICE CXone does not offer a native video conferencing tool like many of its competitors.
  • User interface: The CXOne interface is not as user-friendly as competitors, particularly when it comes to analytics dashboards.


How We Ranked NICE CXone Alternatives in This Article

We selected and ranked the CCaaS providers in this article based on several factors:

  • Features: Does the provider offer popular features such as AI-powered routing, virtual assistants, and call monitoring?
  • Pricing: Does the provider offer plans for a variety of budgets and provide value for the price?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to set up and use the contact center software? Are agent dashboards user-friendly?
  • Customer support: Is the provider’s customer support team available 24/7 and responsive? Are customer service issues resolved in a timely manner?
  • Security/Reliability: Is there an uptime guarantee? Are data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other VoIP security features included?


Five9 - Best For Increasing Agent Efficiency

Five9 Live Inbound Call

Five9 is a cloud contact center named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant due to its cutting-edge conversational AI tools.

Five’s platform allows businesses to engage with customers on any channel with the help of automation and workforce engagement tools designed to streamline call center operations and increase customer satisfaction.


Five9 is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • Workflow automation: Five9’s intuitive platform allows users to create low code/no code workflow automations connecting customer data across the cloud.
  • High quality customer support: Five9 offers world class 24/7 customer service to all users.
  • To build a customer self-service system: Five9 includes a number of tools for self-service such as voicebots, chatbots, and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs).


Key Features

  • Omnichannel Communication: Platform streamlines numerous communications channels, uniting VoIP calling, SMS, Whatsapp, text messaging, etc.
  • Digital first IVAs: Users can build intelligent virtual agents that serve as self-service chatbots or voicebots.
  • Call center quality monitoring: Supervisors can silently monitor live calls, offer agents “whisper coaching”, or barge in on calls. The QM status of each agent is color-coded and visible to other supervisors.
  • Call and screen recording: Includes synchronized voice/screen playback and digital channel transcription.


Pricing & Plans

five9 pricing

Five9 offers three pricing plans outlined below:

  • Core/Digital Plan ($149 per user/month): Includes voice or digital channel functionality with recording, auto dialing, agent desktop, and workflow automation
  • Premium ($169 per user/month): Adds on essential quality management features
  • Optimum ($199 per user/month): Adds on enterprise workforce management features
  • Ultimate ($229 per user/month): Adds on interaction analytics


User Experience

Five9 users report that the platform is easy to use with an intuitive user interface. Automations can be built with low or no code. Account management is also flexible and managers can scale licenses on a monthly basis.

Five9 Pros:

  • Auto dialing capabilities: Five9 includes a preview, predictive, power, progressive, and TCPA dialer with all plans
  • Automations: Five9 automations enable users to automate almost any repetitive task from follow-ups to after contact work.
  • AI-powered agent assist: Five9’s Agent Assist provides agents with real-time guidance cards, checklists, reminders, tips, and more.

Five9 Cons:

  • Price wall for WEM: Workforce engagement tools are only included in upper level pricing plans
  • Video conferencing: Five9 does not offer a native video conferencing platform
  • Expensive: Five9 pricing starts at $149 per user/month, but that plan only includes the essentials–advanced features are only offered as add-ons


Talkdesk - Best For Financial Services Sector

talkdesk live

Talkdesk is a call center software provider that offers intelligent routing features, real-time analytics, and workforce management capabilities. Where Talkdesk really shines is with its industry-specific packages.

Talkdesk has two packages for the Financial services sector: Banking and insurance. Both packages feature industry-specific virtual agents, pre-built workflows and integrations, and the option to add on both WFM and customer experience analytics.


Talkdesk is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • A small call center solution: Talkdesk is more affordable than NICE CXone with a “voice only” option, making it a better choice for small businesses
  • High quality customer support: Talkdesk customers have praised the provider for its onboarding support, ticket tracking, and customer-agent communication
  • A highly secure platform: Talkdesk has more than 30 security certifications including HIPAA, GDPR, and the industry’s only ISO 22301 Business Continuity certification


Standout Features

  • Generative AI-powered analytics: Managers use generative AI to draw insights from customer interactions
  • Real time dashboards: Users create custom dashboards that compare performance with SLAs and key metrics
  • Mobile App: Agents can handle outbound and inbound calls from mobile devices with Talkdesk Conversations mobile app for Android and iOS
  • IVR call routing: Route calls based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours, agent skills, etc.


Pricing & Plans

talkdesk pricing

Talkdesk offers three pricing plans:

  • CX Cloud Essential ($75 per user/month): Includes inbound/outbound/hybrid voice functionality along with IVR and API access
  • CX Cloud Elevate ($95 per user/month): Adds on chat, email and SMS channels along with screen recording and quality management
  • CX Cloud Elite ($125 per user/month): Adds on custom reporting and the choice of WFM, customer experience analytics, agent assist, pr proactive outbound engagement

Talkdesk also offers industry specific packages with pre-built workflows, integrations, and 100% uptime SLA. Industry package users can select two add ons (WFM, customer experience analytics, agent assist, etc.)

Specific industry packages include: 

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and sales teams
  • FedRAMP certified (ability to meet the highest security standards for information confidentiality, integrity, and availability)


User Experience

Talkdesk offers a lot of customization options, particularly when it comes to analytics. While this offers users a lot of flexibility, it also means there is a steep learning curve.

Several users have complained that the reporting and workforce management dashboards are complicated to use.

Talkdesk Pros:

  • Affordable: Starting at $75 per month/user, Talkdesk is one of the more affordable CCaaS providers
  • Integrations: Over 70 out-of-the-box integrations included for all users
  • Onboarding support: Talkdesk offers high quality onboarding support to all users

Talkdesk Cons:

  • Limited availability of mobile app: Mobile app is only available for the Elevate pricing plan and up
  • Limited availability of advanced AI features: AI-powered WEM tools and analytics are only available to Elite plan users–and they must choose between WEM or customer experience analytics
  • Uptime SLA: Although Talkdesk offers advanced reliability features such as FedRAMP and 100% uptime SLA, they are only included with upper tier pricing plans


Genesys - Best for SMBs

Genesys Agent Assist

Genesys is a virtual PBX and CCaaS provider offering voice only, digital only, and combined voice/digital call center systems that enable companies to build customer self-service solutions, engage across channels, and leverage AI-powered automations and analytics.

Genesys is a great choice for SMBs due to its affordable prices, user-friendly interface, and 24/7 customer support.


Genesys is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • To improve customer service: Genesys includes a number of tools for customer service including AI-powered chatbots, knowledge management, co-browsing and screen share
  • Fast and easy adoption without IT assistance: Genesys has an intuitive interface that makes it simple and quick to build routing flows, create voice bots, and connect with customers across channels
  • To motivate agents: Genesys includes several WFM and WEM tools to motivate and improve employee performance such as gamification and automated workflows for after-call work, time-off approvals, and trades


Key Features

  • SMS and social media messaging: Communicate with customers on any digital channel with automations, asynchronous conversations, and unified agent dashboards
  • Virtual assistants and predictive engagement: AI-powered assistants reach out to every customer and respond to questions using natural language processing
  • Work forecasting and scheduling: Create call volume forecasts in minutes and generate, adjust, and publish work schedules accordingly
  • Live chat: Create a web chat system for customers with quick reply and file sharing capabilities


Pricing & Plans

genesys cloudcx pricing

Genesys offers three CCaaS pricing plans:

  • Genesys Cloud CX 1 ($75/user/mo.): Includes inbound/outbound voice calling with Interactive Voice Response and real-time and historical reporting
  • Genesys Cloud CX 2 ($95/user/mo. for digital only or $115/user/mo. for digital and voice): Adds on SMS, messaging, digital outbound campaigns, etc.
  • Genesys Cloud CX 3 ($135/user/mo. for digital only or $155/user/mo. for digital and voice): Adds on workforce engagement tools such as forecasting, scheduling, and gamification


User Experience

Genesys offers a minimalist user interface with clear audio, fast and easy setup, and user friendly dashboards. Some Genesys users have reported issues with the Genesys agent leaderboard and the Genesys mobile app.

Genesys Pros

  • Flexibility in pricing plans: At each pricing tier, users can choose whether they want just voice, or both digital and voice channels
  • Affordable (especially for voice only): Genesys offers a very affordable bare bones plan without digital channels that only includes essential CCaaS features such as voicemail and smart IVR routing
  • User friendly interface: Supervisors are able to setup call flows, update agent queues/skills, build bots, etc. without IT assistance

Genesys Cons

  • Limited WEM availability: WEM tools only included in upper tier pricing plans
  • Some hidden fees: Users must purchase the Genesys AI Experience as an add-on ($40/mo.) to access predictive engagement, digital and voice bots, agent assist, predictive routing, etc.
  • Security/reliability: Although Genesys has multiple security compliance certifications, it does not offer advanced security features such as E2EE or an uptime SLA


RingCentral Contact Center - Best For Enterprises

ringcentral digital messaging contact center

RingCentral Contact Center is a reliable and secure cloud phone system and contact center platform that provides users with a plethora of advanced features (including AI-powered speech analytics) and integration options.

RingCentral Contact Center users also have access to RingCentral robust video conferencing platform, which includes features such as video recording, waiting room, AI-powered live transcription, and noise cancellation.


RingCentral is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • Scalability: RingCentral has an affordable contact center solution with limited analytics, but users can scale up to add users and advanced features quickly and easily
  • Workforce engagement: WEM tools can be purchased as an add-on by any RingCentral user and are included in upper tier pricing plans
  • Video conferencing: RingCentral includes its native enterprise-grade video conferencing platform for all contact center users


Standout Features

  • Feedback and coaching: RingCentral includes built-in supervisor tools including call monitoring, whisper, and barge
  • AI-powered keyword tracking: Admins can create custom concept or key phrase trackers in addition to built-in trackers for common sales categories
  • Auto dialing: RingCentral Contact Center offers preview, predictive, and progressive auto dialers as an add-on
  • Real-time AI agent assist: Leverages AI and NLP to offer agents suggested replies or automate tasks while they are communicating with customers


Pricing & Plans

Ringcentral CC pricing

RingCentral offers two pricing plans

  • RingCX (starting at $65/user/mo.): Includes unlimited domestic inbound and manual outbound minutes with video, 20+ digital channels, IVR, call recording, post-call speech analytics, etc.
  • RingCentral Contact Center: Includes 30+ digital channels, adds on screen and digital recording, journey analytics, etc.


User Experience

RingCentral’s platform is user-friendly with intuitive agent dashboards and several customizable analytics templates. The main complaint that users have is with the frequency of updates and how much the updates alter the look and feel of the platform.

RingCentral Pros:

  • Reliable and secure: RingCentral offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee along with advanced security features such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Affordable option for SMBs: RingCentral offers a starter contact center plan at just $65 per user/mo., one of the lowest prices in the industry
  • Integrations: RingCentral has one of the largest integration ecosystems in the SaaS space with over 300 integrations

RingCentral Cons:

  • WEM features: Some of RingCentral’s WEM features (real-time agent assist, advanced surveys, etc.) are only available as add-ons
  • Customer support: Some RingCentral users complain that customer support is difficult to reach and resolutions are slow
  • Steep learning curve: RingCentral’s platform is highly customizable, but along with many options comes a steep learning curve and a lengthy onboarding process


Twilio Flex - Best For Omnichannel Support

Twilio Flex Customer Profile

Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center software platform designed to work with the third-party telephony and management tools your company already uses.

Twilio users choose the channels they wish to communicate on, then personalize every customer interaction with detailed customer profiles that pull in data from any source such as Zendesk, Salesforce, billing systems, ERPs, etc.


Twilio is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • To add communication channels: Flex Conversations, an architecture for asynchronous channel capabilities, supports SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google, etc. and allows agents to switch seamlessly between channels using unified dashboards
  • A customizable platform: Twilio enables users to customize almost any aspect of the UI, including self-service, connectivity, reporting dashboards, etc.
  • To augment an existing call center platform: Flex works alongside systems that companies are already using to add new channels or features


Key Features

  • Skills-based routing: Twilio’s TaskRouter tool enables users to match tasks to workers while maintaining escalation and fallback rules
  • IVR: Twilio users can build IVR call flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop UI
  • Reporting/Analytics: Twilio users can take advantage of built-in templates for monitoring and managing KPIs or create custom dashboards and reports


Pricing & Plans

twilio flex pricing

Twilio offers two paid pricing plans:

  • Per-hour pricing: $1 per active user hour
  • Per user pricing: $150 per month per named user

Both pricing plans include all Twilio features such as intelligent routing, WebChat, reporting, and analytics.


User Experience

Twilio is designed to work with an existing contact center system or CRM, and so adoption tends to be fast as users do not have to learn an entirely new system. Additionally, Twilio features user friendly drag-and-drop tools for building call flows.

Twilio Pros

  • Flexible pricing: Twilio users can choose to pay per hour or per user depending on what the needs of the business are
  • Free plan: Twilio is one of the few contact center software providers to offer a robust free plan with 5,000 active user hours
  • Variety of communication channels: Twilio has a large number of digital channels compared to competitors, including social media channels and Google Business Messages

Twilio Cons

  • Fewer native features than competitors: Twilio is not an out-of-the-box full service contact center solution
  • Steep learning curve: Although Twilio’s UI is user friend;y, some developer knowledge may be required to take full advantage of customizations
  • Pricing limitations: Twilio users cannot mix and match pricing plans and when using the free plan, customers will be alerted that the company is using a “free trial”


Dialpad AI Contact Center - Best For Workforce Management and Engagement


Dialpad AI Contact Center is a virtual contact center platform that allows agents to communicate with customers across channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat under one pane of glass.

As its name suggests, Dialpad AI focuses heavily on AI, ML, and NLP innovation and includes many AI-powered tools such as live caller sentiment analysis, real-time analytics, and flexible call routing.


Dialpad is a Good Alternative to NICE CXone if You Need:

  • A helpdesk solution: Dialpad includes several tools to help agents provide helpdesk support such as AI-powered popup cards
  • Reliability: All Dialpad AI Contact Center plans come with a 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Flexibility and Scalability: All Dialpad Contact Center users have the option to add digital channels and/or advanced features like live assist, AI scorecards, etc.


Key Features

  • Automated voicemail and callback: Allows customers to specify which number they want to be called back on and at what time
  • Real-time speech analysis: Analyzes ongoing calls tracking for customer sentiment, keywords, challenging questions, etc.
  • Custom wallboards: Displays real-time data and insights in an intuitive dashboard with gamification and goal setting capabilities
  • Video meetings: Robust video conferencing platform with screen sharing, meeting lock, waiting room, etc. Up to 150 participants with 5 hour meeting duration


Pricing & Plans

Dialpad AI Contact Center offers three pricing tiers:

  • Essentials Plan ($80 per user/mo.): Includes, IVR, automatic call distribution (ACD), call recording, video meetings, etc. with the option to add on more advanced features
  • Advanced Plan ($115 per user/mo.): Adds on real-time and live assist, custom moments, digital virtual agent, etc.
  • Premium Plan ($150 per user/mo.): Adds on all digital channels, AI scorecards and AI CSAT


User Experience

Dialpad’s UI for both the desktop and mobile app is intuitive and user friendly. Although there are less customization options than other providers, Dialpad AI Contact Center offers fast adoption and quick setup.

Dialpad Pros

  • Customer service: All plans include live customer support and premium support is available as an add-on
  • Agent assistance: Includes numerous tools to increase agent efficiency such as automated post call work, call scripting, and live coaching capabilities
  • DialpadGPT: Contact Center users have access to proprietary generative AI that creates content based on large datasets

Dialpad Cons

  • Digital channels: Dialpad only includes digital channels in the highest pricing tier (other users can purchase digital channels together or separately as an add-on)
  • Lack of customizations: Dialpad does not allow for as many customization options as competitors
  • Lack of self service functionality: Dialpad does not offer features like chatbots and voicebots


Should you Choose NICE CXone or an Alternative?

If you are still unsure which CCaaS solution should you choose–NICE CXone or an alternative, here are some more tips for you.


When to Use NICE CXone

  • For an international calling solution: NICE CXone offers voice services in over 200 countries.
  • If you need a completely custom solution: NICE CXone is an open cloud platform allowing users to utilize APIs and SDKs, or choose from over 140 out-of-the-box integrations.
  • For workforce engagement management or optimization (WEM/WFO): NICE CXone’s platform includes WEM tools such as AI-powered forecasting, scheduling, and more.


When to Use a NICE CXone Alternative

  • If your company doesn’t have a full-time IT department: NICE CXone users have complained about complex interfaces and difficult to reach customer support.
  • If low cost is a priority: NICE CXone can get expensive especially if advanced features are needed. Other low cost alternatives include Avaya, Vonage and Cloudtalk.
  • If you frequently use video conferencing: NICE CXone does not include native video conferencing. If you know you will be having video meetings often, you might consider Webex Contact Center, RingCentral, or Dialpad.


Implementing Your Contact Center Software

Whether you choose one of these NICE CXone alternatives or opt for another provider, preparing for the CCaaS implementation process ahead of time is essential.

Though contact center solutions can be purchased in just a few minutes directly on the provider’s website, the installation and configuration process can take several weeks.

Always check to see if your existing equipment is compatible with the platform, or consider buying hardware directly from the provider. The same goes for any third-party business software or applications you plan to integrate.

Most providers offer custom onboarding packages and, if needed, onsite training, for an additional cost. On-demand webinars, online knowledge bases with video tutorials, and user forums are additional onboarding tools.

Expect the process to take anywhere from one week to several months, depending on your contact center’s size, preferred communication channels, and available features.