Vonage is looking to expand its Contact Center footprint. In their latest round of announcements and product developments, the leading UC provider opened up their existing omnichannel contact center platform, Vonage CX Cloud, to all existing Vonage Business Cloud customers.

This is great news for SMBs specifically, those both already utilizing Vonage or those in search of the right platform. Vonage CX Cloud enables organizations to provide cutting-edge customer service and support with some of the latest technologies and functionality included in their call center software.

Accessible and Cutting Edge

Simply put, Vonage CX Cloud is the UC provider’s complete omnichannel contact center solution. Integrated with NICE inContact CXone, a market-leading cloud customer experience solution, the combined platform enables businesses of all sizes to provide best-in-class customer experiences. In fact, Vonage CX Cloud includes some of latest trending technologies within the contact center space.

“Vonage CX Cloud is a robust contact center solution that provides businesses the tools to create modern, meaningful, and memorable customer experiences,” said Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer for Vonage. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with NICE inContact and extend to our Vonage Business Cloud customers a solution that enables them to interact with their customers with the highest levels of reliability, flexibility and engagement.”

By leveraging the Nexmo platform, Vonage CX Cloud can be customized by users through the API platform, with functionality including:

  • Real-time sentiment analysis: By providing direct, real-time insight into a customer’s sentiments and emotions, agents can provide a more tailored experience thanks to better decision-making and context information.
  • Self-Service Capabilities: Customers are looking for quick and simple support and will seek out their own support if possible. Vonage CX Cloud includes advanced, visual IVR systems and chatbots for customer self-service.

Overall, core capabilities of Vonage CX Cloud include:

  • Flexible, reliable, fast and intelligent customer communication tools to enable teams to work towards improved customer satisfaction
  • Integration with Vonage’s UCaaS platform allowing both better experiences, and seamless communication and collaboration between agents, supervisors and administrators.
  • Omnichannel routing to connect customers to the right agent on their preferred channel and enabling agents to connect with customers on multiple channels simultaneously.
  • Enhanced analysis to provide improved visibility for supervisors
  • Improved overall productivity through intelligent workflow tools
  • The ability to scale quickly and easily to meet customer and company demands

Like I said, this positions Vonage’s contact center as a very modern platform, hitting on some of the key trends we’ve discussed within just the last year or so, and even some we haven’t (like SMS automation).Consumers are increasingly demanding quick resolution during an interaction, and it’s about utilizing the correct tools to enable your agents to provide those quick resolutions.

For example, real-time sentiment analysis is an incredibly powerful tool that should not be overlooked. While it seems as if customers are avoiding phone support, the channel is still incredibly popular — but the issues still exist.

It can be easy for a caller to become frustrated or upset during an interaction, and understandably so. Sentiment analysis enables the agent to become aware of this and drive better decision-making to tailor the experience of that interaction as necessary.

The Bottom Line

By offering the complete Vonage CX Cloud platform to all existing and new Vonage Business Cloud customers, the provider is greatly expanding the availability of an intelligent, state-of-the-art cloud contact center solution. No longer limited to large organizations or Vonage Enterprise customers, even SMBs can establish and maintain an omnichannel contact center.

This helps level the playing field greatly for those smaller businesses, enabling them to provide the same experiences that customers have come to expect, and demand. Self-service options are specifically growing, with customers and clients seeking to solve issues on their own. Chatbots offer a great “first line of defense,” for example. This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vonage introduce a bot of some sort.

However, it is worth mentioning that customers do still overall prefer interactions with other humans, which is why other functionalities like real-time sentiment analysis is also incredibly important. Overall, this is a great move both for Vonage and Vonage customers — by expanding their overall contact center footprint, Vonage can become a stronger presence in the market. Meanwhile, businesses of all sizes will have even more access to some of the latest technologies and trends.