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Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, 1-VoIP was built on the premise that excellent service and support will better retain...
Oklahoma City, OK
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Beware, if you run a small business, your features are very, very limited. Don't let the cheap prices sway you. You do get what you pay for.

We are all working from home because of the pandemic and you would not know this because they don't tell you, but you are only limited to 75 voicemails. And they don't tell you when it's full. So for almost a month we were not getting any voicemails from clients during our busiest time of the year.

Their customer service rep didn't even care. Did not find it odd that they do not notify their customers when voicemail is full lol

Then I talked to their rude and abrasive lawyer who had the gall to question what we do all day and why we don't answer our phones..when everyone is working from home..during a pandemic.

These people are disconnected from what service they are providing.

Oh, and their portal platform is something out of 1999. Good luck using it. Cannot get call logs or recordings from the portal even though they say you can. You have to call them and it takes them days to put it together. Completely pathetic.

Terrible service, terrible representatives, terrible features. Terrible everything. Just terrible. Worst VOIP company out there.

Pros: Cheap5.
Cons: Everything else. Customer service is is the worst.
Would Recommend: No
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Great affirdable service with great customer service. Called in today and im up and running. I was up and running with 1 1/2 hours. Made the switch from Vonage and very satified. 8x8 also took the time to set up the app on the phone overall 10 out of 10....

Pros: Great customer service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Excellent easy service with a lot of useful features even for the basic business package. Some cool features I didn't even know I had: Call-Forwarding, call-forwarding to another number if the primary # isn't answered.

The customer support is knowledgeable quick and professional. I got an 800number(didn't know that was included lol) and a local number(which can be replaced at any time).

Pretty great service.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Marion M.'s review for 1-VoIP

I spent six months trying to use 1-VOIP on my iPad for both calls and text. I tried three different apps: Bria, SessionTalk and Zoiper (premium service in all three cases). The 1-VOIP call functionality was great -- I loved how it sent my voice mail to email, and reception was pretty good. But if you need SMS capability, forget it! No matter what their advertising says, SMS IS NOT AN OPTION! I spent hours on the phone with tech support. 1-VOIP blames the apps, and the apps blame 1-VOIP. It was an extremely frustrating waste of time, and pretty expensive, too -- around $50 for the various apps and upgrades plus a one-year contract with 1-VOIP. All these companies are offering a service they can't actually provide, and there's no recourse when the products fail.

Pros: Works fine for calls.
Cons: No SMS capability.
Would Recommend: No
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We have used 1-VOIP for our business phone since opening about 2 years ago. While VOIP is a great idea and should be very easy to use the available features, 1-VOIP is terrible at providing the service.

Every time we make a change to any part of the telephone configuration it takes days for 1-VOIP to get our system working correctly. Currently, our system rings first in the office then transfers to a cell phone. If the call is not answered, it transfers back to the office number to take a message. Every time we change the cell number (ie someone goes on vacation), our system does not work properly and it takes 1-VOIP days to fix the issue. And, some basic features on the system will occasionally stop working. Just last week we lost the ability to transfer calls between extensions. It took 1-VOIP several days to correct the problem.

1-VOIP will also play the "bait and switch" game if you are not careful. We recently added another extension to our system. When the new telephone arrived, 1-VOIP had configured it with the wrong extension number. When we called to correct, we discovered 1-VOIP had another device on our system we were unaware of and never used. Alex, from 1-VOIP told us they made a mistake by not billing us for the device for a year and they would start bill us for that device unless we returned it AND we would be bill additional fees for the new telephone.

We use our system as a business phone. Every time we call with problems (frequently), we are transferred to the business tech support who are often not available (not in the office or “on call” and will return the call, which has taken up to 3 days).

While the concept of VOIP is a great idea, 1-VOIP has not figured it out and does not offer good/honest service. We are currently looking for a new provider and there a lot of them to look at.

Pros: inexpensive.
Cons: get what you pay for.
Would Recommend: No
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I want to personally congratulate everyone for their services. Every time I need something, even if it is a little bit dumb there is always someone that makes me feel special and solve my problem instantly and never ever failed me or my company.
Great communication, social people, well taught personnel, quality services.

Thank you for everything guys.

Pros: readiness, very helpful, nice people.
Cons: Nothing con!.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I've called get help to connect my Bria DeskTop phone. Anton Arestov was fabulous in helping me with my issues. He tried different ways until the phone finally worked. Also, he went further & helped me improve some of my settings. He's been patient and professional, just outstanding in efforts to get me up and running. Thank you very much! I would recommend your service.

Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been a 1VoIP customer for a few years now. I did a lot of research before switching from Verizon and have not been disappointed in the least. 1VoIP has given me excellent call quality, better reliability than my Verizon landline, and some of the best customer service I've had with any company (phone or otherwise). Any time I had a question or needed anything...they were right there to help...a real person, really quickly, really helpful. Couldn't ask for any better! FYI...my questions were never an issue with the phone service...that has worked flawlessly since day 1. They helped me with everything from refining callerID to helping me find the least expensive way to call my daughter while she was interning in France...things like that...they made everything easy. I'm a very happy customer.

Pros: Superior Customer Service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I got your service several months ago, your team in OK. Was just great with all the info and then for some reason I was not able to make the final hook up having to do with something in my computer BUT your tech to the rescue and after a little bit of work he got me up and running and I hope to always be your customer. Great service at a reasonable price. Many thanks, Pat

Pros: 7-24 service with friendly people in the USA.
Cons: None that I could find.
Would Recommend: Yes
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David P.'s review for 1-VoIP

I've had 1-VoIP's service for a year now and have NEVER had a problem. Their customer service is superb - friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I'm paying less than one half of what I was paying CenturyLink, and with them I wasn't even getting long distance or a fourth of the features that 1-VoIP provides. I'm very glad I switched over, and for me it's a no-brainer.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, 1-VoIP was built on the premise that excellent service and support will better retain customers than long-term contracts. To that end, all of the services they offer are contract-free. 1-VoIP is so confident in their network that they offer a 99.999% uptime SLA, and take care that the audio is of the highest quality. 1-VoIP offers both hosted VoIP and SIP trunking to SMBs, and residential service as well.


1-VoIP Pricing and Services


Available Products and Services:
- Premier Basic, $14.97/mo: Unlimited incoming minutes; 500 outbound minutes.
- Premier Unlimited, $23.97/mo or $189/yr: Unlimited inbound and outbound minutes.
- Premier Global: $29.97/mo or $233/yr: Unlimited inbound and outbound minutes plus unlimited calls to 30 countries.

Metered, $14.97/mo/extension
Corporate (Unlimited calling), $24.97/mo/extension
Professional (includes Phone and Number), $34.97/mo/extension
– Free number porting on all plans
– All plans include over 40 premium calling features like Custom Greetings, Auto Attendant and Call Recording
– No contracts of cancelation fees

SIP Trunking:
- $25/mo for every 2,000 minutes
- $4.95/mo for local number.
- $5.95/mo for toll-free number.
- Optional Cisco RV082 Router for $99.99, or Cisco WRV4400N for $149.99, shipping $30 extra for either.
- $24.90 activation charge.

Free Residential features include:
- 24/7 US-based support
- 99.999% Service Level Guarantee
- Music on hold
- Paperless fax-to-email
- Call routing
- Digital softphone
- Reject/accept calls from certain numbers
- Virtual number (up to two phone numbers)
- Custom announcement to inbound calls
- Wake up call

Business Features include:
- Music on hold
- 24/7 US-based support
- 99.999% SLA
- Extension transfer
- Auto attendant
- Call treatment, including business hours
- Paperless fax-to-email


Editor's Bottom Line of 1-VoIP

1-VoIP stands out from the pack with a very impressive 99.999% SLA. Their hosted PBX features are no more or no less than I would expect from a top-notch VoIP provider. Their SIP trunking rates are a good deal. Their residential service is average, but I've seen better prices on similar services.

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    1-Voip Account Summary
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    1-Voip Hardware Selection
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    1-Voip Voice Mail Overview
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    1-Voip Wake Up Calls

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