What to Look for When Reading Reviews

  1. Retain Objectivity – Identify the purpose of the review. Is the review factual, emotional, or opinion based.
  2. Comprehension – Does it capture all the points of the provider. Look for a comprehensive scope within a review.
  3. Check the Dating – Providers change over time. Look for the most current information to fairly assess a company.
  4. Identity – Anonymous reviews diminish credibility and the authority of the source. Look for the reviewer’s validity.

Featured Business VoIP Reviews

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100+ Powerful Features: Amazing Service →
Proven Reliability - No Outages in 3 Years
Perfect for Remote Teams & Employees
Unlimited Calls, Texts, Faxing Nationwide
FREE HD Phones + Mobile & Desktop App
30 Day Full Refund Guarantee
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Business Cloud: Unified Voice, Video, SMS →
Account-wide Call Analytics & Reporting
24/7 US Based Customer Support
Integrates w/ Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho
No Setup Fees + Free Expert Install‎
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Leader in Cloud Business Communications →
Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conferencing
Trusted by Over 350,000 Businesses
Includes 100+ Premium Features
Limited Time: Save 40% on Phones + 20% Off
Free trial. Cancel anytime.
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2017 Cloud Telephony Product Winner →
Cloud, Onsite, or Hybrid Solutions
Award-winning 24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited Calling/Faxing/Conferencing
We’ll Buyout Your Contract.
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Upgrade Your System w/ GoTo + Save 50% →
Very Simple to Use for Admins and Users
Free Upgrades, Features & Any Add-ons
Use Your Computer, Mobile, or Desk-phone
Includes Free Video Conferencing for All Users
Cancel Anytime, First Month Free
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One Platform: Voice, Video, and Chat →
Unlimited Calling/Fax Up to 47 Countries
HD Video Conferencing
Texting and Team Messaging
Mobile and Desktop App
Plans $12/mo. Free Trial.
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Featured Residential VoIP Reviews

More Details
Premium Features Included In All Plans
Automatically stops telemarketers and robocalls
Email access to voicemails and faxes
Virtual phone numbers for any area code in the US or Canada
86 Reviews
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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
60 international mins/month to select countries
Enhanced 911 and 311 city service
Faxes and voicemails can be sent to your email address
23 Reviews
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Advanced Voicemail System
Call Waiting
Easy Set Up
59 Reviews
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How Our Editors Rank and Review VoIP Providers

Our extensive reviews and rankings are composed of 6 main factors: About our VoIP Reviews

  • Product Quality

    How good or bad is the performance quality of the service/product offered? Are there any discrepancies such as echo, delay, etc.? If so how prominent were they, and how long were they affective?

  • Refund Policy

    Does the service provider offer a money back guarantee? If so, what is it? Potential customers should be able to trial a services and get a full refund if they are not satisfied.

  • Setup Process

    How much effort did it take to get up and fully running? Assistance from the provider or manufacturer Needed? If so why? What are the provider’s commonly known setup issues?

  • Pricing

    Details pricing options and points, as well as early termination fees, equipment charges, flexibility of pricing, monthly charges, etc. Represent the cumulative cost value of service with this provider.

  • Customer Experience

    Encapsulates users interactions with the company’s support department. Includes tech support, sales, email correspondence, navigation of user portal, and overall experiences with the service and provider’s customer-centric resources. Details feedback on live reps – were they knowledgeable, was there long wait times, etc.

  • Service Reliability

    Cover factors that affect the availability of the service including, outages, disaster redundancies, uptime, tech support availability and more. Users should note the affects of the provider’s scheduled downtime – i.e. how long was it down, maintenance, updates, etc.

  • Uptime Guarantee

    What is the service provider’s guaranteed uptime? Do they deliver what they promise?

  • Features

    Outlines the features offered and included, as well as hands-on experiences of them. Includes exclusive offerings, add-on features, scalability/flexibility of these features. Also accounts for quality, availability, and pricing of these features.

Disclosure: Our team of editors work hard to offer you invaluable and up-to-date reviews on all the communication service providers out there. In order to provide you with this free service, we collect referral fees from service providers displayed on our site. We assure you that this does not influence any of the content we publish, but only supports our honest efforts to offer you the best and most transparent comparisons. For more info regarding this disclosure email contact@getvoip.com.

Our Tips For Buyers…

VoIP offers different solutions designed to fit various needs. With that, there are hosted VoIP solutions, in which a provider delivers and manages service(s) to you, and on-site solutions which require you to supply, manage, and maintain the necessary hardware. Both solutions dictate different levels of user involvement – as both solutions work differently to provide the same end result service. Though both options allow you to handle the basic functionality of the selected system, more advanced options are also readily available via user control panels.

Equipment and network quality can greatly impact the quality of calls; therefore, you want to be sure that you have chosen the best option, and have all the necessary equipment. As households and businesses vary in size and need, so do the equipment requirements. VoIP requires a sufficient broadband connection with bandwidth. (Note: the amount of bandwidth needed is determined by the amount of simultaneous users) Also users should be sure their internal network is fit to handle all the data (use our speed test tool to determine). Additionally, you should be sure your phones can support Voice over IP transmitting. In doing this, users will need SIP ready phones, or for non IP phones you will need a analog telephone adapter.

While VoIP offers tremendous cost efficiency in comparison to landlines, you should be aware that cost savings is relative to your calling needs. Installation and equipment fees are relative to the selected setting and system. Additionally, all startup and operating costs are determined based on the vendor and plan selected. In regards to calling plans, many services have additional fees for add-on features as well as international calling. VoIP calling is typically unlimited within the US and Canada; however, many times connecting to special lines or mobile phones can incur extra charges. Users should determine their needs before seeking out a vendor. Aside from need, users’ infrastructure also plays a large part in determining the overall cost efficiency of switching to this solution. If you will require an elaborate solution, costs will typically reflect this.

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