RingCentral is a cloud communications provider best known for its UCaaS platform RingCentral MVP, which streamlines and syncs Messaging,...
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Ring Central is a great phone service for any office job – I love how I can easily send texts and faxes all in the app, and I love being able to route my calls to my cell phone if I am out of the office. I like having the option to intercom to my co-workers verses having to email or call. I like that is easily accessible and easy to learn.

Pros: Great Phone Service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Had a great experience from start to finish. My sales rep Karen, to the implementation team, the process is easy and interface is user friendly. The low cost is great, especially for a small company that is just starting out! The customer service is on point and I know if I need them for something in the future, they will be there to address any issues. Thank You!

Pros: great integration process and team, low cost.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We have used Ring Central for about 1 years. It is VERY pricey. We don’t use most of the features. What is unfortunate the business has to close for a period of months (due to a mandate, it was not voluntary), they want me to pay over $6,000.00 to go from 9 to 2 lines. I offered to keep the original 36 month contract when we go back to 9 lines in the future (ie extend the contract). They were not even reasonable, saying they could not change the initial contract. Bull! The business is not bringing in any income for the short term. I wonder how they will feel when the business does not pay them anything, a real lack of business retention. No customer service. Don’t do it! Whatever you do don’t sign a contract!!!!

Pros: none.
Cons: No customer service or flexibility.
Would Recommend: No
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Hassan B.'s review for RingCentral

I recently had an unfortunate experience with Ring Central that compelled me to share my honest feedback and recount the challenges I faced with their services. As a business owner, I relied on Ring Central to meet my communication needs, but unfortunately, their downgraded service, unauthorized charges, and poor messaging system caused significant setbacks, ultimately resulting in the loss of valuable customers.

One of the primary issues I encountered was the gradual decline in the quality and reliability of Ring Central’s services. From dropped calls and frequent disruptions in call quality to intermittent issues with the system’s overall functionality, my business suffered due to these service shortcomings. Despite reaching out to their customer support team on multiple occasions, the problems persisted, leaving me with a diminished level of trust and confidence in Ring Central’s ability to provide a dependable communication solution.

To add insult to injury, I discovered unauthorized charges on my account, which was truly disheartening. As a vigilant customer who diligently reviewed my invoices, I was shocked to find charges that were neither authorized nor communicated to me beforehand. This breach of trust not only affected my financial well-being but also highlighted a significant flaw in Ring Central’s billing practices. The lack of transparency regarding these charges further exacerbated my frustration and led me to question their commitment to ethical business practices.

Furthermore, the messaging system offered by Ring Central proved to be highly inadequate and inefficient. In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective and timely communication with customers is paramount. Regrettably, Ring Central’s messaging system fell short, causing missed or delayed messages that ultimately resulted in misunderstandings and, more importantly, the loss of valuable customers. This detrimental impact on my revenue and customer satisfaction was a direct result of the poor performance of Ring Central’s messaging system.

Given the significant concerns mentioned above, I made the difficult decision to terminate my services with Ring Central. I firmly believe that as a customer, it is essential to hold service providers accountable for their shortcomings, as it not only affects individual businesses but also helps others make informed decisions.

In conclusion, my experience with Ring Central has been disappointing, characterized by a downgraded service, unauthorized charges, and a poor messaging system. I would caution other businesses to carefully consider these factors before choosing Ring Central as their communication solution. Transparency, reliability, and efficient customer service are crucial aspects that every service provider should prioritize, and unfortunately, Ring Central failed to deliver on these fronts.

It is my hope that Ring Central takes these issues seriously, addresses them promptly, and implements necessary improvements to ensure a better experience for future customers.

Would Recommend: No
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After being a customer since 2014 I called to cancel one phone line. My one staff person is retiring at the end of this month. They said I couldn’t because I had a contract. Apparently, they automatically renew your contract without telling you. Now, I have to wait almost a year before they will cancel it. The supervisor I asked to speak with parroted the same thing. They will not work with me despite being a customer all of these years.

Pros: None.
Cons: Contract shenanigans.
Would Recommend: No
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Very good service and features, easy to use. Support is readily available, but can vary depending on issue and CS personnel, but overall, very helpful!
Cost and features are very good, better than most other providers I looked into.

The equipment and processing speed in better than other providers along with the system redundancy.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Ardeshir M.'s review for RingCentral

Excellent support and sales team, very friendly and helpful.
App features and quality is great.
I have been using RC for over 10 years now both on mobile and desktop version and ease of use on both platforms is excellent.
It is a great solution for small business to stay connected anywhere.
Overall very satisfied.

Would Recommend: Yes
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When you started a year ago with RingCentral you might have missed a lot of feautres you would think are standard. In the meantime RC did catch up on a lot of things, which is great. The reliability is almost 100 %. The support people are helpful and skilled, but the tickets system is not very good from customer perspektiv.

The analytics part is great and still devloping. If you want to analyze the data on your own, you need to build it your self without much support from RC.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Very easy to use. Would recommend this to any small business owner. I am glad i made this choice. The installation support was very helpful. I was looking for other VOIP services and ringcentral tops them all. I am saving significant amount of money. Using ring central for my virtual assistants has been my best choice.

Would Recommend: Yes
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No real complaints so far. Easy service to learn with tutorials and service reps calling to ensure you are all set in the beginning. We are a small business and being able to use phone and or computer has been a plus for us. My only issue has been in checking on the texting process and registration, I had to talk to 7 different people, only to learn that it takes 5-20 days and we are on day 14. Hopefully we will have texting capabilities within the next 6 days.

Pros: Onboarding process was easy with a knowledgeable representative.
Cons: When you need help you go through many departments before getting to the person who will help you.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

RingCentral is a cloud communications provider best known for its UCaaS platform RingCentral MVP, which streamlines and syncs Messaging, Video, and Phone functionalities into one unified interface.

In addition to MVP (formerly RingCentral Office), RingCentral offers a video conferencing platform and a cloud contact center solution.

RingCentral was one of the first providers to offer cloud-based IP PBX and phone service, giving it a competitive edge. The RingCentral platform is robust, redundant, and reliable. All RingCentral products have numerous advanced features such as AI-powered insights, call and meeting transcriptions, whiteboarding, and IVR.

While RingCentral now has plenty of competition in the UCaaS space, it remains an industry leader.

Read more about RingCentral products, plans, pricing, and features below.


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RingCentral Key Features

RingCentral Integrations

RingCentral Plans and Pricing

RingCentral and the Hybrid Workplace

RingCentral Pros and Cons

RingCentral Customer Support

Is RingCentral Right For You?


RingCentral Key Features

Below, we’ll outline RingCentral’s best features, including:

  • Omnichannel Business Communications
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Automations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Team Messaging


Omnichannel Capabilities

RingCentral’s contact center platform facilitates communication between agents and customers across several channels, including email, voice calling, live chat, and social media messaging.

This versatility lets customers connect with businesses on their preferred communication channel, providing more personalized and convenient customer service.

Even better, RingCentral’s omnichannel capabilities seamlessly sync all channels in real-time within the unified RingCentral App for desktop and mobile devices. This lets customers switch between communication channels – and even agents – without missing a beat.

For example, a customer first sends a text message to customer support, but the issue would be best solved via phone call. The agent now managing the voice call has access to that same customer’s SMS text history, account data, notes from prior agents, and transcripts of past conversations.

This means customers avoid repeating themselves to multiple agents, and agents can provide the highest-quality support possible – even if they’ve never spoken to the customer before.

RingCentral LiveChat

RingCentral supports the following communication channels:

  • Inbound Voice
  • Outbound Voice
  • Messaging (including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, MMS, Apple, Google and Engage)
  • Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • In-App Messaging
  • Reviews


Intelligent Routing

RingCentral’s Intelligent Routing is a call management system that queues and distributes incoming calls to appropriate agents according to preset rules, priorities, schedules, or other customizable criteria.

RingCentral Routing

Intelligent routing is key to providing excellent customer service, and RingCentral offers a robust system that focuses on usability and flexibility.

Some call routing methods that can be implemented with RingCentral are:

  • Fixed Order: Calls are assigned to the agent who is first in a line up unless they are currently handling a call
  • Rotary: Calls are assigned to agents on a rotating basis
  • Talk Time: Calls are assigned to the agent with the lowest daily talk time.
  • Skills-Based Routing: Calls are assigned to an agent with the correct skillset to handle the call
  • Percentage Routing: A set percentage of all calls are routed to specific teams
  • Time-Based: Calls are assigned to agents during specified business hours/work schedules/agent time zone



RingCentral lets admins automate countless repetitive tasks using either integrations and APIs (such as the RingCentral Salesforce integration) or third-party tools (such as Zapier or MailChimp).

RingCentral Automation


Auto Dialing

Even in modern omnichannel contact centers, voice remains one of the main channels of communication between customers and agents.

Outbound auto dialers automate the dialing process, making it easier to penetrate lead lists and optimizing agent performance.

RingCentral offers a variety of auto dialers to fit the specific needs of every business and call center, including progressive, predictive, preview, and TCPA Safe dialers.

RingCentral auto dialers have simple and intuitive interfaces and seamlessly sync agent desktops with customer information as well as any external applications. Customer engagement flows are automatically adapted to each interaction.

Overall, RingCentral auto dialing is extremely flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to set rules determining who will be called, at what time and how often.


Video Conferencing

RingCentral offers HD video conferencing with enterprise grade VoIP security (including end-to-end encryption), powerful AI capabilities, and a flexible platform.

Video meetings can be hosted on any device, and users can even switch back and forth between messaging and video conferencing with a click within the RingCentral app.

Video meetings have no time limitations and can include up to 200 participants.

Advanced insights provide users with meeting summaries, highlight reels, topics and, of course, video recordings and transcriptions.

More RingCentral video conferencing features:

  • Live Transcription
  • Presentation Modes
  • Auto Follow
  • Whiteboard
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Team Huddle
  • Screen Sharing
  • Annotations
  • In-Meeting Chat with File Sharing


RingCentral also offers a webinar platform and a hybrid workplace solution called RingCentral Rooms as add-ons. Rooms allows users to have a designated physical space that keeps remote, hybrid and in-person workers connected using the business’ preferred hardware.

RingCentral Webinar allows users to invite up to 10,000 participants and 100 panelists. Like its video conferencing solution, the webinar platform is highly secure, easy to use and comes with advanced features such as analytics with pre-made reporting templates, backstage prep and recording.


Team Messaging

The RingCentral platform comes with its own powerful team messaging space.

Users can stay organized by categorizing chat threads, creating dedicated folders and building teams by department, project, etc.

External guests can also join chat channels, allowing for greater team collaboration between clients and employees.

RingCentral’s team messaging integrates seamlessly with RingCentral all-in-one phone and video conferencing systems to make switching between messaging, phone, and video easy. The messaging tool also syncs with any third party apps and integrations, allowing users to send files or reference documents regardless of where they are stored.

RingCentral Team Messaging Features:

  • Video Calls
  • Bookmarking
  • Task Management
  • Internet Fax
  • Integrations

RingCentral Team Messaging


RingCentral Integrations

With over 200 integration options, RingCentral has one of the largest integration networks in the communication space.

Whatever software and apps your business is most comfortable using, they will almost certainly be compatible with the RingCentral platform.

Though a complete list is available in the RingCentral App Gallery, here are some of the popular integrations RingCentral offers.


Analytics Integrations  

Analytics integrations gather customer data from your RingCentral platform and provide you with powerful insights. Some of the leading analytics software providers that integrate with RingCentral are:

  • Salesforce
  • Theta Lake
  • Gong


Automation Integrations

Whether you want to build stronger customer relationships using the Zoho CRM video integration, customize your team messaging with Zapier or automate workflows with the workato integration, automation integrations are nearly limitless. Some other Ringcentral automation integrations are:

  • amoCRM
  • Cognigy
  • Zoho Flow


Calendaring Integrations 

RingCentral works well with the most popular calendaring apps such as Google, Microsoft 365 and Teams to keep everyone organized. Some additional RingCentral calendar integrations are:

  • Cloze
  • Firefox
  • Outlook


Customer Support Integrations

You can use the RingCentral platform to power your customer service software, improve the customer experience and bridge communication gaps. Some popular customer support integrations are:

  • Hubspot
  • Happyfox
  • Zendesk


Marketing Integrations

RingCentral works with many third party marketing apps so that you can get marketing updates instantaneously on the RingCentral platform, customize messaging, and more. Some popular marketing integrations are:

  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Marketo


Productivity Integrations

Whatever app your business uses to keep employees productive can be integrated into the RingCentral platform so that no one misses a beat. Some popular RingCentral productivity integrations include:

  • Teams
  • Canvas
  • Slack


RingCentral Plans and Pricing

RingCentral offers three tiers of pricing plans for its MVP (messaging, video, phone) unified communications solution. The lowest tier is only $20 per month/user, and offers essential features including video calling for up to 100 participants. The next level up is still affordable at $25 per month/user, and includes advanced call monitoring as well as essential business analytics. The most expensive tier (Ultra) includes customizable business insights, unlimited storage for messaging, recordings, and files as well as end-to-end encryption for video and messaging.

RingCentral MVP Pricing


You can see the feature breakdown by plan below:

Core Plan Advanced Plan Ultra Plan
Pricing Annually: $20/user/mo

Monthly: $30/user/mo

Annually: $25/user/mo

Monthly: $35/user/mo

Annually: $35/user/mo

Monthly: $45/user/mo

Business phone or toll-free phone numbers
Toll-free minutes 100 1,000 10,000
Unlimited calls within the US/Canada
Enhanced Business SMS
Visual Voicemail-to-email
Team Messaging
Document Sharing
Call management and phone system administration
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
High Definition (HD) Voice
Desk phone and conference phone rentals
E911 and E2EE for calls
HD Video conferencing Up to 100 participants Up to 100 participants Up to 200 participants
Unlimited audio conferencing
Unlimited internet fax X
24/7 Support X
Multi-level auto attendant X
Professional implementation X
Call recording On demand Automatic/on demand Automatic/on demand
Compatible with RingCentral Rooms (Add-on)
Compatible with RingCentral Connector (Add-on)
Single Sign-on
Multi-site admin and management X
Up to 8 digit extensions with site codes X
Hot desking X
Advanced call handling including whisper, barge, and more X
Analytics Call log reports and real-time QoS reports and alerts Adoption and business analytics essentials Business analytics pro, device analytics and alerts
Integrations Microsoft, Google and APIs Salesforce, Zendesk, and 300+ others Salesforce, Zendesk, and 300+ others

RingCentral and the Hybrid Workplace

RingCentral has developed two new communication solutions designed to serve the needs of today’s remote, blended, and geographically diverse workforce.

One solution, RingCentral Rooms, is available now as an add-on. The second product, RingCentral Webinar, is in Beta as of this writing.


RingCentral Rooms

RingCentral Rooms allow users to set up a perfectly customized hybrid meeting room.

To create the room, a dedicated conference room is first outfitted with cameras, desk phones, microphones and speakers. Then, in-person employees can gather physically in the space while RingCentral software allows remote workers to join the meeting from a control pad with one click.

RingCentral Rooms are highly secure with data encryption backed by HITRUST, HIPAA, and GDPR.

RingCentral Rooms


RingCentral Webinar

In today’s connected world, webinars have numerous uses and applications for businesses. Webinars can help to create brand recognition, generate leads, enrich employees, onboard new hires, and more.

RingCentral Webinar allows users to easily and quickly set up secure and dynamic webinars with top notch features. Registrants can attend in the RingCentral app or with a no-download browser link. Companies can invite up to 10,000 attendees and up to 100 panelists.

RingCentral webinar


Webinar features include:

  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Record and Share Capabilities
  • Integrations with Third Party Apps
  • Q&A Polling
  • Backstage Host Prep
  • Follow-the-Host Video Layout
  • Customizable Registration
  • IT Admin Quality of Service Analytics
  • Virtual Background
  • Branding
  • Presenter Overlay
  • Speaker Spotlight
  • Host and Panelist Support
  • No Downloads for Attendees


RingCentral Pros & Cons

RingCentral generally excels in flexibility, security, features and reliability, while some reviewers claim RingCentral is lacking when it comes to customer service.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pros and cons of the RingCentral platform.

RingCentral Pros

RingCentral Cons

More integrations than any other provider in the communications space IVR includes many options, but is complicated to set up
Full stack of advanced features Customer support agents can be difficult to reach
Excellent audio quality Incompatible with most competing hardware, so many customers may have to purchase RingCentral phones
High quality video conferences with advanced video features for mid-range and higher priced plans Video conferencing is not included in the lowest priced plan (Essentials)
Many advanced analytics tools offered in mid-range and higher priced tiers
Highly secure with end-to-end encryption
High level of flexibility and customizability


RingCentral Customer Support

RingCentral customer support provides several options for users to connect with representatives, outlined below.


RingCentral Knowledge Base 

RingCentral Knowledge Base

The RingCentral knowledge base (accessible via this link) is easy to navigate and search. It includes video tutorials, how-to articles, and lengthy PDF product guides.


RingCentral Community

RingCentral Community

The RingCentral Community is a forum for RingCentral users to connect with each other, sharing advice or troubleshooting tips about a variety of topics, or “Spaces.” Threads are organized by topic, users can vote other responses up, tag topics, and follow Spaces that interest them.


Other Ways to Get Customer Support From RingCentral

If customers can’t find answers in the knowledge base or community forums, they can contact RingCentral directly using live chat on their website, connecting on social media, or calling a RingCentral representative.

Live phone support for RingCentral MVP (2+ users) plans is available 24/7. Live phone support for RingCentral MVP (1 user) is available 5:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. PT, Monday–Friday (excluding holidays).

Non-English support is available Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Central European Time (CET).


Is RingCentral Right For You?

As one of the most experienced providers in the cloud communications space, RingCentral offers a plethora of advanced features with limitless possibilities for customization and integration. RingCentral gives its users complete control of nearly every aspect of their all-in-one communication platform.

With this high level of control, however, comes complexity.

Although RingCentral has expanded its customer support resources, it is not known for holding its customers’ hands through setup. To that end, RingCentral may not be the best choice for startups or small businesses without a dedicated IT department.

For larger companies and enterprises that want high-level customizations–and that have the infrastructure to implement it–RingCentral is an excellent choice. For businesses that need reliable service and a high level of security as priorities, RingCentral certainly delivers.

For additional RingCentral information, check out our hands-on RingCentral Pricing Review.

Want to look at other business phone systems before making your final decision?

This Enterprise VoIP comparison table shows how RingCentral measures up against other top business communication software providers such as 8×8, Dialpad and Zoom.

  • RingCentral Admin Portal Overview
    RingCentral Admin Portal Overview
  • RingCentral Auto Receptionist
    RingCentral Auto Receptionist
  • RingCentral Call Log
    RingCentral Call Log
  • RingCentral Company Numbers Overview
    RingCentral Company Numbers Overview
  • RingCentral Device Overview
    RingCentral Device Overview
  • RingCentral Dialpad
    RingCentral Dialpad
  • RingCentral Faxing
    RingCentral Faxing
  • RingCentral Report Overview
    RingCentral Report Overview
  • RingCentral User Overview
    RingCentral User Overview

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