Simultaneous and sequential ring, also known as find me/follow me, is a tool used by businesses to ensure that important calls are not missed. Alternately called “call hunting,” or “line hunting,” the find me/follow me is made possible through a process called SIP Forking, which is native to the Session Initiation Protocol. This is a tutorial showing how easy it is to set up call hunting in RingCentral using the RingCentral online portal.

First, under the “settings tab,” select “my inbound,” which will call up the inbound menu screen. Select “call handling.” From there, you will be able to select from your chosen phones and numbers. You can add phones, move phones, change the order, and the number of rings before the call goes to voicemail.

You can select more than one phone at a time and put them in a “group.” If phones are in a group, they will ring at the same time, and this is separate from simultaneous ring. For example, you have phones A, B, and C set up to ring sequentially; phone A, then B, then C will ring. If A and B are in a group, then the call order will be: A +B, then C.

Be sure to press “save,” otherwise it will go back to the way it was.