Customers satisfaction is the one thing every business wants to maximize, and having a dedicated contact center is a great way to achieve that. Dealing with customers is always a tough task, especially since customer expectations are getting higher and higher. To keep customers happy, businesses need to stay up to date with the latest innovations & technologies.  For example, Mitel has partnered with Google to promise artificial intelligence will take their virtual agents to the next level so track their progress with the latest Mitel reviews.

Modern call centers have moved away from the traditional role of handling phone calls, and they have evolved to something much bigger than that. Nowadays, most customers expect call centers to operate on multiple channels, known as omni-channel, be it chat, email, phone, or even social media. With the rising customer expectations, there’s been a substantial technological improvement when it comes to modern call center technology.

There is, perhaps, one problem here: with the increasing amount of options and features to choose from, businesses are having a hard time choosing their call center software providers.

Decision makers at companies all around the world are tasked with exploring and choosing the best providers for call centers. The goal is to provide seamless customer experience at the cheapest price point, without sacrificing productivity due to multiple software platforms. And the truth is, there is no “best” option for all, but every business can hope to find a provider that fits them best.

To help the decision makers, we’re here to take a closer look at the top call center solutions in 2019, along with some call center software pricing information from each one of these vendors.

We’re going to cover the following call center providers:

  • Five9
  • Talkdesk
  • Genesys
  • NICE InContact
  • Twilio
  • 8×8
  • RingCentral

For businesses looking to level up their call center systems, Five9 offers an all-in-one solution for inbound, outbound, and omnichannel contact centers. Powered by cloud-based technology and AI capabilities, Five9 enables agents to provide seamless customer experience across multiple channels, be it chat, phone, email, social or more.

What makes this offer so appealing is Five9’s Predictive AI technology that helps to maximize team efficiency, which allows businesses to provide an even better customer experience. The software also integrates with most modern CRM platforms such as Salesforce and ZenDesk which is undoubtedly a positive quality as well.

With features such as intelligent call routing, dialer modes, CRM integration, analytics, workflow management, and an omnichannel solution, Five9 has something good to offer us. However, the lack of clear, structured pricing is certainly a downside.

What we do know is that pricing is based on users, usage, and features, as well as an option to choose between annual or monthly plans. There’s also 24/7/365 customer support available for all users.

Best For:

  • Large call volume, global organizations looking for the latest call center technologies and take advantage of Predictive AI that can help maximize team efficiency. 24/7/365 support is also always a good thing to have when choosing a provider.

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Talkdesk provides enterprise-class call center software for larger organizations and any other businesses in need of managing large customer support teams. The software is powered by cloud computing technology, as well as other popular call center features such as ACD, IVR, dialers, CRM integrations, real-time reporting & analytics, workforce management, and AI automation.

When it comes to Talkdesk, the selling point seems to be the simplicity of the app, which means that businesses can quickly set up their agents to provide the best customer experience possible right on the agent’s phone or tablet.

Talkdesk offers two pricing packages, one for enterprise clients, and one for growing businesses in need of a call center. Pricing is quote-based depending on the package and optional features that companies can choose to implement.

Best For:

  • Talkdesk is an excellent solution for large organizations with a lot of agents on the job. Software simplicity means quicker setup and easier integration for the whole team.

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Large and midsize companies looking for a powerful call center solution can always turn to Genesys for help. As one of the largest companies in the industry, Genesys’ contact center platforms are packed with the latest features, and regular updates keep on coming. It is worth noting that companies such as PayPal that serve millions of customers each year use Genesys to power their business.

Genesys offers three platforms for businesses looking to level up their game: PureEngage (based on Interactive Intelligence technology), PureConnect (Genesys’ own solution), and PureCloud – Genesys call center software is powered with modern features ACD, IVR, routing, workforce optimization, and omnichannel support that provide seamless customer experience.

Genesys PureCloud is a cloud-based customer support software that enables businesses to implement omnichannel strategies, supports implementations, workforce optimization, voice services, cloud security, and overall, it provides an excellent experience for customers. There are three plans starting with $75.00/month, with up to $140.00/month for PureCloud 3, which comes packed with all of their available features. Minutes are billed separately as usual.

Each product comes with its own features and quote-based pricing, so it’s hard to guess-pick the best choice, although PureCloud seems to be the most popular one.

Genesys Global Activity Overview

Best For:

  • If you’re looking for a safe choice, Genesys is the way to go. Genesys stays up to date with the latest technologies, and there’s no way you’ll be missing out on any of the major features.

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Nice inContact

Following in the steps of their competitors, NICE inContact’s CXone platform comes packed with leading customer experience features such as omni-channel routing, analytics, workforce optimization, integrations, automation, and AI, all built on an open cloud foundation. NICE inContact takes pride in providing a unified best-in-class platform for each of the modern call center solutions listed above.

Pricing starts at $100.00/month/user, although the exact pricing is by quote request, and is not listed on their website. Customer reviews tell us that the platform is easy to understand and use even with all of the powerful features that it offers.

Overall, the solution seems to be fit for smaller businesses looking to up their customer experience. The CXone platform allows businesses to enjoy modern contact center features and get a good return for their investment.

Nice inContact Dashboard

Best For:

  • NICE inContact provides an excellent solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to get their foot in the door. Powerful modern features, a platform that’s easy to use and understand, at a decent starting rate.

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When it comes to unique and fully customizable call center platforms, we need not look any further than what Twilio has to offer. Twilio comes with a platform that lets companies build their means of cloud-based communication to their web and mobile channels. The platform is highly customizable with communication APIs for SMS, voice, video & authentication.

Twilio Flex is the first fully-programmable contact center platform, with an accent on programmable. Businesses are free to customize the entire platform to their liking, which makes the platform extremely flexible to all kinds of customizations. Twilio is also an industry-leading solution when it comes to sending automated SMS and voice calls, and it’s all powered by their powerful APIs. Twilio’s omnichannel capabilities allow businesses to easily manage all of their customer channels to provide a seamless customer experience.

Twilio’s pricing model is based on a flexible, pay-as-you-go structure, which is useful for businesses looking to avoid getting locked into big contracts. A full list of rates can be found here. Twilio’s main product, Flex, comes with 5000 active hours for free with an additional $1 per each active hour of your agents. Additionally, there’s a plan with a $150 flat rate per each agent regardless of the traffic volume or activity.

Overall, Twilio seems to be a fantastic solution for communication of all types, especially when it comes to outbound communication with the customers.


Twilio Flex Main

Best For:

  • Twilio is an excellent option for a programmable contact center with the industry’s leading automated messaging and voice calls. Fully customizable and flexible when it comes to both usage and pricing methods.

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8×8 Inc is a business VoIP communication provider with a great call center solution to consider. Like most modern call center software, it supports features such as omni-channel routing, IVR, integrations, analytics, supervisor management systems, and agent productivity knowledge bases.

There are three contact center plans available — X6, X7, and X8, with each plan supporting more advanced features. The ultimate plan comes with a full list of features, including a multichannel contact center, advanced analytics, and predictive dialer. Pricing is quote-based depending on available features and the number of users.

The platform itself is simple to use, and also flexible enough when it comes to customization. Overall, 8×8 has a lot of contact center features to offer, with unlimited calling within 47 countries.

Best For:

  • Businesses looking for a global call center provider with all of the modern features, multichannel support, unlimited calling, and 24/7 support.

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RingCentral provides business communication solutions to companies of all sizes, and when it comes to customer engagement, RingCentral Contact Center is the one to go with. Their call center solution is packed with features such as omni-channel routing, CRM integrations, reporting & analytics, and agent management software that allows businesses to build a powerful customer engagement platform.

RingCentral Contact Center software comes in three plans for businesses to choose from — Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. The Basic plan supports inbound voice services, and it comes with standard IVR and ACD capabilities. With the Advanced and Ultimate plans, businesses get access to advanced IVR and ACD, as well as omni-channel capabilities that supporting things like chat, email, SMS, and social media. The Ultimate plan also comes with outbound dialer features and campaign management.

Bottom line pricing will require a consult with their sales reps, and will vary by the plan and team size. For more information on RingCentral, feel free to take a look at our detailed RingCentral product overview article.

RingCentral Call Queues

Best For:

  • RingCentral is another reliable call center option packed with features, and they also offer other useful business communication solutions that can be used together with the call center. A great choice for companies looking for an all-in-one communication solution.

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Table Comparison

Provider twilio logo Ringcentral
Plans & Pricing By Quote Enterprise/ Business, By Quote Starting at $75.00/month Starting at $100.00/month $150.00 flat or pay-as-you-go By Quote By Quote
Omni-channel routing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Workforce optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support 24/7 Email,
24/7 for Enterprise plans
24/7 24/7 Email, 24/7 Requires Payment 24/7 24/7
Cloud-based Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Bottom Line

As we have seen so far, there are a lot of exciting options for call centers that can help companies to achieve that desired customer satisfaction level. Most call center providers are up to date with the latest technologies, and it comes down to the smallest things, whether that’s the pricing, user reviews, UI simplicity, or other small feature that makes a big difference.

Decision makers have to make a decision based on their research, and the deciding factor may also be the free trial or demo versions offered by the providers. A good way to proceed is to take a close look at what each demo/trial version is offering, then look for user reviews, pricing structure, features, and make an educated decision based on all that.

We took a close look at some of the top solutions available in 2019, and now it’s all up to you.