RingCentral, one of the early veterans in the business VoIP scene is still going strong to this day with new technologies on the horizon. They are a business communication provider with a complete UCaaS platform to offer, and much more than that.

Presenting their products as business communication solutions to businesses of all sizes, RingCentral plans offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a full UCaaS platform or just a few useful tools to boost your business communication, you may find your solution here.

Ever since the acquisition of Glip, they have been working on expanding its business communication systems, and they now have lots of different solutions to offer, from cloud business phone systems, team messaging software, to RingCentral customer engagement platforms. There’s a lot of products to explore, so let’s find out what exactly is on the table here.


      1. RingCentral Products Overview
      2. RingCentral Office
      3. RingCentral Office Features & Pricing
      4. RingCentral Meetings
      5. RingCentral Glip
      6. RingCentral Fax
      7. Contact Center
      8. RingCentral Engage
      9. Conclusion: The Bottom Line on RingCentral Pricing and Plans

RingCentral Products Overview


RingCentral, like other Grasshopper alternatives, provides solutions for all businesses, regardless of the size. Their solutions include products such as cloud-based phone systems, online messaging & video meetings, contact centers, support centers, internet faxing and much more. Overall, the products are packed with features that provide powerful tools for efficient, modern business communication.

They currently offer 7 products to its customers:

  • RingCentral Office — All-in-one cloud-based phone system

Individual products:

  • RingCentral Meetings — Online meetings, video conferencing, team messaging
  • RingCentral Glip — Team messaging software
  • RingCentral Fax — Online internet fax, anywhere & from any device
  • RingCentral Contact Center — Call center software with cloud-based solutions and softphones
  • RingCentral Engage — Customer support platform with multichannel features

RingCentral Office is a powerful cloud phone system with over 50 features, and it’s also the main product for business communication. Users can also choose to use the other six products that are offered individually, depending on their needs and wants.

Now, we’re going to go over each of these products covering its features, and also explore the way the pricing structure works so that you can get a better understanding of what you’re getting for your budget.

Let’s start with Office since it’s the most important product coming from RingCentral.

RingCentral Office


RingCentral Office is a cloud phone system that integrates phone, video, messaging, meetings, and analytics in one solution. With Office, you can say goodbye to ancient PBX systems and hello to new, cutting-edge communication technology hosted in the cloud. This feature-rich phone system will allow you to efficiently communicate your day-to-day business operations using cloud phone systems, HD video, messaging, fax, and more.

RingCentral Office Pricing


How Does Ringcentral Office Work to Help Your Business?


The phone system is fairly simple to set up & use which is a huge thing if you’re working in larger teams. Office allows you to easily connect with all team members on the same platform, using multiple devices. Whether your team members want to use desktop computers or mobile devices, all they have to do is install & set up the RingCentral Office app.

You have to ability to communicate through multiple devices using the mobile or desktop app, and you can also integrate other apps such as Google, Zendesk or Salesforce. In short, RingCentral Office provides you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to communication.

The phone system is packed with modern features such as cloud PBX, smartphone apps, local & toll-free numbers, call managing, intercom, paging, business voicemail, fax and more. On top of that, your business administration can make use of features like call monitoring, logs, multi-site management, and analytics portal with QoS & performance reports. You can also hold meetings, webinars, and web conferences using HD-quality video & audio capabilities.

Security is also guaranteed with their VoIP phone service, and you even get the ability to assign roles & grant permissions for a little bit of that extra security. All things considered, Office is a powerful product that you can leverage for as low as $19.99 per user if you take on a yearly plan.

RingCentral Office Pricing & Features


There are four plans available for RingCentral Office — Essentials, Standard, Premium & Ultimate.

RingCentral Pricing


Different RingCentral pricing and plans bring different features, and we’re here to help you decide which plan to choose for your business. Pricing is largely based on team size and commitment, and you can get better deals if you’re buying for 100+ users with annual payment plans. Committing to a yearly RingCentral plan seems to be the best option, and you are to pay $19.99/month per user for the Essential Plan, or $49.99/month per user for the Ultimate plan.

If you prefer to pay monthly instead, they have plans that cost you an additional $10/month per user.

Here is a full list of features for all four Office plans:

Unlimited video and audio meetings with screen sharing 4 people per meeting 4 people per meeting 100 people per meeting 200 people per meeting
Unlimited phone calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toll-free numbers 100 1000 2500 10000
Unlimited Business SMS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call management & phone system administration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone rental options: desk and conference phones Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile apps for iOS® and Android™ Yes Yes Yes Yes
High-definition (HD) voice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visual voicemail and voicemail to email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Team collaboration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations with Microsoft®, Google, Box, and Okta Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Customer support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional implementation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-level auto attendant No Yes Yes Yes
Internet fax No Yes Yes Yes
Call logs and reports No Yes Yes Yes
Quality of Service Reports No Yes Yes Yes
Automatic call recording No No Yes Yes
Multi-site support No No Yes Yes
Custom app development and deployment No No Yes Yes
Integration with Salesforce.com®, Zendesk®, and Desk.com™ No No Yes Yes
Single Sign-on No No Yes Yes
Voicemail transcription to text No No Yes Yes

International call rates

Now, the Essential plan ($19.99/user/month) should cover the basics for modern phone systems, however, you’re limited to 10 users, 100 toll-free minutes per month, and you miss out on some of the features. The Premium plan ($39.99/user/month) will get you access to all features, but you don’t get as much user access & free minutes as with the Ultimate plan ($49.99/user/month).

As we can see, the more expensive RingCentral plans allow businesses to host more members in meetings, more toll-free minutes, and access to more advanced features such as multi-site support, CRM integration, automatic call recording and more.

Additionally, businesses can expand their system with additional local numbers at these rates:

Ringcentral pricing Expansion


Overall, RingCentral Office is a powerful all-in-one tool for business communication, and there are tons of useful features available with both essential & ultimate plans.

If your business doesn’t require all this technology, you can instead choose to invest in some of the products that are offered individually. They have plans tailored to offer products for specific needs, and you get the chance to spend less money each month.

RingCentral Meetings


RingCentral Meetings is the first individual product that offers you the ability to host & experience high-quality online meetings with dozens of team members from multiple devices. In short, Meetings allows you to create a call group with over 100 participants, share screens & apps, chat, use a whiteboard, annotations, and much more. You get access to HD video, multiple device support, team messaging, and additional add-ons.

If you require this individual product, Meetings comes with three separate plans:

  • Free — $0/user/month
  • Essentials — $14.99/user/month
  • Advanced — $19.99/user/month

All three plans come with different features, more minutes, longer meeting durations, and the decision comes down to your team’s needs.

Let’s take a look at features from each of the three plans:

Unlimited 1:1 meetings Yes Yes Yes
Group meetings with up to 100 participants 40 minutes limit Unlimited meeting duration Unlimited meeting duration
Desktop and application sharing Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous screen share Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboarding Yes Yes Yes
Annotation Yes Yes Yes
Private and group in-meeting chat Yes Yes Yes
Team messaging and collaboration Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Outlook®: one-click scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Join meetings from computers, mobile, telephone, and room systems Yes Yes Yes
Local recording (*MP4 and M4A) Yes Yes Yes
Secure meetings (*secure web access (HTTPS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption) Yes Yes Yes
Phone support* No Yes Yes
Reporting No Yes Yes
Schedule Meetings for Me No Yes Yes
Single Sign-on No Yes Yes
Call Me/Call Out No Yes Yes
Outbound local PSTN minutes for Meetings Call Me No 1,000 minutes per license 2,500 minutes per license
Advanced team messaging and collaboration No Yes Yes
Dashboard with real-time reporting No No Yes
Available SLA No No Yes


All three plans give businesses access to great features for conferencing. Paid plans also provide access to more advanced features such as reporting and unlimited calling duration which is a decent deal if your business is heavily reliant on online meetings.

RingCentral Glip


RingCentral Glip is a team messaging software that allows you to efficiently communicate with your team members, share files, manage tasks, hold conferences or share screens. If your team needs powerful messaging software, you should consider giving Glip a shot.

Ringcentral Glip Features Pricing


When it comes to pricing for Glip, you can get it for free!

There are two basic plans for Glip, one free and one Standard with a cost of $5/user/month which gives you access to more video minutes, as well as compliance exports & data retention policies. Both plans give you full access to unlimited chat, storage, guest users, teams, calendars, task management, notifications, third-party app integration, and 24/7 live support. Again, the only reason to pay is if you’re looking to take advantage of screen sharing features in case you don’t have access to RingCentral Meetings software.

Overall, Glip is a great product for team messaging, and you might consider using it over popular alternatives such as Slack or Skype.


RingCentral Fax


RingCentral Fax is a software that allows businesses to send & receive faxes through the internet without the need for a fax machine. It’s a modern alternative allowing you to fax anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Using RingCentral Fax gives you the ability to easily send online faxes to any machine, and also receive them in your email inbox, removing the need to use outdated methods.

Apart from efficient and secure faxing, RingCentral Fax also integrates with cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive which gives users the additional flexibility to fax documents using a desktop or mobile device.

RingCentral Fax pricing plans are divided into four types: Fax 750, Fax 1500, Fax 2500, and Fax UNLIMITED.

Ringcentral Fax plans pricing


An annual subscription starts as low as $12.99/month and goes up to $39.99/month for the UNLIMITED plan. The main difference with these plans is the number of available pages each month, as well as desk phone support & cheaper additional page prices for more expensive plans. All plans allow for adding additional numbers for $4.99 per month.

If your business relies heavily on faxing, committing to the FAX UNLIMITED plan will ensure you never have to worry about your output load again.

Contact Center


RingCentral Contact Center is a powerful solution for call center operations. Whether you’re looking for tools to help with your inbound, outbound or internal agent operations, this solution has something to offer. RingCentral Contact Center provides businesses with 7 products that can be used to improve the call center experience using features like skills-based routing, auto-attendants, omnichannel routing, collaborative centers, workforce optimization, management interface, and real-time analytics & reports.

The software also seamlessly integrates with CRM solutions such as ZenDesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others.

ringcentral Contact Center pricing


Your business can use RingCentral Contact Center to build a powerful call center software that’s highly optimized and agents are always available to efficiently answer to customer needs using the available technology. The tools allow for custom answering rules to keep your team efficient.

There are three available plans: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. Each plan opens up more additional features, so let’s explore them all quickly.

Service Inbound voice Integrations and omnichannel Blended outbound dialers
Voice Yes Yes Yes
Standard IVR and ACD Yes Yes Yes
Advanced IVR and ACD No Yes Yes
Omnichannel capabilities No Yes Yes
  • Email
No Yes Yes
  • Chat
No Yes Yes
  • SMS
No Yes Yes
  • Social Media
No Yes Yes
Outbound Features No No Yes
  • Preview  dialer
No No Yes
  • Progressive dialer
No No Yes
  • Predictive dialer
No No Yes
  • Campaign management
No No Yes


As we can see, the basic plan features standard IVR & ACD capabilities, while the more advanced plans give us access to omnichannel capabilities and extra outbound features.

Pricing is per quote based, so it’s hard to give estimates at which plan is best. The plans have been shaped to make the Advanced plan the most popular option given the increasing need for omnichannel communication.

RingCentral Engage


Finally, we have the RingCentral Engage platform that’s built to deliver the next generation in customer service. The Engage platform is Omni-digital which allows businesses to collect messages from all channels to one platform, improving agent productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. Smart routing, call forwarding, Omni-digital channels, unified platform, and real-time analytics & KPI tracking is everything your business needs to take customer care to the next level.

ringcentral Engage pricing


This solution will help your business to reduce costs & the need for manpower, as well as increase overall customer satisfaction. The idea seems great, especially for businesses who are dealing with customers on multiple different channels.

This platform will allow you to merge conversations from your social accounts, live chats, email, review sites, and your customer’s favorite messaging apps all onto one single platform which helps your agents to efficiently manage all customers requests. Pricing is based on quotation, and the platform is relatively new so it’s hard to tell how well it exactly performs.

RingCentral Pricing and Plans Cover Small Businesses and Large Enterprises


It is always difficult to give generalized recommendations for VoIP providers since every organization fits specific requirements. However, RingCentral offers a very strong case for businesses that place a high emphasis on team collaboration and communication.

With a powerful unified communication platform powered by Glip, integration & other technologies, RingCentral certainly stands out among the crowd of competitors. The products are packed with features, yet still simple enough to handle. This company has everything to offer for teams that thrive with collaboration.

Overall, RingCentral pricing plans offer a compelling package of products, and it’s up to you to take advantage of all the features that can allow you to build a powerful communication platform.