RingCentral have taken more than a page out of Bill Price and David Jaffe’s book, The Best Service Is No Service. In it, Price and Jaffe argue that customer delight starts with a company’s products or services, which must be intuitive, easy to set up and straightforward to use. In short, the product must simply work – something that’s easier said than done and typically takes some time to get right. The book goes on to cover how it’s not important that this goal be reached, but also that it be obtained in a timely fashion.

Taking these ideals beyond being simply a casual read, RingCentral have gone ahead an applied them directly to how they conduct business. They’ve completely revamped the structure of their service, and here’s how:

  • Redoubling commitment to providing excellent service by retooling processes, upgrading resources, and improving customer assets (i.e. product guides, how-to videos, etc)
  • Collaborating more closely across different business functions to improve the customer experience
  • Established a new policy designed to empower Tier 1 support agents to consult advanced support specialists during customer calls in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible
  • ​RingCentral have encouraged support agents to take as much time as is needed to resolve issues fully. Problems that can’t be solved in a single call, are handed to agents in an hand the outbound agent group The newly assigned group proceeds to schedule follow-ups with the customer
  • Addressing Call Demand
  • Shifting focus to topics that drive the most customer calls and systematically addressing them through:
    – Product
    – Knowledge
    – Process Enhancements

RingCentral has asked that their customers continue to provide feedback as they acknowledge this process as an “ongoing journey”. Customer service is certainly no exact science, and requires the vigilance and specialization of services.

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