Nextiva, a leading business phone service provider, offers a wide array of services aimed at simplifying business communications. Chief amongst these services, however, is their internet faxing, or vFax. Nextiva’s vFax is an online fax service, which digitalizes faxes and subsequently eliminates paper jams, system errors, and even busy signals. In doing this, Nextiva offers four methods for users to send and receive faxes.

Send and Receive Faxes by Email – vFax allows users to send faxes anywhere using internet access. In sending a fax via email, Nextiva users must first log in to their vFax account’s primary email address. Once logged in, users simply enter the intended recipient’s fax number and attach directly after. In the body of the email, enter any information or attachments as per usual. Nextiva’s server automatically changes the information to a fax document once sent. Once all the necessary information is entered, the intended fax is ready to be sent. In receiving emails, the Nextiva service will take the fax sent to you, and convert to a PDF (or TiFF) file. Once converted, it will attach it to an email and send it to your inbox.

Send and Receive Faxes by Fax Machine – Nextiva is one of the few providers that allow users the option of receiving faxes via their fax machines; all that is required is a fax bridge. The fax bridge conjoins the user’s Nextiva account with their network and machine. Upon receiving the fax bridge from Nextiva, users must contact the company’s customer service. Here, the support team will register the bridge (by serial number) and link the device to the user’s account. After the device is connected to the account, users must then connect the device to their network and fax machine. Once this is done, faxes can be sent and received via fax machine.

Send and Receive Faxes by Microsoft Applications – In using Nextiva’s vFax any Microsoft application can be used to send and receive faxes. Instead of printing, you can fax documents directly from all Microsoft programs.

Send and Receive Faxes by Cell Phone – Nextiva utilizes the email function of your cell phone to allow users to not only send and receive faxes but to retrieve them directly from their mobile device. The fax services attach to the supported email functions of the phone. In doing this, faxes are sent and received the same as they would be via email; however, it is done through a cell phone.

In addition to sending and receiving methods, Nextiva offers a number of pricing options. Nextiva pricing options vary in terms of which methods or features they may include. While internet fax, or vFax, may come off as intimidating to some, it is a quality service that is both cost-efficient and easily accessible. Nextiva, along with other providers, are constantly adding new features to their vFAx service. Moving forward, we’ll be sure to provide updates as they come.

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