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MetroFax replaces old-fashioned faxes that require expensive toner and paper with an on-demand fax service. MetroFax is designed to...
Los Angeles, CA
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Started a trial to send fax in Toronto, but failed to send even after consulting the support multiple times. The interface is not user friendly and the fax never goes through. Support verified I am using application in the right way but fax was never received.

I tried test fax as well, did not go through.

They started billing me and when I requested to cancel and refund they refused.

Pros: didnot work.
Cons: didnot work.
Would Recommend: No
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If you have any trouble with MetroFax or, like I did, need a different service (I needed HIPPA compliance), THEY WILL NOT LET YOU PORT YOUR NUMBER OUT. This is a huge problem for small businesses as you would then need to either stick with their service or change your fax number with every single client, which is now my nightmare as I suddenly need HIPPA compliance. Their solution was to try and send me to eCorporate fax, which charges 4xs the industry standard for HIPPA compliant fax for small business. Don't do it. Really. Don't do it.

Pros: Decent fax.
Would Recommend: No
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Love the service since day 1. Has 3 things that made me love it, reliability, organization, and mobility. Using Metrofax is effortless. They put in the hard work and all I do is click the buttons and is also quite reasonably affordable.

Pros: Reliable, Organized, Mobile.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Metrofax has given me unreal and easy to use faxing service. I can send out and receive multiple faxes at a time, no more jams, no more buying paper. I was got a toll-free number which business.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

MetroFax replaces old-fashioned faxes that require expensive toner and paper with an on-demand fax service. MetroFax is designed to be scalable to have as many fax numbers needed, or just one. Subscribers can send or receive faxes through their email, with desktop or smartphone apps, or from the web portal. Subscribers can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously. MetroFax's parent company, J2, also owns the VoIP provider eVoice and the online storage provider KeepItSafe, among other companies.


MetroFax Pricing and Services

Available Services/Products

  • Toll Free (844, 855, 866, 877, 888) or local number
  • Essential: 500 pages, $7.95/mo or $79.95/year
  • Value: 1,000 pages, $12.95/mo or $129.50/year
  • Professional: 2,500 pages, $35.95/mo or $359.50/year
  • Additional faxes $0.03/page for all plans


  • 30-day no risk free trial. No contracts or termination fees


  • US-based phone support is available Monday-Friday 9AM to 10PM Eastern Time.
  • Email support, web ticket support, and helpful downloads are available as well.

Lowest Price Plan

  • Essential: $6,63/mo with yearly contract, 500 $0.03c add'l pages.


  • BBB Accredited, B rating

Included Extras/Exclusives

  • Lifetime fax storage
  • No long distance charges to faxes sent to US, Canada, Puerto Rico
  • Send or receive faxes from up to five different email addresses
  • SMS or email notification of successful fax, five attempts to send fax automatically
  • Send faxes to multiple recipients at once
  • Integrates with Microsoft applications and sales management databases
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Number Porting


Editor's Bottom Line of MetroFax

From the same company that brings you eFax, MetroFax is a better value than its sister company. MetroFax serves large companies, and the service scales up well, even if you have a large organization that wants to give every employee their own number.

  • Metrofax Inbox Overview
    Metrofax Inbox Overview
  • Metrofax Dashboard Overview
    Metrofax Dashboard Overview

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