Reuben Yonatan is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP. Currently oversees all day to day activities including approval to editorials, content brainstorming, as well as managing all marketing campaigns with advertisers. Since 2004, having started multiple companies within the mobile and internet sphere, Reuben is equipped with an extensive background in ecommerce, entrepreneurship, business management, and technology solutions. To contact Reuben, you can email him at

Jack Lawrence is’s Editor since March of 2012. On a daily basis, Jack cooks up steaming bowls of insights covering any VoIP related topic such as provider news, service launches, feature updates, and product reviews. Jack has been a writer since 2006, his interests include emerging communications technology, reading, oh yes and of course writing articles. When Jack isn’t staring at his PC, he’s probably playing soccer or doing yoga. To contact Jack, you can email him at

Alex Khrapovitskiy is’s webmaster and programmer. Alex is also in charge of maintaining and building useful tools on our site. Alex brings to the table a 15 year extensive background and expertise in Drupal CMS web development. In his spare time, Alex enjoys traveling, reading books, and internet marketing consulting. To contact Alex, you can email him at

Michael Ventimiglia is’s Senior Editor, and tech enthusiast. Michael, or Mike, has extensive experience in a number of fields ranging from journalism to copy and technical writing. Mike currently resides on Long Island, where he pursues his interests in the arts, more specifically music, literature, and film. Mike’s constantly at work on a number of projects including prose work and musical ventures. To contact Mike, you can email him at

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