Sprinklr is a full-service contact center solution that has been rising in popularity. The AI-powered platform provides self-service capabilities, workforce management, analytics, workflow automation, and agent assistance across voice and digital channels.

Sprinklr stands out from the competition thanks to its robust AI model catalog. The catalog contains 750+ prebuilt AI models and 60+ out-of-the-box, industry-specific models (flights and hotel booking, banking, etc.)

Still, Sprinklr is not the best fit for every contact center. The high price tag, security concerns, lack of video conferencing, and limited voice features may have you looking for alternatives. Below is a breakdown of our favorite Sprinklr alternatives that shine where Sprinklr falls short.


Best Sprinklr Alternatives in 2024

  • Nextiva - Best for affordability and customer support
  • Five9 - Best for workforce optimization and ease of use
  • NICE CXone - Best for customization and omnichannel service


1. Nextiva


Nate Reviewing Nextiva


Nextiva is a secure and reliable cloud-based CCaaS platform for sales, service, and support teams.

Like Sprinklr, Nextiva’s Customer Experience Suite offers omnichannel routing, workforce management, and built-in analytics. Nextiva pricing starts at $99 per month, per user–over $100 less than Sprinklr’s cheapest plan.


Nextiva is a Good Sprinklr Alternative if You Need:

  • 24/7 Customer support: Nextiva offers award-winning live customer service for all users
  • AI-powered bots: Nextiva users can build AI-powered chatbots for automated self-service on business websites, messaging apps like WhatsApp, and social media platforms like Facebook
  • Skills-based routing: Smart routing matches customers to the best available agent (across all channels) with the specific skills needed to assist them
  • CRM integrations: Nextiva includes pre-built integrations with popular CRM solutions like Salesforce, Hubspot, Oracle, Microsoft, and Zendesk–plus REST APIs
  • Voicemail drop: Agents can leave an outbound voicemail message for customers with one click


Nextiva Pricing

The Nextiva Customer Experience Suite offers 3 pricing plans from $99 to $139 monthly per user. Annual and volume discounts are available, as are add-ons for CRM integrations, performance dashboards, and Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs).

For more information, see our Nextiva pricing guide.


Nextiva Pros

  • Nextiva is a reliable and secure platform with a 99.999% uptime guarantee and SSO
  • All Nextiva plans include a complete workflow engine with advanced business process automation
  • AI redaction of sensitive information included for all Nextiva users for greater customer privacy

Nextiva Cons

  • Nextiva does not offer a free trial like Sprinklr (only demos)
  • Unlike Sprinklr, Nextiva doesn’t offer canned responses or quick responses
  • Nextiva Lacks the advanced marketing tools that Sprinklr has, including social listening and AI-powered market research


2. Five9


Nate Reviews Five9


Five9 is a cloud-based contact center software solution that combines workforce management capabilities with a digital-first CCaaS solution for inbound, outbound, or blended contact centers.

Five9’s pricing is similar to Sprinklr, but it offers some unique WFO features in a user-friendly platform that lets businesses build low-code or no-code intelligent virtual assistants.


Five9 is a Good Sprinklr Alternative if You Need:

  • Gamification: Fully integrated gamification tool allows employees to access daily performance metrics and engage in challenges while supervisors offer rewards, check likely results of a game using historical data, and more
  • Agent assist: AI-powered tool displays real-time guidance cards, suggestions, and checklists for agents, automates after-call work, and sends agents reminders and tips
  • Outbound dialer: Includes 5 dialing modes- predictive, power, preview, progressive and TCPA manual touch
  • No code call flow builder: Five9 Studio enables users to build IVAs with minimal technical experience–and access a range of conversational AI technologies from Google, Amazon, IBM Watson, etc.
  • Workforce management: Robust workforce management suite with schedule forecasting, real-time adherence monitoring, live agent shift bidding, and more


Five9 Pricing

Five9 offers four pricing plans from $175 to $325 per month, per user.

For more information, please see our Five9 pricing guide.


Five9 Pros

  • Five9 offers a unified interface for communication across all channels including voice, email, SMS/MMs, and social messaging
  • Five9’s video chat tool includes screen sharing, barcode scanning, and rich communications
  • Five9 is a highly secure platform, offering HIPAA compliance, data encryption, and 24/7/365 network monitoring

Five9 Cons

  • Five9 is expensive, and both Premium and Ultimate plans cost more than Sprinklr
  • Lacks the social publishing and engagement tools Sprinklr offers
  • Lacks standard video features of competitors, including in-meeting reactions and virtual backgrounds


3. NICE CXone


Nate Reviews NICE CXone


NICE CXone is a robust customer experience platform including omnichannel routing, digital self-service tools, workforce management, and outbound campaign management.

CXone is an open platform and is highly customizable with compliance controls, flexible pricing plans, and RESTful APIs.


NICE CXone is a Good Sprinklr Alternative if You Need:

  • Self-service analytics: Tracks customer conversation data such as escalated and abandoned conversations, message volumes, engagement rates, and conversation journey in real-time
  • Quality management: Includes forms, quality plans, coaching, calibrations, and appeal flows under one pane of glass with enriched reporting capabilities
  • Interaction recording: Secure, encrypted recording feature captures all agent-customer conversations across channels
  • CSAT scoring: Automatically presents customers with a CSAT survey at the end of an interaction, calculates the score at the agent level, and makes it available on the agent/supervisor dashboard
  • IVR capabilities: CXone’s IVR tool is fully integrated with ACD and specialized AI that allows users to create intelligent, data-directed call flows


NICE CXone Pricing

NICE CXone has a digital-only plan for $71 per month, per seat, and then offers 5 omnichannel CCaaS plans ranging from $110 to $249 per month, per seat.

For more information, please see our NICE CXone pricing guide.


NICE CXone Pros

  • CXone facilitates communication across 40+ channels, including niche social media platforms and industry-specific apps
  • CXone includes a large variety of prebuilt integrations plus RESTful APIs and SDKs
  • Includes innovative, AI-powered tools such as self-service bots and Agent Assist

NICE CXone Cons

  • Online knowledge base is outdated and feature names are constantly changing, making the learning curve difficult
  • Team messaging and other collaboration tools require the 1CX UCaaS add-on
  • Interface can become cluttered due to cross-channel communication


Which Sprinklr Alternative Should You Choose?

  • For large businesses and enterprises: Five9 includes a high level and security and reliability along with plenty of advanced features, making it an ideal choice for enterprises that deal with sensitive customer data
  • For small and medium-sized businesses: NICE CXone offers a number of plans at different price points with 360-degree customer views, perfect for growing businesses
  • For startups and solopreneurs: Nextiva offers affordable pricing, a clean interface, and helpful customer support