Rebecca Drew

Rebecca Drew

  • Content Coordinator

Rebecca Drew started with GetVoIP in 2018 as a content coordinator.  Through her work in social media marketing and SEO for the GetVoIP website, she developed a strong interest in VoIP, and particularly in Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Trained as an attorney, Rebecca has many years of experience in writing and research and has a passion for both.  She presently writes about current events in the VoIP world, including product launches, mergers and rebrands.

Read some of Rebecca's latest articles below:

August 06, 2020

Online Meeting Rooms Evolve as Poly and RingCentral Team Up

Cloud communication giant RingCentral has just announced its latest collaboration product: RingCentral Rooms™ for Poly. This couldn’t have come at a better time since helping companies handle operations virtually is more important than ever. The service is going to be natively built into Poly’s all-in-one video bars — the Studio X. Furthermore, RingCentral Rooms for Poly will reduce...
June 15, 2020

What is Phone Echoing: Causes & How to Fix it

Have you ever been on a call and heard your own voice echo through the receiver just with a slight delay? This is called phone echoing. It can ruin business deals and make paying for high-end hosted PBX and VoIP systems a waste. Phone echo problems irritate and confuse both parties, even if only one party has the echoing phone. The party hearing echo issues will inevitably lose their train of ...
January 02, 2020

What is Cloud UC?

Cloud UC (Unified Communications) refers to the leveraging of the Internet for the storage and transmission of voice, data, and video. Recently, Cloud UC has become a hot topic of conversation, for the simple fact that traditional means of unified communication have been relatively tepid and unjustifiable investment for many enterprises. The main reason, involves a lack of return on investment,...
August 06, 2019

Vonage Acquires In Its Mission To Make Every Conversation Smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been steadily, if not rapidly, changing and advancing over the past decade. The robotic voice of virtual assistants from movies and TV that once sounded futuristic, now sound old and outdated. We have come to expect a more conversational AI that can understand and respond to us the way another human can. For large businesses that deal with staggering ...
March 19, 2019

Avaya Announces Further Integration with Google Cloud

In January of last year, Avaya came out of a Chapter 11 Restructuring making some very bold claims. The plan was to shift their focus to the Cloud, increase research and development in Artificial Intelligence, and to essentially undergo a massive digital transformation. At the time, CEO of Avaya Jim Chirico was promising stakeholders that Avaya would not only bring innovation, but would increase...
March 18, 2019

One Year After Acquiring Polycom, Plantronics Introduces Its New Name

One year after the Plantronics Polycom merger, the company is now relaunching as "Poly".  Poly is more than just a new name, it's a total rebranding.  After Plantronics acquired Polycom in March of last year, we have been expecting to see some big developments in its Unified Communications offerings.  Why would we have such big expectations?  Well, for one thing, the plan to acquire Polycom...
February 05, 2013

What is an IP Conference Phone?

IP Conference phones allow users to communicate with business partners, vendors, and remote workers and teams in a meeting style setting over the phone. In doing this, these phones allow for all users (present) to spontaneously and simultaneously participate in any conversation(s). These devices are designed to optimize voice quality to better allow collaboration in a number of settings that...
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