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Based out St. Louis, Missouri, Charter Business offers a wide range of services for both small businesses and enterprises...
St. Louis, MO
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Provider Overview

Based out St. Louis, Missouri, Charter Business offers a wide range of services for both small businesses and enterprises. In doing so, the provider manages to include a variety of services that range Internet, Phone, TV, Fiber, and Music. As such, services range depending on the type of user. For example, small business services include Internet services (Speeds, Managed Internet Router, Custom Hosting, Security, VPN, etc.), Phone (SIP Trunking, PRI, Phone Toll-Free, Phone Local and Long Distance, Remote Number Forwarding, etc.), and TV. Separate from this, there are also solutions based on your industry—i.e. Small and Home Offices and Hospitality. Lastly, there are even bundles available for services including Internet Speeds, Phone, TV, and Digital Cable. In regards to Enterprise class services, Charter Business’s offerings include Fiber Services (Fiber Internet, Data Networking, Carrier Solutions, and PRI), Phone, TV, Music, and National Accounts. Just as with Small Business option, there are solutions tailored for industry, too, including Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Government, and more. Aside from these package offerings, Charter Business also offers customers a “Build Your Own Package” type of solution in which the provider analyzes the customer’s location and the services they’re interested in to build a customized solution. While options are a wonderful thing to have, some may be worried about customer service and tech support. Charter Business offers extensive support ranging Internet, Fiber, Phone, PRI, TV, Email, Backup Product, and Web Hosting Support, as well as resources like Desktop Security Downloads (pdfs), FAQs, Fiver Maps, and Submit a Ticket. Additionally, customer service includes Submit Support Cases, Online Billing/FAQs, Request Product Info, Online Service Management Center, Phone Online Control Panel, Website Hosting Control Panel, Serviceability, and more.


Charter Business Pricing and Services


Business Bundle

  • Internet: $44.99/mo 200Mbps
  • Phone: $29.99/mo Unlimited Long Distance
  • 1 year contract

Business Bundle Ultra

  • Internet: $89.99/mo 400Mbps
  • Phone: $29.99/mo
  • 2 year contract

Business Triple Play

  • Internet: $44.99/mo 200Mbps
  • Phone: $29.99/mo Unlimited Long Distance
  • TV: $24.99/mo 40+ Channels
  • 1 year contract

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