Moshe Beauford

Moshe Beauford

  • Senior Tech Reporter and Editor
Moshe Beauford is an experienced reporter, having spent several years covering tech, industry issues, etc. Beauford is the most recent addition to the GetVoIP team, recently assuming the role of Senior Tech Reporter and Editor.
He manages the new unified comms/collab news portion of the site.
Beauford’s work spans that of bleeding-edge technology, to the future of work, AI, workplace diversity, unified comms, as well as collaboration – and has appeared in the Independent, CBD-Intel, UC Today, CX Today, Gizmodo UK,, and many other publications.
He lives in Tel Aviv, where he passes time playing the violin, oud, singing, and cooking.
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October 22, 2021

Twilio Launches Next-Gen Messaging, Interactive Developement Experinece

Twilio Signal, CPaaS giant Twilio's annual consumer and developer-focused conference, recently wrapped up. A virtual event since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year we saw a select few customers, partners, developers, and others in attendance for Co-Founder & CEO Jeff Lawson's keynote.  I am sure you all heard about Twilio's big announcement, its new marketing automation...
October 21, 2021

One Device Can Do it All, Says Cisco; with Launch of ‘Webex Go’ 

Yesterday Cisco demonstrated world-class innovation, also unveiling a series of fresh Webex features set to improve the customer experience (CX) and increase workplace productivity in the new reality of hybrid working. Webex Go is Cisco's latest business phone system that connects to any mobile device. Cisco even gave its CPaaS capabilities a boost.  The kind of innovation one might expect...
October 20, 2021

Is it a Matter of Time Before RingCentral Dominates UCaaS? 

Last week, RingCentral announced RingCentral Rise, a new offering it calls a strategic and secure communications platform built for global service providers. Deemed RISE; (or Resources, Innovation, System integration, and Experiences); it is essentially a new duly-branded unified cloud communications solution aimed at the service provider market.  It will enable service providers to extend...
October 19, 2021

Secure Payment Processing: A CCaaS Solution’s Best Friend?

Contact centers like those at airlines, travel agencies, healthcare providers, and others that process payments, all face new and unprecedented challenges stemming from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Millions of contact center agents across the globe work from home and face a myriad of fresh security issues. Contact center employees and management (pre-pandemic) had grown accustomed to the...
October 14, 2021

Slack Finds Disconnect Between Execs & Employees on Returning to Office

New research of 10,000+ global workers in the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Japan, and the U.K., shows that an increasing number of employees will leave their job if they do not have the flexibility they want at work. The survey, commissioned by Slack’s research consortium, Future Forum, also found that many more employers than workers want to return to offices. Further findings suggest...
October 13, 2021

Google Cloud Next 2021 Brings New Innovations to Google Meet and More

Google Cloud Next kicked off yesterday, and it is a three-day event sure to be full of news from Google. The company's annual tech conference will showcase its latest innovations in the cloud computing space, and there are a lot of insightful sessions, keynotes, etc available on demand even after the event ends.   We have got you covered here on all the goings-on of the week and what you ...
October 11, 2021

A ‘Practical AI’ Chat with Five9’s SVP, Callan Schebella

Five9, Inc. has gone through a lot of ups and one major down over the past few weeks. It recently broke off a deal with video conferencing giant Zoom, which said it would acquire Five9. The cloud contact center provider's shareholders, on the other hand - rejected the deal, forcing Five9 to abort the merger that would have enhanced both Zoom and Five9's portfolios significantly. We may never...
October 08, 2021

Dialpad to Gain New CX Powers to Future-Proof the Contact Center

This briefing started with Dialpad's SVP of Corporate and Business Development, Joe Manuele, walking me through resolving a slight technical issue. No one on the call could hear me. I had tried for ten minutes before he joined the call to no avail to remedy the situation which rendered my microphone useless even though I was not muted. Low on time and confused as to why everything I tried...
October 06, 2021

Session Border Controllers FTW: Securing Enterprise Comms with Ribbon Communications 

With 1,000 plus customers from the U.S. Department of Defense, to the University of Texas at Austin, and Verizon, $900 million in projected revenue for 2021, 3,700 global employees who span 140 countries, and 1,000 plus patents - I had to chat with the folks at Ribbon Communications.  Easily one of the most progressive providers of real-time IP communication security, software products, and...
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