Moshe Beauford

Moshe Beauford

  • Senior Tech Reporter and Editor

Moshe Beauford is an experienced reporter, having spent over five years covering the UCC tech beat, industry issues, etc. He runs the GetVoIP News, the news portion of GetVoIP, serving as Senior Tech Reporter and Editor. Beauford’s work spans bleeding-edge technology to the future of work, AI, workplace diversity, unified comms, and collaboration. It has appeared in the Independent, CBD-Intel, UC Today, CX Today, Gizmodo UK,, and more.

He currently travels the world – reporting remotely, playing the violin, DJing: singing, and cooking. Follow Moshe on Twitter @Beauford.Moshe or connect with him on LinkedIn. Have industry news, a story idea, insightful data, or a lead? Shoot him an email at:

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