ShoreTel Sky Mobility Wins Product of the Year AwardIt’s easy to get caught up in the web of PR pushes for services and products. While superlatives such as “amazing,” “ultimate” and “superior” inspire confidence in users, many products fall short of their assertions. However, amongst a sea of underperforming and overhyped services and products, some providers actually deliver on their claims—enter ShoreTel Sky. TMC (global media mogul) has named ShoreTel Sky Mobility as the recipient of the 2012 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award.

Though awards don’t always dictate quality and supremacy, ShoreTel Sky Mobility expands its quality business VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) applications to smartphones and mobile devices. Generally, the mobile solution looks to increase mobility/accessibility, ease of use, and cost efficiency without sacrificing advanced feature and quality. That being said, ShoreTel Sky Mobility looks to consolidate business and personal communications under a single converged device. In doing so, the device is able to access both desk phone and UC capabilities without requiring users to learn a new interface.

While this duality is a coveted feature, it can often be a double edged sword as separation of personal and business identities can sometime prove difficult. ShoreTel Sky Mobility, however, ensures users of a dual persona without blending identities to a fault. In addition to convergence and capability, ShoreTel Sky’s mobile solution automatically toggles between the best available networks (WiFi or mobile). Though this doesn’t sound as impressive as other service boasts, this toggling provides users with optimal security and top performance. Despite these advantages, users may feel this “toggling” isn’t worth their time; however, time is not a factor as the solution does this automatically saving users time and ensuring them quality.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility comes from the hosted PBX platform’s cloud based solution. While some SMBs may be wary of cloud based solutions and services, ShoreTel offers quality hosted PBX solutions fit with comprehensive customer service and support.

Although lists of features and promises can often leave users wrought with disappointment, ShoreTel Sky Mobility comes backed by the editors of Internet Telephony, as well as TMC CEO, Rich Tehrani. “ShoreTel Sky Mobility displays quality and innovation while providing solutions to real business communications challenges.” For SMBs looking for providers with the proverbial bite to match their bark, ShoreTel Sky Mobility is backed by industry professionals who’ve thoroughly dissected and analyzed the service.

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