Sprinklr is an AI-powered, full-featured omnichannel customer experience solution offering self-service and agent-led customer support, social media management, conversational analytics, and high-level content marketing and campaign management tools.

Here, we outline Sprinklr pricing, plans, and top features for the provider’s four main products: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Inisghts, and Sprinklr Marketing.


What Is Sprinklr? 

Sprinklr is an omnichannel customer service, marketing, social media management, and analytics platform leveraging AI to improve the customer experience, empower live agents, and increase conversions.

Sprinklr offers deep integrations with popular third-party CRM, team collaboration, marketing, and other business communication tools, streamlining relevant customer and helpdesk data into a single unified interface. All products are enriched with Sprinklt AI to optimize live agent interactions, automate tasks and business processes, provide detailed analytics, and enable 24/7 omnichannel self-service.

sprinklr care console interface


Sprinklr offers four main products: 


Sprinklr Service

Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr’s flagship product, is an omnichannel customer service and CCaaS solution for remote, in-house, and hybrid teams across a variety of industries. Within the unified agent desktop, team members can communicate directly with customers across channels, view assigned interactions and coaching feedback, and access AI-generated smart and canned responses.

sprinklr ai chatbot


Agents can also review customer survey responses, access workforce management and scheduling tools, and view essential customer and helpdesk data from integrated platforms.

Notably, Forrester named Sprinklr as a strong performer in its evaluation of top CCaaS solutions leveraging Conversational AI for customer service.


Sprinklr Service Pricing+Plans 

Sprinklr Service offers a 30-day free trial and two paid plans: the Self-Serve Customer Service Solution for $199-$249/seat/month, and a quote-based Enterprise Custom CCaaS Solution.


Self-Serve Customer Service Solution


  • $199/seat/month billed annually, $249/seat/month billed monthly

Included Features:

  • Omnichannel: 15+ voice/digital communication channels with an omnichannel inbox, AI chatbots with Digital Twin, basic internal knowledge base with chatbot integration
  • Automation: Skills-based/business hour routing, guided paths, canned responses with task automation, third-party integrations/APIs
  • Reporting: CSAT surveys, customer service reports

Best For:

  • Digital-first customer service departments that want to provide 24/7 self-service to  automate basic customer support while leveraging smart routing, canned responses, and trigger-based conversation flows to optimize agent-led interactions
  • Teams that want to monitor and improve the customer experience via CSAT surveys and historical analytics


Enterprise Custom CCaaS Solution


  • Quote-based, contact Sprinklr directly

Included Features:

  • Omnichannel: 30+ voice/digital communication channels with omnichannel routing, concurrent case assignment, and blended voice calling with multiple outbound auto dialer modes (preview, progressive, predictive, etc.) Also includes live website chat with customer co-browsing and video commerce
  • Agent Productivity: GenAI Agent Assist, agent knowledge base, 360-degree customer views in a unified agent desktop
  • Planning+Insights: Workforce management with forecasting/scheduling tools and quality management with personalized agent coaching and call monitoring, conversational analytics, and real-time activity monitoring with the Service Command Center
  • Self-Service: Conversational AI-powered omnichannel self-service, customer communities, guided workflows, customer knowledge base
  • Additional Services: Premium onboarding, training, and product implementation support, access to Sprinklr community and customer knowledge base

Best For:

  • Enterprise CX and sales teams needing a blended omnichannel contact center software with workforce and performance management tools
  • Contact centers reliant on GenAI-powered self-service and Agent Assist, conversational analytics, real-time contact center activity monitoring, and premium provider support to manage high contact volumes across channels


What We Like About Sprinklr Service

  • Agent Assist: Sprinklr AI Agent Assist takes guided workflows and canned responses to the next level by providing real-time, in-conversation next-best-action suggestions to live agents. Agent Assist evaluates customer intent and conversational content to provide relevant knowledge base article suggestions and display similar past cases on agent screens. It also includes supervisor alters for interactions requiring support escalation, live CSAT monitoring, automated conversation summaries, and automated post-call work.
  • Workforce Management: Sprinklr WFM reduces admin workloads by an average of 30% thanks to features like omnichannel scheduling and forecasting, real-time schedule adjustments, shift swapping/bidding, PTO management with automated approvals, and adherence monitoring.
  • Sprinklr Digital Twin: Powered by Sprinklr Conversational AI+, the Digital Twin feature is an automated customer service tool that creates and implements automated workflows, routes customer service interactions to live and virtual agents, and communicates directly with customers via AI chatbots. Admins can train Digital Twins by uploading internal knowledge base data or integrating 100+ third-party systems directly into the chatbot design/configuration interface. Sprinklr uses automated data masking tools to protect consumer privacy and ensure compliance.


What Needs Improvement

  • Scalability: Although Sprinklr Service is available as a standalone and CCaaS-bundled solution, it doesn’t provide the high level of scalability competitor platforms do. Instead of offering individual add-ons for outbound voice calling, WFM, and performance management capabilities, users are forced to upgrade to the Enterprise Custom CCaaS plan–meaning many will end up paying for features they don’t need.
  • Ease of Use: Given the volume of features and capabilities, it’s not a surprise that Sprinklr Service comes with an extensive learning curve that may lengthen ROI timelines. Plus, premium onboarding and training customer support are available only on the most expensive custom plan–and it’s difficult to discern the level of customer support provided to self-serve users.


Who Should Use Sprinklr Service?  

  • Enterprise omnichannel contact centers looking for a platform that streamlines WFM, outbound dialing, and customer self-service into a single interface, with options to add on social media management, marketing, and conversational analytics packages.
  • SMBs struggling to manage high daily contact volumes but can’t afford to hire additional live agents. These teams need to augment live agent service with AI Agent Assist, guided workflows, and chatbots to increase FCR, lower cost-per-contact, and shorten average hande time across channels.


Sprinklr Social

Spinklr Social is a social media management platform offering content creation and publication tools, social engagement monitoring, conversational commerce, and social customer service across 30+ channels–all in one unified interface.

Sprinklr Social dashboard


Sprinklr Social users can create, preview, and publish their social media content across channels, leverage GenAI suggestions to optimize social content, and automatically schedule and publish posts for increased engagement.

The platform also includes social media tools for distributed teams for localized engagement and social selling. Admins can route leads to specific teams/agents, create company-wide digital asset libraries for internal teams, and enable live agent or AI social media messaging for sales and customer service.

Enterprise Sprinklr Social customers like Microsoft say leveraging Spirnklr AI for social media helped them respond to customer queries 30% faster and with 95% accuracy.


Sprinklr Social Pricing+Plans 

Sprinklr Social offers a 30-day free trial and three paid plans: the Self-Serve Social Media Management Solution from $199/seat/month, the Self-Serve SSM and Customer Service Solution from $299/seat/month, and the quote-based Enterprise Custom Social Media Management Solution.


Social Media Management Solution 


  • $199/seat/month billed annually, $249/seat/month billed monthly

Included Features:

  • Publishing: Omnichannel publishing across 8 social platforms, multi-timezone calendar, AI+ for content creation, multi-level approval workflows, Smart AI post scheduler/publisher tool, digital asset manager
  • Listening: Social listening to analyze popular trends and topics, 10+ brand-specific social listening reports, audience insights, AI social listening alerts
  • Engagement: Omnichannel inbox, AI message sorting by customer sentiment and engagement levels, canned responses and task automation, Sprinklr AI+ for generated message responses and multilingual translation
  • Reporting: 10+ reporting templates for organic and paid platforms

Best For: 

  • Smaller teams that use social media primarily for lead generation and marketing instead of customer service
  • Teams that want to identify brand-specific, industry-wide, and general trending topics to create content that increases engagement


SMM and Customer Service Solution


  • $299/seat/month billed annually, $359/seat/month billed monthly

Included Features: All Social Media Management features plus:

  • Omnichannel: Omnichannel inboxes across 15+ channels (voice, live chat, social media, email, etc.), AI chatbots and Digital Twin, SEO-optimized knowledge base with chatbot integration
  • Automation: Skills-based routing, CSAT surveys, guided paths, SLA/business hour routing, third-party integrations/APIs
  • Reporting: 5+ AI customer service reports, real-time analytics for agent and team-wide activity

Best For:

  • Medium-to-large teams that leverage social media for both automated/live agent customer service as well as marketing campaigns,
  • Businesses with presences across 3 or more social platforms


Custom Social Media Management


  • Quote-based

Included Features:

  • Publishing: Schedule+publish content across 30+ social, messaging, and review channels, custom editorial calendar with approvals, filters, and task collaboration, manage and share user-generated content, Sprinklr AI+ for content creation, AI approval workflows, Smart AI post scheduling to maximize engagement, digital asset manager
  • In-Depth Listening: Voice of the customer feedback with reputation management, brand monitoring across channels, crisis management with real-time alerts, competitor insights with benchmarking
  • Engagement: Unified omnichannel inbox, AI message sorting by channel, intent, sentiment, and engageability, Sprinklr AI+ for AI-generated content and responses, canned responses with quick actions
  • Reporting: Custom KPIs, GenAI-powered analytics, omnichannel reporting for paid, owned, and earned media
  • Social Advertising: Automatically boost top posts across social platforms, review and manage comments on paid posts, reports for paid and organic social campaigns
  • Additional Capabilities: Employee rewards/recognition, customizable content library for employees to share on social media, social media for distributed teams

Best For:

  • Social-first enterprise-level brands with remote team members across timezones and locations
  • Teams needing reputation management features including customer review monitoring
  • Teams that heavily invest in social media advertising campaigns and need to speed up ROI


What We Like About Sprinklr Social

  • Social Media Publishing: Sprinklr’s Editorial Calendar helps admins plan, schedule, and publish content across social platforms. Within the Calendar, admins can set recurring posts, create and monitor social campaigns, upload and collaborate on social media content, switch views, and review post engagement analytics. The Smart Scheduling tool identifies the best possible date and time to publish content for maximum engagement across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter–and lets admins schedule and automatically publish posts accordingly.
  • Conversational Commerce: The AI-powered Conversational Commerce tool analyzes social media message intent and routes customers to virtual agents accordingly. These virtual agents then make relevant product recommendations, answer common product questions, schedule appointments, and, if needed, transfer shoppers to live agents where they can chat or switch to a video call. Proactive and offline notifications alert customers to upcoming sales, send abandoned cart reminders, and initiate drip/follow-up campaigns to increase conversations.
  • Employee Advocacy: The Sprinklr Employee Advocacy program lets admins create and edit an employee-facing library of compliant and branded shareable posts, images, and captions for a variety of social platforms. Employees can schedule and publish posts on desktop and mobile devices, receive awards/recognition for uploading branded social content, and follow approval workflows to ensure compliance and brand alignment.


What Needs Improvement

  • Feature Add-Ons: Some features advertised as a part of Sprinklr Social, including Social Advertising, Social Customer Service, and Social Listening, actually require users to purchase additional products (Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Marketing)
  • Expensive: Although Sprinklr offers a standalone social media management tool and a bundled CCaaS+Social solution, bundled pricing still starts at about $300/seat/month–and doesn’t include the above-mentioned add-ons. Sprinklr Social may be cost-prohibitive for new or small businesses.


Who Should Use Sprinklr Social?

  • Social-first companies reliant on a variety of social media platforms to identify and qualify leads, increase brand recognition, make sales and engage with customers, and provide agent-led and automated customer support via social media messaging.
  • Marketing teams with tighter budgets that want to leverage social media marketing to increase sales via conversational commerce, by turning employees into brand ambassadors, and by optimizing influencer relations and campaigns.


Sprinklr Insights

Sprinklr Insights is an AI-first consumer intelligence suite that monitors brand reputation, mentions, trends, customer sentiment, customer feedback, and competitor benchmarks across 30+ digital and social media channels historically and in real-time.

Sprinklr Insights Dashboard

Sprinklr Insights identifies high-engagement channels and key topics, conducts root-cause analysis and social listening, and leverages AI image detection to identify and monitor images containing your brand logo. Real-time location insights use over 15 multilingual and industry-specific AI models to evaluate data from surveys, location-specific review sites, and integrated third-party systems.

According to the Sprinklr website, a multinational entertainment company saved the equivalent of 2000+ workdays after implementing Sprinklr Insights.


Sprinklr Insights Pricing+Plans

Sprinklr Insights is a standalone or add-on product with one quote-based plan: the Customer Consumer Intelligence Solution. No free trial is available.


  • Quote-based

Included Features:

  • Insights: Data monitoring across 30+ channels powered by Sprinklr AI, product and location insights, competitive benchmarking, visual and content insights
  • Customer Service: Dedicated customer success manager, professional digital transformation services, omnichannel customer service, premium training/onboarding, access to the Sprinklr customer knowledge base and online community


What We Like About Sprinklr Insights

  • Product Insights: Product Insights monitors customer reviews across 900+ websites and numerous social media and digital channels, offering omnichannel real-time and historical customer experience and product feedback. Product Insights includes 70+ out-of-the-box, industry-specific AI models, root cause analysis, and proactive crisis management with live smart alerts and suggested next steps when contact center KPIs dip below thresholds.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Competitive benchmarking identifies and compares your performance against competitors using 10+ reporting dashboards (executive mentions, top posts/channels, customer sentiment, content strategy, etc.) Receive real-time KPI alerts, monitor competitor performance/engagement levels, and leverage AI social listening across social media profiles and channels.
  • Social Listening: Social listening monitors conversations and mentions across 30+ social and digital channels–including user-generated content, images, and videos–to identify trends in brand reputation, CSAT, and customer sentiment. Also includes predictive analytics, word clouds for trending topics and keywords, and custom interactive reports to uncover essential insights from unstructured data.


What Needs Improvement

  • Overcrowded Interface: The sheer volume of available KPIs, social media platforms, and digital communication channels that Sprinklr Insights monitors creates an overcrowded interface that makes it difficult to identify the most impactful data–and often requires users to deeply drill down data to locate key metrics.
  • Data Syncing: Data syncing lags, there are occasional outages, and the insight interface is slow to load–meaning users may miss essential real-time KPI alerts or face delays when trying to respond to critical customer reviews/comments


Who Should Use Sprinklr Insights?

  • Enterprise-level global contact centers that need extensive social listening tools to monitor customer sentiment and brand reputation across locations, timezones, and social media platforms
  • Current Enterprise Sprinklr Service or Social users needing AI-powered VoC insights, location-specific reputation management tools, and deep competitor benchmarking/comparisons


Sprinklr Marketing

Sprinklr Marketing is an omnichannel end-to-end marketing platform that creates, analyzes, and optimizes organic and paid marketing campaigns. It streamlines all marketing and campaign management tools into one platform, integrating with essential third-party analytics and sales tools.

sprinklr marketing analytics


Users can leverage social media marketing tools across 10+ platforms, review AI-powered asset allocation and budgeting insights, and use AI analytics to identify successful campaigns that resonate with your target markets. Gartner recognized Sprinklr Marketing as a 5-time Magic Quadrant leader in the content marketing solution space.


Sprinklr Marketing Pricing+Plans

Sprinklr Marketing offers one quote-based paid plan, the Custom Marketing and Advertising Solution. Sprinklr Marketing is available as a standalone or add-on product, but no free trial is available.


  • Quote-based

Included Features:

  • Marketing: Premium campaign planning and marketing analytics, influencer marketing, content marketing platform, social advertising, brand safety+compliance solutions
  • Customer Support: Dedicated customer success manager, omnichannel customer service with SLAs, Sprinklr knowledge base and community access, premium training and onboarding


What We Like About Sprinklr Marketing

  • AI Content Creation: Sprinklr Marketing uses Sprinklr AI+ to generate campaign briefs, hashtags, posts optimized for different social platforms, and more. Users can then create social media post templates based on successful campaigns, duplicating top posts across channels (social media, email, websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Ad Content Moderation: Sprinklr’s ad content moderation tool automatically detects negative and positive social media comments on your business’s paid ads. Admins can hide comments with certain keywords, assign specific teams/agents to respond to customer comments, and enable push notifications that suggest when to pause problematic or failing ads.
  • Marketing Analytics: Monitor essential marketing KPIs like cost-per-click, message volume per channel, post reach and reactions, post shares, engagement reach and trends, follower count, and more.


What Needs Improvement

  • Feature Overlap: Sprinklr Marketing includes several of the same features as Sprinklr Social, Service, and Insights, including an Editorial Calendar, GenAI-powered content creation, and Workforce management–making it difficult to differentiate it from other Sprinklr products and evaluate overall value
  • Channel Limitations: Not all marketing capabilities are available across all 10 social media platforms, meaning users active on less well-known platforms may not get all the benefits the solution provides


Who Should Use Sprinklr Marketing?

  • Enterprise teams implementing omnichannel marketing for both paid and organic campaigns, including influencer and content marketing strategies.
  • Teams with advanced security and privacy regulations needing access to brand governance features like audit logs, version control, access management, and risk management.


Sprinklr Alternatives

If Sprinklr is too expensive or too complex for your current business needs, CCaaS and CX solutions like Nextiva, Five9, and NICE CXone are popular alternatives.

Our post on the top Sprinklr alternatives outlines each provider’s pricing, top features, pros+cons, and more.